The Sagittarius New Moon on 12/13/12  falls at 21’45’ Sagittarius.

Each Sun sign season presents its own opportunity to renew and revitalize the energetic principles the Zodiac represents. Sagittarius expansively pushes at the bound emotions of Scorpio Sun season and into the realm of possibility through the renewal of faith– and right before the longest night of the year. It’s no coincidence that we have our holiday parties and gatherings at this time of year, my friend remarked as I drove her home from our shared dinner, we need to gather together in front of the hearth, to celebrate, to draw strength in numbers for the coming dark winter months ahead.

And we need it. Holidays, although fun and heartwarming, often include rushing about and fulfilling wish lists, entertaining and feeling ten steps behind. Busyness can stretch thin spirits even thinner, so somewhere between planning travels and buying gifts the whole spirit of it gets lost, we run out of gas. Then instead of drawing from the overwhelming sense of possibility, the rightful wonder and magic of Sagittarius, the natural ebullience of spirit goes overboard. Overextension, overspending, we do so much that instead of getting caught up in a rapture of wonder, we wonder why we’re over it.

Oh, but wait. Spirit is in the air. It comes as an aching in the still of the night, an aching for renewal. Of what? Faith. Magic. Wonder. Hunger. Belief in all things great and possible, and belief in beyond what the mind has previously known to be true. Our Spirit wants us to bust loose from these old tired soul cages and to be inspired again. To do this, Gypsy Sagittarius indulges our desire for the open road, hurls us into the unknown, encourages us to expand and open to life without fear. The Philosopher Sagittarius intuitively asks Why am I here? What’s the meaning of my life? so we can live more richly, deeply, expansively from that place. Like Zeus/Jupiter him self who pursued pleasure with pagan abandon, during Sagittarius times, we’re celestially urged to forget about being civilized, at least for a little while, and instead surrender to our bestial natures and appetites. Dancing barefoot on a beach, disarming our senses by waking up to Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus, eating a second helping at Thanksgiving, all are life-affirming, and like asking for a second helping of life, when we ask for more we affirm that there is more. Sagittarian spiritual renewal is fresh, fearless, expansive and celebratory.

Life is limitless. Most religious ideas converge on the idea of eternal life. So if life is limitless we, too, are limitless. Lord knows many of us experience seemingly limitless obstruction, difficult circumstances, and none of us are entirely free of these. Yet we are limitless. In Buddhism  there are four limitless qualities within us, lovingkindness, compassion, joy and equanimity. These are the seeds of all limitless-ness. When we act from these, it’s impossible not to also plant conditions that are less restricted, bring more opportunity and freedom into our lives, and give rise to a condition of limitlesss-ness.

Where does this New Moon fall in your chart? Plant seeds of limitlessness here. You can touch the magic and wonder of Sagittarius, discover a fresh perception, drink from the dregs of life, find meaning, adventuring, renewal of innocence and of faith. It’s an area where you will lose your faith, and find it again. Here, instead of reading other people’s wise words about life, you need the guts and expansiveness to experience your own life fully, as is. As Stuart Wilde reminds, “Your life is an experience. It’s not a high-or-low, failure-or-success type of thing. It’s just an experience. When you treat it as an experience you come out from the ego and the mind into a more infinite perception and you don’t try and figure it all out, you just concentrate on living.”

This New Moon is generous. As we’re generous with life (and this goes beyond giving, but rather being open to experience and holding nothing back) life can be generous with us. Dance, love, feel, create, move, live, share, travel, listen, speak, give, express and act…generously. Take different roads, roads less traveled, read different books, open your mind to self-discovery, expand, gather together and celebrate- and you will start to feel the Spirit In the Air. That’s what I believe this season is about. This is the spirit of Sagittarius, the spirit that will nourish us forward into the New Year.

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