Gemini Lunar Eclipse: Thinking, Believing, Knowing

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“The world is not a problem; the problem is your unawareness”-Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

“The moment you say ‘I know everything’ is the end of your growth.”- Sharon Lee

“If you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention.” -Tom Peters

“There is no freedom like seeing myself as I am and not losing heart.”- Elizabeth J. Canham

“If we put everything into the hands of experts and if we say that as intelligent outsiders we are not qualified to look over the should of anybody, then we’re in some kind of really weird world.” –Micheal Chrichton

Thanksgiving day had many diverse people at our house, and where there’s diversity, there are always differing opinions. The beauty of life is its diversity. Yet how hard it is when another person has an opinion that strike at polar opposite to your own direct experience, and even harder, to hear opinions spoken thick with judgment. Just words. Yet the human animal recoils like a snake. Love holds her breath– hoping we all err on the side of temperance, compassion, kindess, tolerance.

Topics that separate and divide are a stones throw away. Politics, religion, food – all push our buttons. In my nutrition studies, it is all too common to hear an ivy- league educated MD on soapbox saying vegetarian is the only healthful diet, despite millions of people who become ill from not eating animal products. Let’s all eat more vegetables, limit our meat consumption, good for the environment, but let’s also acknowledge that we each, at various times are guilty of believing our point of view is the only one. Even the “experts” aren’t always right. For instance, a low-cholesterol diet touted as the be and end all for heart disease: twenty years later we’re learning that was wrong. Cholesterol as bad (or even an indicator of heart disease) is a myth. We can build our lives around myths, only to realize later, they were wrong.

Health is an ongoing debate in my marriage. My husband is a medical scientist who, in many respects (but not in totality), embodies a particular way of looking at the world through the scientific method. The scientific method specialises in knowns. In this incarnation, my body appears to specialise in unknowns. So on matters of healing and disease, we clearly have a divergent way of seeing things. While he consults his body of evidence; I consult my body as evidence. When what I know through experience, flies in the face of his science, well, there are fireworks.

This full moon is a lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses are embodied in our emotional lives rather than the world of events, so much more is going on beneath the surface for anyone than we might first assume. Sagittarius is the sign of “I believe”; Gemini “I think.” If you believe you know all you need to know about the world, prepare to be surprised. This eclipse will shake up your mental circuitry: your perceptions and/or your worldview. Our will may be forceful, heated (Mars is joined with Pluto in Capricorn)- some feel it’s the right time to put their beliefs on the line, but as beliefs and mind are easily confused with the Self, egos can be hurt if not bruised.

The lunation is t-square Chiron, Wounded Healer, in Pisces: we are seeing there is not one answer, there are many paths to the One, and this reality is painful, confusing, liberating and everything in between. Like Chiron looking for a cure for his disease, we may realize there is no magic bullet cure –but frankly, that awareness can be freeing. We can give our self permission to surrender, explore, journey, try anything and everything while being open to having our hopes and prayers responded to in unexpected ways. Pisces is the sign of “I know”, trusting what it knows through direct experience. With The Knower at the apex of this t-square, between The Thinker & The Believer, healing solutions we seek to our pains are likely beyond the rational.

Gemini Full Moon brings a diversity of information, synchronicity,  conversation, exchange, and wonder to the Sagittarius table –a table too often threatened by different perspectives. Gemini asks, Do you believe what you think? Chiron in Pisces chimes in, Do you believe in only what you see? If so, prepare to have your mind blown. Freedom and healing comes in knowing there is no one answer.


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  1. Keren

    Hi Jessica, I loved what you wrote here and how you expressed the beauty and problems that can arise from life’s diversity. I too consult my body as evidence and those of my clients as well who come for healings. The answers lie within us.

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