Venus in Taurus, Bodacious Babe

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“In Europe, 40 is really the right age for a woman. That’s when we hit our peak and become this ripe fruit.”

“My ambition is to have beautiful encounters, not to make money.” -Juliette Binoche, Venus in Taurus

“Life excites me- just little normal everyday things, getting out of bed, getting dressed, making food. I find it all exciting.” -Liv Tyler, Venus in Taurus

If you were born when Venus was in the constellation of Taurus, the Bull…

In theory, Venus being in her own earthy sign of Taurus means she is exceedingly comfortable in the earthly domain of all things Venus. Like Venus de Milo, she is self-possessed, solid & slightly modest. But in practice, that same simple body ease and confidence, her natural birthright, has gone all orange and red alert. Truly no woman is exempt from the cult of beauty. Body standards seem to change with the wind. Is a healthy appetite really so wrong? Botticelli’s Venus, with enough belly for a muffin top, was once beauty’s standard but not so today. Today, it’s Kate ‘nothing tastes s good as skinny feels’ Moss. Is this a natural statement? No. Venus in Taurus possesses an easy naturalness but insecurity is a great marketing device- and when unexamined, the Taurus Shadow, paralyzing self-doubt, rules this Goddess.

Venus in Taurus has a twofold alchemical journey: being relaxed and comfortable in (and with) your body and appreciating your assets and talents to the degree that you take them seriously and then act on them. You may not see your own body image and self-worth as so intimately intertwined, but without a natural confidence we cannot appreciate our talent into assets we can bank on. The more at ease we feel in our own skin, the more worthy and capable we tend to feel and the more likely we are to take a risk on our own good talent. By trusting that who you are as you are as worthy, you will gravitate towards bankrolling your natural assets (Taurus is the sign associated with cold hard cash, and Venus as well). You also share your creative gifts—one of the highest forms of Venus work in the world.

A Venus in Taurus in love…
Modern sexuality moves faster than a train in Grand Central Station. But all things being equal (no ribald Mars, Uranus & Jupiter aspects to excite your otherwise relaxed Venus),  your romantic style is slow n’ steady.  It is important to be aware of any tendency to throw your pearls to swine as you are right to approach relationship more cautiously than other Venus signs, making you more inclined to not share your heart and body till they’ve earned your trust, and till you’re good and ready.  Try sizing up a potential partner by checking in with your body to gauge how safe and secure you feel with them. If you get a firm ‘yes’, advance forward by no more than one space. Then a few days later, check again.

What this Venus sign needs to keep the love going…
Follow your animal instincts to the people and place that makes your body relax & go ahhh. Venus in Taurus born are learning to love their inner animal: that stubborn ‘uh-uh’ and ‘uh-huh’ is a body sense-ability that must be honored, and as a trusted compass will never lead you astray. Imagine being a polar bear in the Sahara – where a hundred and ten degree temperature could kill him or her or Princess Diana Spencer, a Venus Taurus born, thrust into an emotionally inexpressive and uptight life in Buckingham Palace. That’s what’s at stake. Know who puts you at ease; trust what (and who) is comfortable. When you feel at home and comfortable, love and happiness flow organically from that place.

Don’t know your Venus Sign? Find out right here.


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  1. Erin

    Beautiful!! I feel like that ripe 40 fruit! 🙂

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