Venus in Sagittarius: Gypsy Consort

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“I’ve dated the sweet mama’s boy, the musician rocker, the struggling artist- basically a lot of people without jobs.” -Alyssa Milano (Venus in Sagittarius)

“The easiest kind of relationship is with ten thousand people, the hardest is with one.” -Joan Baez (Venus in Sagittarius)

“Ted needs someone to be there all of the time. He thinks that’s love. It’s not love- it’s babysitting.” -Jane Fonda (Venus in Sagittarius)

“Go big or go home. Because it’s true. What do you have to lose?”-Eliza Dishku (Venus in Sagittarius)

If you were born when Venus was in the constellation of Sagittarius, the Archer…

The fabric of your Venusian existence resembles Aladdin’s magic carpet ride: you may be the one happily flying off to Marrakesh at a moment’s notice, or taking a spontaneous trip for Mango Lassis in the next town over. When you catch wind of an exotic adventure or person offering discovery and intrigue, you’re all over it, because for zealous Venus in Sagittarius, the bliss of being made brand new again is forever and always just one more adventure, class, or romantic encounter away. Like an explorer conquering strange lands, exotic encounters with unusual people, places, ideas and philosophies make up the core of your romantic happiness quotient. The definition of the word exotic is essentially, different, which luckily doesn’t exclude many of us! Extraordinary encounters with people who are in any way different from you is fun. They don’t have to be from Timbuktu Two or the Lost City of Atlantis; they may simply not be from your cultural or geographical background. In fact, encounters with people who are most different from you will likely become the most profound relationships you have.

A Venus in Sagittarius in love…

Sagittarius is the sign of possibility and truly Anything’s Possible in Love for the Venus sign who lives to expand, and keep on expanding into ever greater possibilities. She does this through enjoying the pursuit of self-knowledge, by being open to a variety of truths, and by exposing her self to diverse experiences, ideas and people. Thus, growth and expansion applies infinitely to love, for in the world according to Venus in Sagittarius, there are as many possibilities to be had through partnering as there are stars hanging in the night sky. It’s hard for her not to imagine taking a trip to Jupiter – but not before getting lost in a comet’s tail on the way to Mars. Sure, itineraries change, and re-routes will happen but ultimately this Venus sign is a hopeless romantic, on the search for someone who hangs the Moon for her, over and over.

What this Venus sign needs to keep the love going…

A plethora of social activities and first encounters keeps things hot for awhile, but every relationship that will last beyond a string of weekends needs to carry the spark of growth. ‘Us consciousness’ needs to embody the idea that we’re both going and growing somewhere together, and Venus in Sagittarius lives in the twinkle of that possibility. Possibility is like air for her, and that implies lots of freedom. Without a certain amount of freedom to roam and explore, she finds it impossible to breathe. Her natural soul mate leans in the same direction; their desires to explore & grow, push the boundaries of the known world, and drink the sweet ambrosia of life match her own.

Don’t know your Venus Sign? Look right here.


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  1. Ellen Nicholas

    Thanks for the Venus in Sag. wisdom. My S.O. has this position, and his attitude towards love and relationships is just a bit too light for me. Each female a new adventure, and it’s so easy to get bored without the newness of a new one. But that’s also because he has Venus on his Ascendant. Ha!

  2. Jessica

    Ellen, So glad that you brought up your guy because that gives me the opportunity to say that everyone has a Venus sign, and even though it’s the only feminine ‘planet’ Venus doesn’t describe femininity/women but how we attract, who we attract, and what turns us on.

    Re: Venus in Sag, when writing the reports I noticed a large number of women had very physically robust sensuality (and talked about their BIG sexual appetite – how Jupiter is that???!!! ) and advertised their selves in a very adventurous ‘will relocate for love’ ‘diehard romantic’ and ‘up for anything’ light. The perpetual Bachelor or Bachelorette is certainly a Sag archetype, but points the way to their desire for a mate who can match their intuitive mental-physical-sensual adventuring.

  3. erin

    Jessica, you’ve nailed the Venus in Sag for me! Yes, robust appetites. I like to consider it a ‘healthy’ appetite for indulgences and adventure. Just as I’ve considered travel to be a form of athleticism, perhaps I should consider dating as sport as well. Thanks for the insights! And the reminder that ‘us’ growing together is a key to a long-term Venus Archer tone.

  4. Leslie

    I just read this and thank you so much. I have Venus in Sag in my 2nd house. I’ve had three serious relationships in my 48 yrs and 2 of them didn;t have jobs and this 3rd one (which has lasted 12yrs) seems strained. I beleive you provided the answer. I want goals, growth, and expansion. He has Venus in Cap 8th house. He wants to be a home body and grow old. I think I just had a “light bulb moment”. Thank you!

  5. Luna

    I have this placement & despite being a Scorpio sun who is very loyal & devoted, I have an important need for relationships to be full of adventure & thrilling experiences. Intellectual conversations & intriguing pursuits. I’m known to be fun-loving & cheeky though & I appreciate the same traits in a partner or the friends & family members I get on really well with. Downside of this venus Sagittarius, I get really annoyed at people with ‘boxed in’ mentality & no.1 enemy/betrayal in a relationship are Debbie-downers who like to ‘poke holes in my sandbag of plans’! Me being a Scorpio, I grudge & resent people who ruin my plans & itinery on purpose! Can forgive those who can’t help it albeit with disappointment but I end up resenting those who personally enjoy dragging down my fun activities & suck the life out of moments when its filled with joie de vivre (i think its one of the reason i selectively only gel with the cheerful types of Cancers & try my best to avoid moody cold Cancers like a plague even though I actually can understand & identify their deep seated emotions; but that excessive insistence on ‘raining on people’s parade’ thing can get awfully draining & cancerously depressing!!!) Add to that, my libra moon libra mars & it makes me even more dreamy, idealistic & indulgent. Plus points, I’m very sporting & I naturally have fun just about anything even the mundane stuff like groceries shopping, cooking, chilling or even just a stroll. Knowing how to keep things fresh & bouncing about with spurts of energy with a touch of creativity. The need to live in the moment & spontaneity so guess thats why I get on great with impulsive passionate Aries friends & easygoing open-minded Aquarius/February-Pisces. This placement doesn’t necessarily translate into a flirt or womanizer; if its a loyal & one-partner person with this Venus it could mean someone who can’t sit still, needs an adventurous fun-loving partner who’s gamed & when comfortable, you’ll get to see a lively friendly vivacious person. I know coz I’ve met others with this placement too. Also, in love, we like partners whom we can have playful witty banter & humorous exchanges. I think that tampers the inclination to argue & when philosophical debates get tensed. In love & close relationships, the need to constantly be on the go, traveling, playing games, exploring ideas & checking out new attractions. Other than that, sag Venus have the ability, willingness & enthusiasm to accept (at least consider & be open to) people from all walks of life irregardless their status in life. Yep, none of that arrogant stuck-up look down on others nonsense BUT definitely bluntness- these 2 are not to be confused. In fact the time when venus sag looks down on someone, it’s at people who are too high-class high-strung aristocratic yet cruel fussy types with their nose in the air or narrow-minded mentality types who like to discriminate others easily over baseless things especially against harmless people who haven’t done anything wrong.

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