Ten Tips For Surviving A Pluto Transit

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Since 2009, Pluto has transited my Pluto, Mars, Sun and is currently joining my North Node. I am Pluto girl. & I still have questions. The main one being, What just happened? Trying to meaningfully interpret one’s own Pluto transit is like reading hieroglyphics -before the Rosetta Stone. With Pluto we are often in the dark.

Pluto transforms. We hear this all the time. But this word is too glamorous for the Hell realm we will enter under it’s influence. Often Pluto sends you a crisis – spiritual, existential or literal.  And if you survive it you will be changed. Pluto’s journey into the underworld is dark, relentless and psychologically demanding. Pluto strips your character to it’s bare bone essentials, your core dysfunctions and wounds, which is uncomfortable. What you discover about your self isn’t pretty. You will likely resist, and yet your resistance is futile…it prolongs the agony.

Pluto charges the Dark Night of the Soul. Times in your life when you lose your faith. Times when the world no longer gives life, but takes life away. The world turns wintry, bitter cold. Your passion and aliveness, your zest for life dulls and fades. You may feel both dulled down and acutely sensitive to your darkest emotions. You may rage at the loss, darkness, the unfairness, especially if you’re a ‘half glass full’ kind of person. You may experience Pluto as a dream stealer or thief – taking away people, your creativity, imagination, cherished dreams. The scale of a Plutonian event can be large or small, but it initiates you into the darkest aspect of the human condition. The most important advice I can offer for this time of life is to not shut down, to courageously feel it all. This is a necessary process of coming to terms with who you truly are, not who you have been or wanted to be.

Maybe I’ve painted too dark of a picture for you; I have heard some are on friendly terms with Pluto. That Pluto is juicy: all goth, sex, rock n’ roll, and richly dark. To which I say, yes, that’s true, too. But never underestimate this God of Hell. It’s wise to be wary & respectful of the Plutonian process– if you have been stripped down to the core, been utterly destroyed and been re-made in life, you may understand how this process is necessary for your spiritual evolution as a human being. You still may be angry about it. This God who gives tremendous power -and- takes it away. That’s my Pluto.

We all have different journeys, and thus, different relationships to Pluto’s torch-wielding powers. However, there are general tips we can learn from. Although they will be a mere candle to the dark sea sky, they are nonetheless candles, offering a glimmer trail to follow into your own psyche.

1. Two areas Pluto consistently makes an appearance: your relationships and your health. In myth, Pluto comes above ground for two reasons: once to heal a wound inflicted on him by Hercules, and another to abduct the lovely maiden Persephone. Illness and intimate relationship crises are plutonic initiations, catalysts for ‘seeing’ invisible parts of our natures that we are, for the most part, in the dark about. Expect intimate themes like: jealousy, fear of abandonment, betrayal.

2. Eliminate and let go of anything no longer true for you. This popular Pluto phrase is a Zen Koan bobbing around in my brain. Be careful with this one. Astrologer’s rule number one: Don’t feed your fears with astrology. You’re about to have a Pluto transit: the house probably won’t burn down, you probably won’t die. On the other hand, this is a good line of thinking, What is your deepest fear? Is it controlling your life? If you’re unhappy and feel that Plutonian urge to tear down and destroy, there is a possibility of hurting your self or other people. Pluto is a psychological planet. Don’t wait until your pain gets so bad that you’ve irrevocably harmed your self or others. Psychologists help.

Freud said that our waking consciousness is only the tip of the iceberg- the 95% underneath and hidden is Pluto, so if you don’t know what you need to eliminate, you’re not alone.  And it’s buried. Sometimes Pluto issues are repressed & hard to get to; it takes time to do this work.

3. “Pluto is inherently separative and isolating. An individual is apt to feel himself to be set apart. The normal rules and expectancies of the world just do not work anymore.”A dark night of the soul interpretation from late Astrologer James Eshelman. He’s talking about a psychological feeling of alienation. Even if one has worldly power and it all looks like smooth sailing, according to Eshelman, they have Lone Wolf qualities to them.

4. “Don’t expect to understand what is happening/has happened to you.” This helpful insight came from my mentor, Paul Bogle who explained that he, and many others who have experienced major Pluto transits, often cannot digest what has happened to them until many, many years later. Sometimes 20 years later. Why? Something about our little pea sized consciousness being unable to fathom the effects of the outermost planet… Changes are either so outwardly dramatic or inwardly, deeply pivotal, that it takes years for the psyche to integrate what’s happened.

5.The effects of Pluto are not always visible to the outside world. Pluto is the master of invisiblity. When I have shared my existential sense of alienation, loneliness, and an odd identity crisis with a chosen few I’m at first greeted with, What? Life is so great for you! This internal feeling of being set apart can reinforce the dark emotions, so it helps to have a journal, art form, a psychotherapist or a Plutonian partner with Eighth House planets/Pluto aspects who can handle it.

6. You feel like you are dying or you lose loved ones. Death and the insignificance of our mortal life is a silent presence for the most part, but during a Pluto transit -it’s not so silent. My grandmother died this year (not unexpected) but the feelings of grief, loss and dying, linger. Alternately, you are likely also engaged in the Plutonian process whereby parts of your self are actively dying. Bring your dark humor: What psychiatrists call mental illness (which often isn’t a pathology, but reclaiming lost/wounded parts of self) is what Roman Polanski calls good theater.

7. Get comfortable with Nothingness. Darkness, nothingness, oblivion. For me, goals are harder to accomplish, difficult. The everyday world of accomplishment and routine satisfaction goes quiet. Clients share their morbid fascination with dark matter, oblivion and black holes.

8. Pluto transforms (through crisis). We’ve covered this, but like a marketing gimmick, the idea that one will ascend to new heights/depths of magical power during a Pluto transit may be a distraction from doing the real work of being present to the unpleasantries surfacing.

9. Don’t try and control circumstances and people. Don’t project your power onto others. Control is an issue with Pluto -too much or not enough of it. Trying to control circumstances is futile and during this time Pluto is bent on reminding you of that, which can cause backlog of psychological futility and various permutations of powerlessness (anger, fury, re-wounding). In my experience, raising a bit of hell now and again with Pluto, isn’t such a bad thing -it gets the poisons and furies out. When your contractor basically moves into your home office, when you feel like you’re about to explode into bits of drywall, go scream into the wind or in a locked bathroom. Talk to your partner or your ‘person of offense’, honestly. It’s unhealthy to hold it in.

10. Find psychologically fearless friends.  Until the Pluto transit is over, there is always more psychological work to do –so who can help? Guides, shamans, priests and some therapists may help, yet anyone who tries to fix you or sugarcoat things won’t. Get friends who are psychologically fearless, who speak truth -folks who can give you the nuggets of insight into yourself you so need.

Articles and books for a Pluto transit:

The Dark Night of the Soul by Erin Reese

Healing Through the Dark Emotions: The Wisdom of Grief, Fear, and Despair by Miriam Greenspan

Dark Nights of the Soul: A Guide to Finding Your Way Through Life’s Ordeals by Thomas Moore

When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times (Shambhala Library) by Pema Chodron


image: Julia Stiles in the play, Persephone


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  1. Ivana

    You have written an accurate and very helping article about Pluto transits and I wish to thank you for it.
    I have been, and I still am, going through many of these transits at the same time to the most sensitive and personal spots and I’ve never seen anything like it before.

    It seems I am a Plutonic person natally. Pluto is the planet with most aspects in my chart and to-the minute square with my Sun and Asc. So, I kind of feel him all my life.

    But the transits have started to shake me to the core: Pluto conjunct Dsc, opposite Sun, Asc, Mercury and Saturn and square natal Pluto.

    What you say is so true what ever shape it takes in our personal stories. It helps me to read about it and to see that at least in this I am not on my own.


  2. Vicki O

    Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for these awe inspiring Plutonian navigation tips. They feel like beaconing light waves shooting forth from a gold miner’s hardhat as she grapples to find her way out of a deep dark dank cave.

    Your wisdom helps me navigate the many Plutonian transits up for me now. Holding out hope that I can survive and eventually will find the gold I seek without killing or maming everyone in sight.

    You remind me of Confusious’ famous words that true wisdom is in knowing the extent of our ignorance – yess Jess! I really don’t know a thing!

    Your insights remind me to flow with the powerful darkness, trusting that somehow I am not alone and there is a way out – a life giving light shining brightly on a long awaited Spring day!

    Your fellow 12th house Plutonian soror mystica.

    Vicki O

  3. Michele

    WOW! That was incredible… Can’t tell you how much your pluto pointer’s ARE ME! Had my chart read a while ago (when “it” first hit my Saturn (7th) and the reader told me, “well, your Pluto hit your Saturn!” I said, NO S*#t! and I meant it! I knew what happened and I also didn’t know what was going to and is still happening to me to this day. I will keep you under my favorites, I love your site and Thank YOU!

  4. Jessica

    Thank you (all) for sending me your feedback. It is a harrowing journey into the underworld and so I tried to muster some kind of guide gathered from firsthand experience, and frankly, it was/still is difficult to process consciously. It’s one of those planets that doesn’t like to be seen! I’m thinking of writing a follow-up, more tips, because of your wonderful responses. Till then, in solidarity, from down under. xo, Jessica

  5. Danijela

    Hi Jessica

    What a great article. Pluto is currently conj my Asc – exact couple of days ago… Need I say more…

  6. Lesa

    I don’t know if this is what is actually happening but you have described the last couple of years perfectly for me. How do I find out if that is what has been going on?

  7. Jessica

    Hi Lesa, You can get an astrology reading 🙂 Email me if you are interested.

  8. kate

    thanks so much for this! this is so helpful, that i am going to print it out. i have a very cardinal chart, and my moon and sun respectively are conjunct the pluto and uranus which are moving to exact square, with pluto conj. my moon.

    everything on this list really resonates with me and makes a lot of sense. #4 i haven’t read anywhere, but it seems to be very true thus far. my one friend who is into astrology will occasionally ask if i am feeling the pluto transit on my moon, and i say that i am, but i cannot articulate it. it’s also in capricorn. in the 12th house, so it’s very remote. anyway, #4 makes me feel a lot better about that aspect of pluto, because it’s something i’ve been struggling with.

  9. Jessica

    Hi Kate, 12th house transits are harder to access in a rational-logical way and may even require a non-linear approach. I bet you’d get a bird’s eye view on what your Moon is feeling thru recording your dreams and investigating the themes, or drawing pictures about how you’re feeling – something more intuitive and imaginative might help your quiet Capricorn Moon articulate her feelings.

  10. Sally Kirkman

    hi Jessica, and sometimes Pluto is so obvious too. Transiting Pluto hit my MC late 2008 and I lost my only 2 contracts like that, bam, gone. The last few years have been a process of transformation. Difficult but being reborn stage by stage. Great article, thank you.

  11. Elke

    Hi Jessica,
    I can only join the relief and appraisal by all other commenters and I too thank you for listing and describing the “un-understandable”. I am having exactly the same transits as you are having/ just had, with Pluto on my North Node, back and forth (takin the retrogrades into account) opposing my sun in the meanwhile, over and over. Since pluto is activating your NN, I’m very curious to hear about your findings on that particular point, as I’m not sure what to make of it. I can only say that smalltalk and people not being straight forward or able to explain things properly infuriate and irritate me more than ever. Pluto gives me a hightened sixth sense to BS-talk, people misusing power to extract all private details out of you (job interviews) while (on purpose) not being open, informative or even having the intention they claim to have. I really feel like I’m in some sort of twisted game with that. NN, 3rd house, Capricorn. Anyways, thank you for your guidance and sharing. I find the “try not to understand what just happened” soothing, allthough there’s pressure, bills to pay and a real world out there, screaming I should have some smart tactics in place.

  12. Jessica

    Hi Elke, Pluto on North Node is an impetus to take charge of your life and if you’re off course radically change it. The North Node is a destiny point, inspiring the feeling “I would really be on purpose if I were only doing XYZ” and transiting Pluto brings characteristic relentless honesty, psychological fearlessness and probing to this quest. Pluto is also opposing the South Node, too, so don’t forget that piece — to move forward we’re being challenged to move beyond old, entrenched and probably hard to see patterns. We need the investigative scrutiny that Pluto offers. It’s interesting we have the same nodal placement by house and sign. I haven’t had the same communication issues that you’re having but I have, like you, experienced major pressure for real world strategies and solutions to practical realities I am facing- which feels very Capricorn 3rd house. I found myself recently declaring: no one ever taught me how to critically think (when faced with an obstacle –Cancer SN cries instead 🙂

  13. Michele

    Hi Jessica! This so hit the spot. I have Pluto nataly Squaring my Sun in the 12th house, but now he is transiting my 2nd house in Capricorn that holds my Venus. I have just suffered a tremendous scathing at work and don’t know what will become of this. I am trying to let go and let him do what he needs to and just go with it. I have other things in my life too that have taken a hit and I fear for those that I love the most right now, because they are all experiencing Plutonian issues as well, and all fall into exactly the catagories above. And like the Ivana with Pluto at the top of my chart in Virgo, I get scathed all the time in the outer world. Maybe I need to go inside and use my Pisces IC to heal myself. Great and beautifully written post on Pluto here.
    Blessings Jessica. Hope you are surviving Ok.

  14. Erin Reese

    Excellent article, Jessica. Thank you for sharing your findings and wisdom with us.
    I particularly love #7, as you know…

    I give great thanks to Sir Pluto for bringing me to Hades’ hell in a handbasket. The illusory small self within is now dead, and the eternal I is ever free. There is Nothing. And within that, is Everything. Pluto shows us this.

    Love and truth,

  15. Shellrae

    Perfect timing
    This was like hitting the lottery
    So simple and direct
    thanks I needed that

  16. kate

    i figured out the dream part, and have been trying to write them down lately, as much as possible. i have had some more disturbing dreams dealing with phobias, etc. lately, and i am chalking it up to pluto.

    thanks for the recommendation on drawing or expressing things in a more imaginative way. i majored in art and used to paint/write a lot, but not so much lately. i have been thinking it may be a good way to deal with the pluto transit.

    thanks so much for your insightful comments 🙂

  17. Thomas

    A few years ago when transiting pluto ‘hit’ my Sun, Moon, Venus, Chriron, Ascendant, Part of Fortune I created a cremation for myself, let me explain. I created an effigy of me (full sized)invited all my friends laid ‘me’ on the ground and set fire to the effigy – very cathartic. If Pluto was trying to ‘destroy’ me I was taking control…
    We all sang auld lang syne whilst we watched the ‘body’ turn to dust. I still have to re-birth (am wondering what kind of astro drama I can create for this one!). I’ve come to love/understand Pluto on a personal level you can too if you take him in your arms and allow him to take you into ‘his’ underworld.

  18. Maree

    Dear Jessica,

    I don’t know how I got here, but I’m so grateful for the tips on how to survive transitting the Lord of the Underworld. In 2011 Pluto went square my asc in Libra and has been conjunct my moon in Capricorn. (It’s semi-sextile my sun in Sag.) I am def. feeling the Dark Night of the Soul happening in my life right now. #5 rings strongly for me here, I appreciate what you said about Pluto being invisible. There’s that thing where everything in my life “looks” wonderful on paper but I’m feeling depressed, isolated, stagnant. This is such powerful work that Pluto demands. Have you written more on the subject? I’d love to read more. Thank you again and blessings.

  19. Jessica

    Hi Maree, Thanks for stopping by and sharing. I’m in the process of creating new material for working with the Uranus-Pluto square in your natal chart. Stay tuned! Keep it up with Pluto: he is demanding, but there is a light at the end… xo, Jessica

  20. nicole

    yay! thank you! these words do help. i am just going through a pluto conjunct sun transit. sun at 7.51 cap… soothing words in a time of monsterturnaround. xxx!!!

  21. selena

    hey there,
    thanks for this article!
    great to hear your advice..
    Pluto is currently transiting my natal moon in capricorn… crossing it over and over…feels like it will never end!
    I’m having a real strange time ( I hate having moon in cap anyway!) I feel the real me can’t hide anylonger which is a great/exciting thing but it meant i had to move on from who i used to be; it was like the old me had to die for the real one to be born but it wasn’t a gradual thing, it was like having to destroy my old self (cue dramatic music! true tho! I think i’m through the worst bit and excited to be who i really am. But,
    i cut off lots of old friends – i just couldn’t stand to be with them anymore (sounds bad i know, but it was like I was a new person, and didn’t want to be the old me with them, if that makes sense…).
    Also having diff. relationship now with my elderly mum because i’m not the same person i used to be, but other people are gonna have to adjust to it and thats not easy..sigh! it will pass..)
    If anyone else is going thru pluto/moon transit would love to hear how its affecting you, thx x

  22. kate

    i am experiencing the same transit, and i too have been slowly cutting friends out of my life and/or distancing myself from them. i just feel like 90% of them don’t make sense to me anymore, or they really rub me the wrong way! i find myself asking myself “how was i ever friends with these people?” i find it SO interesting that you’re experiencing the same thing! i’m curious, where is your natal moon located?

    another thing i’ve felt is the need to purge a lot of my worldly possessions. i just don’t feel much connection to most of them either. i guess all this purging is to be accepted with a pluto transit, but it’s kind of amazing.

  23. Lana

    Hi guys,
    I’m approaching my first hit of Pluto Opposite Sun. Thank you for the info i’ll keep it all in mind. Just confused about one thing. My sun is in the 8th, how would that opposition manifest itself? I know 8th house is all about the dark, hidden, taboo, etc and I’m clueless as to how i will feel this opposition. if anybody can shed some light, i’d be very grateful 🙂

  24. Libby

    Wow all of that is so true! I’m in the (last?) throes of Pluto conjunct Sun (at the same time Uranus squares it ugh!) I ended my marriage, not sure where I’m really going yet. I’m wondering though has anyone else experienced Pluto conjunct Venus? Michele, that’s interesting about your experince.

    I wonder because the man I’m seeing will have Pluto opp. his Venus and ASC at about the same time. Any experiences on any of those? RUN!is what one astrologer told me!

  25. julie bowman

    just going through a pluto transit, its been hell!!!! feel as if i have been transmuted transformed to the core!!!! i have really worked with it, at times i have felt so wretched!!!! stripped down to the bear bones.

    so hang inthere .

    at the moment, i feel as if my shackles have been removed. apparently it doesn’t move out until next aug. then woopy have my 2nd saturn return!!!!

    if i didn’t have access to all the help from spirit and other things i really don’t know how i would be surviving !!!

    just a few of my own thoughts!!!
    take care fellow travellers!!!!

  26. Tonya Brooks

    You are dead on and pardon the pun. I was born with Pluto on my Sun and in the Koch chart, I have Uranus, Sun, Pluto conjunct in my 8th house. My entire life is like a phoenix, the agonizing death of the old and the rebirth of the new. My life is always in a state of change. And now, Pluto is nearly out of my 11th house where I lost a lot of friends and it close to moving into my 12th and I am reading up on everything I can about this transit. But I can feel myself wanting to self isolate and stay away from everyone. And my husband is about to have Pluto move over his Descendant [7th] cusp and I dread that too. I have been having menopause symptoms and it seems everything is falling apart. Thanks a lot Pluto!

  27. Jan

    I have Pluto transiting my first house, it is at a trine right now, found out through a solar return reading. My astrologer friend told me that it is probably going to be there for a number of years. I have a Scorpio rising and a Leo sun. I went through the whole pluto square pluto and mid life transits and remember how hard they were. I don’t know if it coincides but a dear friend of mine died a few months ago and yes, even though my life may look like a dream on the outside, inside I feel as though I am at times dying. I get rages and the whole nine, lost a very good friend over who really knows what , but at the same time I feel much better and know that the friendship had to change or die so to speak. There is a lot of rage and anger I experience as I feel the need to be who I truly am. I do not know when the worst aspects will come. I have been doing a lot of clutter clearing and cleaning out of my life. I told my s/o that our relationship has to improve or I am going to end it, so yes there has been revolution going on in my life. I figure having a Scorpio rising I am a bit used to some upheavals…..the thing that makes me have a glimmer of hope is the prospect of rising from the ashes a new and more authentic person that is better than before. I understand how metamorphosis works from a mind state, but to experience it first hand….. Many of you are right, there is no explanation you can give to anyone about how or why you feel the way you do at times. Old things come up and I have been writing and cleaning and organizing my closets, using some feng shui to aid me in my process of letting go.

  28. Renadja Thiermann


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the various Pluto aspects in your life.


    I Walked into the sea, wading in until
    the water was over my head.

    Deeper and deeper I swam until out of air I drowned…
    For a long time I remained in the dark waters twisting and
    turning slowly in the currents. All was black and very
    quiet and finally time stopped.

    Gradually the sea bottom rose and the water became shallow
    and warm and there was a glimmer of light from he sun.
    Feeling something stirring within me I realized I was still alive.
    I began to swim towards the surface, towards the light.
    Ever upward, at first feebly, gradually stronger, until with broad
    strokes of my wings I burst into the sunlight.

    Shimmering droplets of water cascaded down my back
    as I rose into the air finally free of the darkness of the depths.
    To hell and back I have journeyed, but I am one of the lucky few…
    I have returned. Something is very different though.
    Where before I merely walked on the earth now I fly on the wind.
    Soaring and sweeping with ease, faster and faster
    I fly with a joy that knows no bounds. See me silhouetted against the sun.

    CD from
    Grand Eagle by Ed Van Fleet

  29. Diana Shaw

    This is just a short report to add to the other observations. Your article was wonderful and quite timely. My natal Asc. has progressed into Scorpio, now square to pr. and natal Pluto. Many years ago transiting Pluto AND Saturn went over my Libra Sun. At the time, I wasn’t able to observe Pluto dispassionately. Yet, Pluto in Libra took me from from being a divorced mom to an attorney, and, frankly, never I got over a lot of the pain involved in the change…e.g. not being the stay at home Mom that I had always assumed I would be. Well, natal Sun is in my second house conjunct Chiron in Libra, and, notwithstanding my protestations, change happened and I apparently ended up where I was supposed to be. Now, with the pr. Asc. square Pluto (natal Pluto is in the 11 house) people who were foundational to me at one time, including 4 old boyfriends, have been leaving the planet right and left! I recall that they all had a prominent Scorpio or Plutonic signature (I have Mars in Scorpio, so I guess I’m attracted to this type of person). Yet, instead of the focused wretchedness I felt when Pluto transited my Sun, I feel almost dead, like I’m a professional mortician holding the door open to a mortuary. Yes, I weep. Can’t help that, but the struggle to find meaning or feel loss is missing, replaced by a resignation to the life’s cruelty. I do feel a desperate need to touch some kind of organic Truth, while living with a noticeable lack of passion. Well, the knowledge of astrology is indeed a gift, and reading your words a timely reminder that all is as it should be. By the way, I came across your post because I was doing some Part of Fortune research after being reminded that my Part of Fortune at 13Cancer50 is being hammered by the Uranus/Pluto square. I haven’t been able to find any satisfactory descriptions. I’m still here, so I suppose, so far, it isn’t deadly! Although, with the Part of Fortune in my 10th, it does appear that my career is being challenged, as the clientele I usually count on seem to be having their own issues that preclude seeking my services.

  30. Raven

    Ah, the Pluto/Moon transit. I am paranoid and afraid of everything: the future, my health in particular. I keep fearing that I have some kind of terrible illness; I’ve been doing that for over a year now. Yet I have this odd sense that I’m actually okay; it just seems like the experience of facing illness and death is the point here, I suppose. I feel like I am being put in touch with my mortality. And indeed, that fear is real. And never have I felt more isolated. I am alive, yet afraid I am dying. Panic attacks that I’ve had in my childhood years are resurfacing. I am embracing my mortality. I feel dead already. God, I am death. But then I awaken the next day and soldier on.

    I feel like my mind is dying, and it is a slow death. Strangely, I am able to accept this torture with a level of composure that surprises me. Maybe it’s because I don’t blame anyone or anything for this, and I am simply going with the flow. My old self doesn’t have the strength to fight this anyway.

    Isn’t there a rebirth associated with Pluto transits, especially those going through house 8? I am afraid of my rebirth as well. I am afraid of what I might become.

    Pluto conjunct a house 8 Moon is like being locked in a dark room, with demons all around you – some old, some new – and all you can do is weep for the mind that is dying.

  31. giulia

    Hi, thanks for this interesting post!
    I’d like to ask you the meaning of pluto transiting to my natal moon in twelfth house. My natal moon is in Capricorn, opposite jupiter, conjunct saturn, neptune and ascendant. Can it lead to psychological problems? or may be it concerns my mother’s health? she’s ill right now. Sixth and seventh house fall in cancer. I also have Uranus squaring my moon. I would be glad if you could clear up my doubts. thank you 🙂

  32. Jessica

    Hi Giulia,
    That’s a question for a reading, really, as it requires a fairly involved and in depth answer (Pluto wouldn’t have it any other way!). I’m experiencing Pluto squaring my Aries Moon right now, so look to future columns for something on that from me. xo, Jessica

  33. Mnc

    Great tips! I had Pluto transit almost every planet in my natal chart for about 15 years throughout my younger life and now it’s crossing my ascendant by arc. Somehow it’s always a brutal experience. This article sums it up pretty well. 🙂

  34. karen

    Thank you Jessica, I have Pluto transiting my fifth house in exact opposition to my natal sun in Cancer. The power struggles with all three of my sons are sucking the life force out of me each and every day. Your article gave me clarity and helped me understand the isolation that I feel. Blessings to you?

  35. Denise

    Thanks Jessica – it does help to read stuff like this. Just when I thought maybe I was getting the hang of Pluto square my sun, and relaxing a bit during his retrograde away from that, I find myself getting seriously depressed out of nowhere, and oh, gee whiz, Pluto has now retrograded to nearly conjunct my natal Chiron, and Chiron is nearly inconjunct my Pluto. What fun. Another 18 some months of this? I like what you said in another article about Pluto burning off rage and desire. Certainly been feeling plenty of both of those. I have a friend who is a Scorpio with Pluto in his 8th – beginning to appreciate his strength more and understand a bit more what he keeps hidden, as he says, for the good of all. Interesting – he talks about “burning clean” a lot, one of his personal touchstones.

  36. KayCee

    Well Pluto transiting Capricorn would have been one thing, but it was first transiting my Sag, rising for years. I am stick-a-fork in it done. Why bother to scale the heights of the next cliff ….. if the cliff is doomed to perish into a hellish abyss, affirming itself as just one more in a succession of losses? Why look for autonomy if life is just one uncontrollable ride? Nothing works, everyone struggles. To attempt to exert influence became an exercise in futility a long time ago. We are awash in a sea of certain uncertainty. Ef Pluto. It is hopeless.

  37. DNA

    articles and forums like these on Pluto and Uranus have kept me sane. Thank you. I have V12,M14,Jup19,conjunct in 12thCan. Tr-Pluto opp natal V and M, excruciating.

    I felt and feel like I have been thru a grinder. My ex has tr.pluto Conj natal Venus in Cap, now conj,her natal NN. She had been lying abt being involved with a previous lover who seems to have popped in and out over the past 8 years of our relationship. How long this had been going on?who knows, all I know is the lies, deception, the lengths she will go to to save face and ruthless, relentless lies to try to make me believe I’m crazy has been one of the biggest shitshows of my life. These Capricorn types just are brutal in their need to keep their face and status quo.

    When my mother passed very unexpectedly in 1990, there were 5-6planets opposing my 12th house planets, I have been thru this before, (loss of friends around a significant loss, support) so I am familiar with the emotional terrain of abandonment regardless. It’s has sucked royally. Then add sq.from Uranus – fuq.

  38. Fuchur

    How was Pluto transiting the North Node? I’m facing this in 2017…

  39. Andrea

    Thanks for this article. I’m really in the middle of that darkness now, I think. Well, I can remember other times of my life with that darkness around me, but somehow this is different. I know we always say that, related to the present, and it might be true as there is only the now, in a way and our memories of the past only exist in this now as well.

    Regardless, this time I’m more aware of what is happening than I was 10 or 20 years ago. And the desire for not dissociating from my emotions and not running away is much stronger now, there is something inside me that just cannot tolerate fakeness anymore. I never could, but now is just unbearable. Especially my own. Any moment when I’m feeling like I’m not being true to myself is like a torture. Maybe it’s starting to become an obsession and I probably have to let this go as well, as I have already let go so many things, beliefs, habits, people. I’m really just so freaking tired of all this. But I know I will wake up tomorrow and there will be this new hope again, this optimism, where I’m telling stories to myself about how life could be and I’m even believing them. And some people would congratulate me for my newly found morning-hope, but isn’t that just another drop of deception? Because hope is not real, it’s helpful sometimes, but now I can see through that and once seen its fakeness I cannot unsee it. It’s not the real thing.

    I have transiting Pluto opposite my Moon and trining my Mercury. The Moon transit is just about to get exact for the first round in March.

  40. Stephanie Cary

    I have a moon Pluto conjunct in my twelfth house. I got hit hard yesterday but I realized it was completely necessary. I felt like I was stabbed in the heart by a loved one, in my deepest wound. My wound was infected and needed to be cleaned out. It was not pretty at all. I feel like I had just been redressing it and not really paying attention to it. I am so grateful for this transit now. I feel like now I can finally completely heal.

  41. Darla

    Best description of Pluto transits ever I have Scorpio rising ! My Aries sun in the 6th has been taking direct hits by Pluto squaring my sun and won’t end until Dec of 18 but will have to deal with Pluto conj my cap Saturn in the 3rd Since Saturn started his tour thru my obscure zone ( the first 3 houses ) I’ve lost my mother a great job then my father but Pluto wasn’t done thenwhen Pluto made his move to square my sun I had a stroke a couple of months ago! Fortunately I got good care fast so no major physical deficits !
    But my life and everything that I felt secure about has been turned upside down ! Not sure where I’m going from here ? Just very grateful for my husband and my loved ones ! Feeling scared all the time that it could happen again even with proper care ! It was God turning the lightswitch off on my life ! Not looking forward to the Pluto Saturn conj to my IC in the future in Aquarius ! Used to be outgoing and active now I’m reclusive and afraid of things that never bothered me before ! But I’m getting in shape ! Found a great Psycologist that’s helping me feel my way thru the dark of my fears ! I will never be the same sunny girl again because I’ve felt the real impact of lose and the poss of my own mortality !
    Never dreamed I would ever feel the way I do ! I was healthy according to my docs ! This transit has almost literally killed me !
    Good luck to the rest of you facing the darkest of passages of the darkest transits ! Love to you all ??

  42. KayCee

    So tired of this bully Pluto! He is very angry that he was kicked out of the planetary lineup and wants to show he is a force to reckon with. Like Darla, I have had multiple deaths and losses under this bad boy’s tantrum. Loss of job, mother, brother and my two closest gal friends who were relatively young as well. Thrown to the scrap heap prematurely, I am no wiser but rather bitter as hell. He has taught me nothing save that Pluto is a monster. We are all slip sliding away and loss just one big constant. Why bother. Had this Pickle ( My very educated mother just served us nine…) in my rising of Saggitarius. When Pluto finally leaves Capricorn
    ( my sun) I will be too old to care, I then can watch him wreack havoc on my Aquarian baby. No God blesses to him here. Earth to Pluto: Drop Dead!

  43. Gavin

    This was very inciteful, pluto will be conjunct my asc in 2 days so this was helpful in preparing for the storm

  44. Jas

    Hi Jessica, thanks for a very interesting article. I’ve had Pluto square my natal moon in Aries too, it made five hits over the past few years. It was a dark night of the soul for me, especially when Uranus was conjunct my moon at the same time.

    I didn’t know what hit me and found it the worst experience of my life. Pluto on 4th, natal moon in 7th. The problems I experienced caused me to dig deep into my childhood and family patterns, I found myself changing and not wanting to be around former friends, also much self realisation. It’s 2 degrees separating now and I’m just beginning to catch my breath, still a bit shell shocked though. Especially as Pluto opposes my sun in a year of so.

    I see that your moon is also in Aries and you were going through the square at the same time as me. I’d be really interested to know how it affected you, if you care to share your experience.

    Thanks again for a great article.

  45. Jessica

    Hi Jas,
    You are welcome.

    Initially, the lunar transit as about looking at and clearing childhood trauma — which was triggered by my interactions with others, and many “dark nights” cycles. Eventually, trauma resolution cleared and moved into addressing deep emotional conditioned patterns, which I’m still working with, but now but on an energetic and spiritual rather than emotional level.

    Although there have been significant transitions and changes, because of the sheer number of transiting planets involved over many years now, I’d find myself musing on something Steven Forrest once posited to his apprentices: Is a Pluto transit ever really over? The intensity of experience, dark wisdom, desire for more honesty, fearlessness- these don’t go away. Gifts of Pluto.

    As with you, one Pluto transit continues to follow the last. So it makes sense that I feel this way.

  46. Yasen

    I just wanted to say that this is the most accurate description of the forces of Pluto that I have met up to now.
    Just survived Pluto square Saturn combined with Pluto conjunct South Node, already … seasoned but somewhat afraid, I am preparing for Pluto opposition Moon.

  47. John Freeman

    Excellent commentary on Pluto sq.s

    not at the middle of it, pluto sq sun merc venus mars.

    One little brother hung himself. Three weeks later other little brother go diagnosis brain CA, he was paralyzed within 3 weeks, dead within 3 months. Fed him, bathed him, got him into hospice, handling probate on both estated, total asshole attorneys.

    I knew it would be very big, could not imagine that meltdown.

    When Pluto came up to hit the exact degree of the sq. to sun, then passed it by just a fraction of one degree there was an obvious “release” things changed dramatically, eased up, got better attorneys, real estate agent was so efficeint it seemed like near magic.

    A few years before Lilith opp. sun at the degree of the grandsquare we’ve been having, that was FREAKY, frightening. Pluto was like a steam roller.

    I was in a state of big time melt down. Complete. Unable to handle it all.

    35+ years with astrology and my chart. I had no way to prepare.

    Pluto alright.

  48. John Freeman

    Fearless friends? Where do you find those? Even professionals get weak in the knees. Great psychic readers helped to give insight into folks I’ve had to deal with that were vexing obstacles. Those folks are most helpful if they have been around the block with similarly overwhelming energies and made it back in one piece. As soon as you are asking them to “read” a situation / picture that “pushes a button” they personally have not yet flattened thru their own experience, there goes the clarity of the reading. Those folks are human too.

  49. Del

    Hello Jessica & everybody

    Can somebody explain to me what a transit Pluto opposite my moon in genini means ?

    Thank you

    Please email with replies


  50. AquariusIC

    Excellent article. Yet no comments from people who’ve survived Pluto transiting the IC…? ?

  51. Alice

    Your writing is really helpful and so spot on. i am very happy i found your post about Pluto transit.
    In the middle of the dark night of the soul.
    Pluto is opposite my Saturn square my Chiron , soon it will be conjunct my Asc, and opposite Mars square natal Uranus.
    Feeling like dying. Receiving so much hate and rejection.
    Hating in return..

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