The Venus Return: Cinderella 0, Saturn 1

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In the years of Venus returns, some are diamonds and others are stones. Coasting on the high of meeting some personal goals, on Friday, day of Venus, I went to the mall- a Venusian venue- a “happy place” and halfway meeting place for my sister and I to visit and catch-up…. when I felt incredibly sad. I didn’t want to be there. What was going on? I was broke. One quick look at the ephemeris confirmed that the poor shopping astrology day featured Venus square Saturn, and my Venus return. Damn, I almost forgot I had a Venus return.

It didn’t get better: the next day, Saturn-day I arrive at my favorite professional support group, good people I can normally reliably count on for  positivity. I complained about money, about wanting a new website, and stuff. Then, the facilitator asked the group to go into a process and speak to *what they thought they were hearing* in hopes that it would “free me up.” Thus began Venus in Scorpio, and two Venus-Pluto’s snarkishly joking (ahem, is Pluto ever really joking?) about buying $700 t-shirts, re-prioritizing my values, and suggesting my self-image was a wee bit tied up in what money can buy… you could have heard the crackle of my displeasure ripping through the air (as it turns out, Saturn-Venus doesn’t like experiments, preferring conservative safety over process therapy). As the bloodthirsty revolution threatened to wring pleasure from her very hands, in response to the deluge of Venus projections, like Marie Antoinette my Venus-Vesta-MC hissed: “Beauty and pleasure is so important to me I can feel it in my blood.” They backed off. Let me tell you, if you want respect from a Scorpio Venus, hiss.

It goes on. 7 days later my book proposal was rejected by a publisher (Venus in 9th)and 8 days later I decided to take the matter into my own hands (square by Saturn in 1st). I began the work of publishing my Venus e-books to Kindle, teaching myself how to do a few tricky maneuvers that I didn’t know I had in me. Displeasure is motivating when Mama needs new shoes. That’s Saturn’s influence, providing plenty o’ motivation through limitation and denial. This year, I anticipate that when I attempt to lick the buttercream frosting of life, it may well taste fat-free. Guilty pleasures may be spartan ones, but when selection and means narrow, a girl becomes more discerning, tricky and resourceful. Also, travel has been severely curtailed. Due to cost and time away, I turned down a chance to go with my husband, to India. And every September, since we’ve been married, we are normally overseas in Vienna– but not this year (Saturn square Ninth). Since the V return many relationship interactions have been prickly; I’m learning more about what I don’t like, who I don’t enjoy –also Venus-Saturn. I may have to earn my respect from others, the hard way. Be it standing up for myself, or sister doing the work for herself.

But enough about me, what about your Venus Return?

Venus returns to its original position once a year. It can be used as a forecasting tool for the coming year for love, money, pleasure, social life. Venus is the planet of pleasure, joy, creativity, art, connection. Venus takes the edge off life… and yes she holds some of the pleasures money can buy. Let’s face it, money may not be the key to happiness but it sure buys pleasure.

How to: In the ephemeris, look for the day Venus is at the same degree of your natal Venus and cast a chart for that day at your current location. Or in Solar Fire, go to “Returns” “Advanced” and click on “Options” and choose Venus.

Look for:

-Venus by house (it is always in the same sign): the house position shows where you can expect to experience the agony and ecstasy of Venus. Any aspect Venus makes to other planets in the return chart modifies the way Venus will express this year.

-An especially strong Venus year will feature Venus angular (on the MC, IC, ASC or DSC) or in the angular houses (1st, 4, 7, 10) with 7 and 10 being prominently social, relationship, years involving the public and other people.

-Interpret as you will, through the lens of your own Venus placement. My natal Tenth House Venus is all about: professional reputation, professional connections, getting publicly wed to another (a Tenth House affair), being in the limelight/on the world stage. My Venus is a professional, and creative work for the world makes her happy. So my Venus return will never likely involve  wild sex parties. It’s just not my Tenth House style. For you Venus in Scorpios, however…

Often we learn more about how our Venus works by looking at past returns. My past Venus Returns of Note:

2006 8/7/06
Venus (in Cancer) 2nd conjunct Mercury trine North Node in 10th, quincunx Pluto in 7th. Venus square Ceres.
Married in October 2006 (Venus/Node in 10), so I inherit new stuff, resources possessions, house (2nd house) and I become a stepmom (Venus/Ceres). I land a lucrative writing partnership, raising public image (Venus/Mercury in 2nd trine Node).

2009 8/20/09
Venus (in Cancer) 7th conjunct Vesta, South Node, sextile Mercury/Saturn in 8, quincunx Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune in 1st = Venus in Yod “Finger of God/Fate”
A public year of book talks, and becoming well-known by others (Venus in 7). My book was published by a miracle of God (Yod).

2010 6/8/10
Venus (in Cancer) 12th square Moon in Aries in 10th
As a result of becoming a more public persona (Moon in 10), I earn attention from a “secret admirer” (Venus in 12).

For more excellent information on the Venus Return see Jodie Forrest’s MP3 Venus Return and CafeAstrology-Venus Return.

image source: — which is incidentally, also a fantastic Venus-Saturn site about sad people longing for love.


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  1. H.

    What about Venus retrograde? Do I look at the first or second direct pass for the return?

  2. Jessica

    You get several returns! Go with the one you are in, but ultimately the most current- the last one. xo, Jessica

  3. D

    Hi Jessica,

    Just came across your wonderful website! My Venus return is coming up in a few weeks and I was wondering what a full moon, with sun exactly conjunct ascendant and moon exactly conjunct descendant, in the return chart means? Venus will be in the 2nd house conjunct Saturn and the north node.

    Hoping this is a good sign (or at least an important one) but I’m not sure! Any thoughts?


  4. Jessica

    Hi Danielle,

    Thanks for writing! Your return sounds good to me, too. An angular Full Moon would indicate partnerships are highlighted this year. To find out whether this is for better or worse we look to the aspects to the angles, as well as to Venus. The Pisces Full Moon is free and clear of other mitigating aspects. Venus-Saturn can bring limitations, but with the North Node (and I see she is also sextile Pluto, perhaps bringing hidden riches, psychological honesty) Venus-Saturn will live up to the positive aspects of this placement -relationship commitments and vows, manifesting new relationship resources, creative/artistic income streams, taking on partnerships with financial responsibilities, resources- in a good way, etc. The events of the days surrounding your return should give you big clues on what’s to come. Would love to know how it goes. Best of luck! Jessica

  5. Neeva

    Hi, Jessica!

    Just discovered this articel. My VR comes in few days (Dec 13th) and I get more and more curious about astrology every day.

    Unfortunatley there is not much about VR on the internet (at least I couldn’t find it).

    If it’s not too much to ask:
    My VR chart is here:

    Could you look into it?

    Are there any significant aspects in this chart that you find interesting or that could indicate that year ahead could be important for me on love/romance/friendship level?

    How significant could be aspects such as: Venus conjunct Pluto/Mercury/IC? Or Venus opposition MC? Venus square Asc?

    Thank you so much!


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