Tori+Amos+Cystalline+Irises“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”
– Coco Chanel (Venus in Leo)

“When you stop putting yourself on the line and you don’t touch your own heart, how do you expect to touch other people?” – Tori Amos (Venus in Leo)

“Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.”

“Better to live one year as a tiger than a hundred years as a sheep.” – Madonna (Venus in Leo)

If you were born when Venus was in the constellation of Leo, the Lion…

Old astrology texts like to call Leo a Drama Queen or King. They like to paint planets in the sign of Leo as folks with superiority complexes. This happens occasionally, but mostly it doesn’t. Leo is the sign of Royalty, and royalty, the kind that stays in power, doesn’t lord over others. True royalty is generous, humane and often quietly dignified. Born with the expressive dignity of a Queen or King, you have creative dominion over an artistic field… and the hearts of others.

Venus charges the erotic force tying all of creation together. Venus in Leo are full of the erotic life force of the Universe. In fact, they are so full that Astrologer Jeff Green says Venus in Leo people are “full of themselves!” They are are bursting at the seams with creative life force! Your birthright is to create something brilliant and fabulous, to love fearlessly and with abandon. You may spend your life opening your heart wider, daring to trust Love enough to let any untrue personas or masks you’ve designed for fear of not being seen or of being betrayed, fall away. You are born royalty, but if you’ve forgotten that you might to work on your self-worth & lovability. Brilliance is the fate of every Venus in Leo who dares step into the spotlight of her creativity & beauty.

A Venus in Leo in love…

You love deeply, loyally, with loving heaping spoonfuls of generous attention and affection, fanfare and celebration! After all, when royalty comes to town, it’s an occasion. Likewise, Venus in Leo specializes in special love. Generous with attention, lavish with praise, when this Venus sign is ‘turned on’ to those around her she feels like the most attractive, beautiful and brilliant person in the world. Others receive you, in kind, and everyone basks in the warm glow of your special love spotlight. But when special attention is lacking, one feels special. Urban mystic Stuart Wilde said, love is a quality of attention, a way of focusing on someone. Like all of us, Venus in Leo wants to be liked, appreciated and loved, but a needy or insecure Lion can miss the Sun that is always there. Remember, you’re no mouse; you’re a Lioness! Your natural command is easy to access when you’re in touch with your inner beauty, lovability, dignity & self-worth.

What this Venus sign needs to keep the love going…

Venus in Leo people need to bask in the spotlight of adoration and by proxy, in receiving adoration, they will give the same to others. Loving spoonfuls of affection, creativity, warmth and positive praise moving fluidly between two people creates a feedback loop for Venus in Leo. Neither vainglorious nor stroking the others’ ego; the quality of attention needed to be offered is generous, positive and kind. This allows Venus in Leo to open up, to share and finally, to trust.

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