I went to see the Van Gogh exhibit at the Albertina Museum. The tour was non-English, and only in deutsche, which was harvestunusual  for a European city. My Egyptian friend was outraged by this, and vowed to write the museum director. I did think she was overreacting a little although admitted I too thought it would diminish the experience. Instead it surprisingly enriched it. Lacking anything to read or manipulate my attention, this mad hatter mind and it’s addiction to constant word input shut down. And a new form of intelligence surfaced as – observation. Very Piscean. What surprised me most was how better I understood Van Gogh than I had ever before. On a gut level, I just knew the guy. I understood his struggle to truly find himself. The loneliness of being a genius, and the invisibility of it. The pain of being a soul whose raison de ‘etre was to boldly undertake the search and to keep exploring the truth of who he is – oh, what a commitment this is! As I watched these lines continually evolve, take new form (elegant japanese brushes to gobs of paint) content (peasants, harvest cycles, asylum madness) and color (oh, thank the Impressionists!) with each new passing interest Van Gogh surprised me: we do always think of Van Gogh as a style – the Sunflowers or those crazy flames, but he never actually did settle down. Not really. Van Gogh had no style. No singular one, anyhow. Looking closely at his work, each technique does build on previous ability, but there is no resting spot and no total integration. Far too diverse, restless and experimental to fit into one painting – this describes Van Gogh. He himself, was a work in progress. I found myself laughing at this truly wild man! You can be sure dissatisfaction and impatience (supposedly he didn’t even really like much of his own work) played a tense, unsettling role in this – Van Gogh was an Aries Sun sign with Mars in Pisces, after all. Which explains everything. He did however, actually *like* this one work pictured here – the Harvest. And this reminded me of this upcoming Harvest Full Moon – in Pisces.