Uranus Retrograde: Steal Back Your Fire

by | Jul 13, 2012 | Uranus | 28 comments

“Be yourself and you can be anything.” -tagline for Katy Perry movie

“Love your weirdness.” The Daily Love, on the Katy Perry movie

We often think of Uranus as the planet of mavericks and geniuses, the Bill Gates of the planetary pantheon. Or maybe as the planet of weirdos and freaks, the rainbow wearing Wavy Gravy guy or someone with a “progressive” style. But those who have paid attention to how Uranus works in real life will notice something paradoxical about the way Uranus, the Teacher, teaches us to fly our freak flag high and proud, be weird or brilliant. Because for as many Katy Perry’s who have successfully claimed their genius (and weirdness), for as many people who appear to have become immune to social acceptance and belonging, many more know that identifying, then resisting the pressures of cultural programming, then finding a whole new way of life that feels authentic and true…is a lifelong journey.

Where Uranus touches a planet in a natal chart, that planet’s natural instincts have been changed or damaged by cultural, social and familial conditioning. For instance, if we have Uranus square Venus, we are sensitive to the cultural messages about beauty, being a woman, and relationship: ie, being married by age 28 and have a baby by 35 may not be our true life path. The power to belong, be accepted, be apart of the crowd has overpowered the true nature of our planet. The crazy thing is, we have no idea how crazy this is! How many times have I heard, “I should be married by now…” from clients? A lot.  Wherever natal Uranus falls in our birth chart, we have to drop the baggage of cultural programming, over and over. The Promethean journey involves stealing back our fire – our individuality, our soul. To steal it back we must stubbornly insist on our right to discover the True Nature of our Self (our planetary archetype), and not what other people want for us or tell us we should want. To do this we must develop a thick skin and aversion toward cultural pressure (hint: in practice, this looks a lot like rebellion). But Uranus isn’t entirely about acceptance and belonging; it encompasses any culturally distorting message that derails us.

I have Uranus on my Ascendant oppose an Aries Moon-Chiron conjunction on the 6th/7th house cusp.  I never entirely understood my Moon-Uranus opposition until recently (I recall one astrologer once told me you need emotional shocks: try a hot tub, then a cold plunge – creative, but it didn’t encapsulate the full story). As I’ve been exploring my ongoing issues with self-care, I have realized my own natural instinct to take care of my body – to rest when tired, eat when healthy, let myself recover when sick – has been overridden by the cultural message: don’t get sick, don’t slow down, be productive and ambitious. After a brief visit to Texas, I recognized too that to a large degree we are all products, and prisoners, of our environment: after all, we can’t eat what isn’t on the menu, and our menu is very much defined by what our friends, community and family is eating. We all culturally reinforce each other’s behavior, for good or ill. My experience of self-care, nurture and mother has been very Moon/Chiron-Uranus. My mother had an erratic menu, and never really “fit in” with the rest of the moms. She didn’t find her calling as an individual and even though she was very loving toward me, I often experienced her as emotionally dissociated and rebellious. With weight and emotional issues, she neglected self-care even while “caring for others” (if that’s truly possible). She dissociated from her own body. When I look at my own patterns surrounding self-care, some days I truly think I have altogether lost my natural instinct for self-care, as I’ve had to work hard to care for my body, and understand my natural rythym (Moon). Uranus divorces us from our natural instinct, in order to discover it again. How can what I never learned ever come naturally to me– and how to unlearn all the crazy? It’s a harrowing realization to see that, like a robot, I have been programmed by the forces around me. However, consciousness is a game changer, and I’m game to steal my fire back.

How about you? Where is Uranus in your birth chart? Uranus’ placement shows where trying to fit in will hurt you more than help you; it also points to a dissociation from more true to you, natural instincts. Where is Uranus transiting your birth chart? Here’s another opportunity to de-program your self, to steal the fire back from the Gods. Uranus’ retrograde motion suggests the time is right for examining, taking off, the unhelpful cultural programming you’ve received.

Uranus rules all social pressures. The social pressure to: be thin, married by 28, work all the time, conform to a standard ideal. The True Self is underneath all that, waiting, for you to take off the masks, for you to embrace your True Nature.


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  1. Jess

    Hi Moonkissed! Love your blog. I have uranus conjunct mars and venus in the 12th house and trining Saturn in the fifth/forth cusp. I have a lot of uranian energy and not all of it is accessible [12th house]. The stellium in the 12th is made even more captivating as mars is conjunct my Asc. from the 12th. So much fun! Uranus is transiting my 9th house and I’m teaching, but not the way I’d like to be. I want to be in a university setting, writing and researching and quietly plodding along. No, I’m teaching taiji and daoyin and yoga at a retreat center. And I’m doing consultations and healings. The world and my head and my family tell me to work at a university [ha! they won’t have me anyway without my PhD. a master’s degree isn’t good enough] but the world is only giving me the opportunity to teach more esoteric and transformational modalities. It’s okay, I like it. But Uranus is a constant in my life and I can feel more change coming. Things have gone wonky at work and I’m betting I’ll be on the move again. My life rarely looks the way I’d like it to: safe, secure, quiet, respectable. I blame it on uranus. Thanks again for your blog. Happy Summer!

  2. Jessica

    Thanks for writing, Jess. Uranus creates the pressure to fit in, to belong to a cultural institution that no matter how hard we try we can’t find our place in. We go through a revolution process – what we think we want, isn’t actually what’s good or right for us. That may be part of your Uranus/9th house journey. Keep up the good work. Embrace your inner Alien. It sounds like you’re on the right track. xxoxo, Jessica

  3. Kim

    I have Uranus opposite a Moon/Chiron conjunction in Aries, except mine is in the 8th house. 2nd house matters have always seemed out of my control, yet somehow I always end up with what I need.

    However, the emotions are sometimes a balancing act for me. My mother was very absent from most of my upbringing, as she chose a career over her children.

    I am approaching my Uranus opposition (now almost conjunct to my moon/Chiron) and the retrograde is prolonging that process. It seems like so many opportunities have come my way that I am having a difficult time choosing (although this might be due to some other aspects).

    I ordinarilly do not comment on blogs butt found it interesting that we had the same natal aspect.

  4. Linda

    My natal Uranus is 5th house Cancer; Uranus is transiting my 1st house Aries Moon. I am feeling squeezed; neck and shoulders are an inflamed mess lately. Breathing deeply….
    helps, but I feel an implosion looming.

  5. Jessica

    I’m sorry, Linda. The body is taking the heat from Uranus, I know that one well. Remember to be kind to your self, do good self-care, even while you’re sorting out new emotions and body awarenesses. Stagnant emotional patterns and self-care issues are up for your healing attention for a reason. Sometimes it takes a Uranus transit to realize the degree to which we’ve been unhealthily habituated and trained. <3 Jessica

  6. fern feto spring

    Excellent blog Jessica! I love the way you explain the Uranian perspective-so true and so insightful…thank you for the insights!

  7. Michele

    My Uranus is in my 9th as well and I keep beating myself over the head with “I need to get a degree.” I don’t have one. I keep searching for my nich, for my philosophy to fit with educational institutions and it never does. Since, as most people have, Jessica, what an enlightening post and so helpful right now. I am feeling really sensitive with this Uranus in RX.

    Uranus is opp. my 3rd house, I feel out of place in my world. Everyone is wealthy, has degrees and a house with a white picket fence, but I am in the same job as when I started working at 16. I am not sure how to reconcile this. I also have a math disability that most likely could only be overcome with intense tutoring. With my Sun in the 12th, I am just tempted to let it all go.

  8. Michele

    Ok Mercury in RX too! My paragraph got edited by the computer!..lol
    “..as most people have Chiron opp. Uranus..” and was supposed to be apart of the second paragraph, the last being “Jessica, what an enlightening…” etc. Oh boy!

  9. msfullroller

    Uranus tightly conjuct Pluto and conjunct my Ascendant in the 1st house. Uranus is transiting my 8th, 3 degrees from my Sun.

    Thank you so much for this and the last few posts as you’ve hit the nail on the head in terms of how I’ve been feeling since Saturn in Virgo. Gotta do me from now on regardless.

    To confirm what you were saying about trying to fit in being hurtful to ourselves…I’ve made some changes back to being me and guess what, no headaches for almost

  10. msfullroller

    oops! Big fingers and typing on a phone don’t mix. lol

    I was going to say since making changes toward being who I am, I’ve not had a headache in almost a year. Before I was taking aspirin like it was candy.

    Thanks again for your blog.

  11. Donna

    What to do with Uranus transiting the ascendent and squaring transit Pluto on the Midheaven?

  12. Jessica

    Hi Donna, The Uranus-Pluto square are imploring you to look at patterns, unhealthy stuck ones, keeping you from doing your calling and being your self. Uranus on ASC means that all in this blog applies to you and your approach to the world, style, choices, physical body; Pluto on the MC, your “professional calling card” now involves breaking down what’s not true for you, and doing a career that is more in line with who you are. A massive time of total reinvention but not before deeply examining all that’s holding you back. I hope to launch an e-booklet on Uranus-Pluto in your birth chart, very soon. best of luck, Jessica

  13. Ricki

    Hi Jessica. You did a reading for me about a year ago. Thank you for this wonderful and uplifting blog. I am always looking forward to a new article both on Facebook and here. Natal chart: Uranus retrograde conjunct Pluto in the 11th house and opposite Mars, Chiron and Saturn (9 degrees orb – does this this count?). Currently Uranus is conjunct Saturn and Moon in my 6th house and square Venus – not to mention other transits like Neptune/Jupiter/Mercury and Pluto/Venus transit. This is overwhelming and most of the times I feel like my finger is stuck in an electrical outlet but at the same time I feel paralyzed. I’m making improvements regarding taking care of my body and my diet :).

  14. Jessica

    Hi Ricki, Good to hear from you! Good job on the self-care. Wow, a couple of transiting Uranus Moon people on this blog. I think it would be important for you to truly blaze your own path in regards to body, diet, nutrition. Uranus asks for the integration of innovative, progressive practices into your self-care routines — and your work life. Re: your orb question, it’s as wide as you want it to be 🙂 I mean, if you feel it, it is so- though generally less influential than a closer orb. 7 degrees orb is my cut off, but some people go as high as 15. xo, Jessica

  15. msfullroller

    Hi Jessica! I’m the same person who posted above. Any insight on blazing a trail in the 8th house of transformation and others resourses while Pluto is squaring from the 4th & 5th?

  16. Les

    Uranus and Moon straddling my Ascendant in Leo opposite Chiron on my Descendant. I so hear you on the struggles with fitting in and messages counter to your own instincts to take care of yourself – which for me came directly from my mother. She could be super critical when she wasn’t being a lot of fun (she was a Leo) – I never knew which I was going to get! But I also have a lot of Virgo, including Virgo Sun, with all the Virgo physical sensitivities and tension. I’ve had no choice but to take care of myself, often having to distance myself from people because they were unsupportive of that need (but I also projected this onto people because I didn’t know how to be immune from others’ opinions). It took a long time to own that need, but then it got a lot easier. (Btw, my Virgo Sun is square Saturn – tough to balance with Moon/Uranus – but that Saturn trines my Moon/Uranus, too.)

    I’m still single at 53, but now in a committed relationship, though we don’t live together. And working for myself again, which helps self-care when you can make your own schedule based on your own needs for sleep, exercise, diet. Takes a long time to work these things out, doesn’t it?

  17. Jessica

    Hi Ms., yes, I loved that you cleared your headaches! Uranus transiting the 8th could stir the pot of your dependencies on others and a desire to be free of any obligations to “other people’s resources.” Trailblazing here might involve becoming more financially independent, finding unique income paths, and as you mentioned transformation – perhaps exploring unique occult/magic activities. The 4th/5th Pluto piece would certainly tie into creating more independence in your life, all the way around. Of course we’d have to know your whole chart, just a few thoughts. xo, Jessica

  18. Jessica

    Thanks for writing, Les. Interesting point about projecting un-supportiveness onto others. I do that. I can see when I do my own thing (diet, weird career 😉 I find those unsupportive people eventually (sometimes it takes years for them to catch up=Uranus, ever ahead of the times) get really curious and even want to do what I’m doing. The confidence to stand alone and still feel nurtured is the lifelong challenge. xo Jessica

  19. pam

    Hi Jessica,

    8th house retro Uranus, conjunct Moon in Leo within a degree (both at 2) at the apex of a T-square with a 5th house Mercury at 6 Taurus and an 11th house Neptune at 1 Scorp. Never been (legally) married, one child about to leave the nest for college, parents old and sick- one in early stages of dementia, the other fighting a battle to not be in denial over it. A rough time full of change for all involved. I decided some time ago that I must have been a temple priestess for many lifetimes, as my spiritual callings have always been more important than any relationship save the one with my son. At 55 though, I am missing having a mate (did I leave out broken hearted because the man I fell in love with and who felt like home like no one else chose and married another woman because their spiritual practices were identical and mine are very different?) and looking forward to being uprooted as I move back to my home town to help my parents? Uranus crossed my IC 13 years ago when I bought my current house and is now in my sun sign (albeit still 11 degrees away from a conjunction with my sun/venus in Aries). I’ve learned to be very comfortable with my “differentness”, but that is mostly because I found my tribe. When I return to my hometown in the next 12-18 months I will once again be as visible as a sore thumb. The question is will I be able to take my comfort with me?

  20. Mad

    Wow just stumbled upon your blog. Amazing. Ive been intuitively going through this process your describing but not loving it too much ! Your clear writing helped me find some clarity on what’s going on for me at the moment and how to deal with so much crazyeeee. I have Uranus conjunct moon in Scorpio 9th house. Square moon nodes (south node aquarius in 12th. ) yeah mummy issues.lol. I’ve just had the weirdest most confusing relationship with a guy from overseas and he’s just disappeared 4 weeks ago without a trace and stole money off me. Lies ,deception, cheating , drugs. Pretty much everything you can imagine bad happened. Luckily in a fairly short time period. (3 months) It’s totally rocked my world and left me reeling with a lot of grief and confusion. im ok though because I have a great life and career but I seem to unwittingly attract a lot of ppl who have addictions. and im so tired of it and the toll it takes on me. My mum is also an abusive alcoholic. Any perspective on how to focus myself in order to get the best out of this revolution process im undergoing and really change ?

  21. Rebecca Walker

    Fabulous. Uranus opposes my Sun (which is conjunct Neptune). That explains a lot.

  22. Rowan

    Hi Jessica,

    a lot Uranian energy for me, too… Uranus conjunct MC in Libra – opposing Mars in Aries conjunct IC. My rebellion changed its direction over the years. It seems I learn to smooth out Libra matters (better late than never ;)). I am professionally trained in four totally different fields and try to find out which is the “true” calling…I develop a strong interest in physical action. It relaxes me and brings revolution how I perceive myself and my body. I have to change my self-image profoundly. – Uranus transits my third house: friendships for 20 years disappeared into thin air, replaced by a few ones I share a Sun-Venus conjunction in composite with. It feels so good! – Love your texts 🙂

  23. Sag

    I had a quick question! What’s the difference when transit Uranus is in the 4th house compared to “retrograde” transit uranus in the 4th house?! I’m looking to move in the near future and wonder if it will most likely happen when retro Uranus is in the 4th? Right now transit Uranus just entered my 5th house but will retro into the 4th in the coming months. Thanks!!!

  24. Judy

    Natal Uranus Rx & 15° in Cancer, my 3rd House, intercepted there, (as well as 9th in Cap). Uranus is my sun sign’s ruler! I’ve enjoyed its influence my entire life, not just expecting the unexpected, but causing my share. Natal Uranus trines my stellium in Pisces, opposing Chiron, exact. Mars just transited past my natal Uranus position, but is within influence yet.
    Holy moly. I’m not feeling up to more change right now. There’s been SO MUCH in the last 2 years. What do you feel for my 3rd House situation? I need purpose, that’s for sure! Thank you!!

  25. Jessica

    Hi Judy, Retrograde is often a time for reflection- inner work on all mentioned above -versus outer world manifestations of change. In other words, after the initial days surrounding the station period, the disruptive side of Uranus is likely to lessen. Although this doesn’t always hold true if transiting Uranus stations near or is in aspect to a natal planet. You’ll want to note whether this is the case for you (for instance, Uranus retrograding over my Moon was still difficult, but the entire transit was). Best of luck! Jessica

  26. Mila Demarais

    I think this was the best post I´ve read from you! I also think that Uranus is the one planet that I need to work most with in my chart. I have Uranus exact conjunction to my IC, and I can be very unpredictable even to myself. My Mother was a similar type to how you described your Mother. Thanks for great post! – and hope you are doing fine Jessica.

  27. Sharon

    Hi Jessica,

    I have Uranus on the ASC too, with Pluto, but in Virgo. It’s also opposite the Moon, with Saturn. Venus is exactly sextile in Cancer, so the “I should be married by now” message really sticks. I had children later in life, which also helps put the Uranus influence into perspective.

    The messages about Uranus self-care are a great insight. Virgo rising with a Pisces Moon already presents issues in this area, but the added emphasis of Uranus makes a lot of sense. My Mom is a Pisces with a Virgo Moon, so there are a lot of wonky reflections in that mirror. Saturn had me mothering her a lot.

    I also wonder if Uranus creates inhibitions about expressing my Pluto. This might not be a bad thing, and maturity is a friend in that regard. It seems paradoxical, but I suspect that the extended life expectancy we have enjoyed since Uranus’ discovery has given us more perspective on maturity and the patience it can bring. Perhaps it refines our cultural understanding of change, rather than dictates it.


  28. Adam

    i have 4 planets in my Sixth house: Moon,Mars,Pluto and Uranus-currently Uranus is retrograde.and a bit confusing on what im supposed to be doing..im currently unemployed,and a bit confused on the job front..

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