Capricorn New Moon: Spiritual Instincts, Earthly Rules -or- Why Earthless Girls Work Harder

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Dolly Parton, a Capricorn, once said: “The magic is inside of you. There ain’t no crystal ball.” Well, to tempt Fate, the Capricorn Gods, and Dolly, I had a psychic reading yesterday. The psychic told me she’d never seen an aura like mine, it was larger than normal (apparently the average aura is 7 inches and mine is 12) & its activity made her dizzy. She told me I wasn’t of this Earth, but from another planet — a planet of superior intelligence (which sounded like the planet Uranus to me). Now, if like I was you are thinking the psychic is attempting to flatter me, know this is nothing to brag about because apparently, for a person from the Planet of Superior Intelligence, life on Earth is extra difficult. It is like being handed a wrench and told to fix cars when you are so clearly not cut out to be a car mechanic.

Yes, it’s true. I have no earth in my birth chart. Except for my North Node (in Capricorn) –which my mentor Steven Forrest brilliantly describes as “a really good idea” because we have no experience here –and which, after using her methods to search for my purpose for being here on this planet, the psychic validated by freely offering that my soul’s decision to incarnate on Earth may’ve actually been nothing more than a good idea. Oh, irony of ironies.

Many astrologers and students have been known to exclaim, “I have no earth in my chart!” with a you-know-what-that-means-I-must-be-doomed look. Left to the imagination I see a disembodied person, unsuccessfully trying to balance a checkbook or find meaningful work let alone show up for the interview. Or maybe they’re unable to figure out how to fit their goals into those of the status quo or be the cog in the wheel, the happy worker bee. Flummoxed by the worldly security and bodily delights others appear to enjoy, definitely extra sensitive to both chemicals and worldly suffering, totally lacking the innate ability to comprehend the complex systems, the computers, money and math the world runs on today, they probably own lots of crystals and visit psychics –because they sure sound like they need them. They, err, We, the Taurus, Virgo –AND- Capricorn-less people.

As much I joke about and (kinda) see myself in the above description, earthy people likely do, too. After all, we are all spiritual beings living on planet Earth, in these dense bodies, learning both who & how to be here. Maybe earth-less people have to work harder at it. In my years of reading charts, those who have little or no earth in their chart work harder on translating their unique skills into an stable vocation, exercising discernment in the earthly realms: like establishing boundaries or understanding the psychology of managing physical space, and how to take care of the body. They also build hugely successful empires. Donald Trump’s birth chart has no earth.

Why all this talk about earth? It’s the wintry season of Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign of the Earth; with its penchant for physical consequences there may be no earthier sign than Capricorn. We make things with Capricorn; we build buildings, lives, businesses. Capricorn doesn’t dream the dream. It builds it. Ever practical and steadfast, to quote my Capricorn Rising husband, we must “endeavour to persevere”. We undertake goals, and then we make them a reality. To enter the realm of Capricorn is to enter the realm of karmic effect – we can truly experience the physical earthly consequences, the effects, of our actions and intentions.

Of course the effect gets better – far juicier and more rewarding- if we are guided by our spiritual instincts. We all have spiritual gifts and talents and often the task is to figure out how they translate, which, takes trial and error, failure & WORK. As one who is not a car mechanic, I know this isn’t easy work. Earth work is dense and slow. It takes oodles of patience and we will all experience both failure and success. We are all learning. As a writer friend of mine (who serendipitously called while I was writing this essay) quipped: Social media, computers? This is my first incarnation in 400 years! I skipped automobiles to arrive at computers. I have a lot to cover!

Earth or no earth in your birth chart, I can safely say we are all, each and everyone, in Earth school. Capricorn New Moon is the time to re-align our spiritual instincts with the earthly rules. After reviewing your deepest spiritual wishes for your brief time here, what earthly condition do you wish to master now, oh earthly one? Actions you undertake at this time won’t be easy; you must endeavor to persevere. Make sure you are fully aligned with what you undertake, because there will be results. Results are always guaranteed, courtesy of Capricorn.


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  1. Michele

    That’s cool the psychic picked up on all of that Jessica! Did you tell her anything or did she just start cold? I love the picture too. It speaks to me. And I love Dolly. See I relate to what she said but…
    I saw myself pretty well in that third paragraph above. I have Venus in Cap and Moon in Virgo with SN in Taurus. Sounds pretty damn earthy doesn’t it? But I tell you I have so much water going on that my earth planets can barely hold it. I feel like they are islands out in my ocean going “hey! Over here! Come get some grounding and dry out!” and as I approach, they tend to float away in the fog. In fact someone described me as “fog floating above a river, not really going anywhere, just hanging out. Like a ghost.” Well that says it pretty much.
    But this Capricorn season has totally got me jazzed to amp up my Yoga practice. I need to earn my self-esteem. And by golly, I’m gonna work on that. I am going to build my spiritual temple with my body, make my body my spiritual temple.

  2. Michele

    Forgot to mention I have a grand trine in air too.

  3. patricia

    Boy oh boy do I resonate with this as I have nothing in earth but lots in cardinal and NN in gem in 3rd and Mer in aries in 1st so communication is my game yet my pisces venus conj asc and earth signs in all their right houses, helps me a little but I scatter way too much and it really is difficult ot stay on one things for very long.

  4. Sara

    Coming from someone who has taurus sun, venus, jupiter, south node as well as a capricorn midheaven, I doubt if I have the same karmic lessons as you. I agree though – even I find this earthly plane troubling and testing. Nice article 🙂

  5. Erin Reese

    Great post, Jessica! I look forward to seeing what we all end up building during the next lunar cycle. The New Moon conjoins my Mercury in the house of Sex, Death, and Transformation (and Taxes). Intriguing earthly realm stuff. Thank you for the essay. “Build it, and they will come…” something like that, it seems!

  6. Jessica

    Hi Michele, Knowing you, I just have to say you are so much more than a foggy ghost. That person who described you as such did you a disservice. You are a shining being of light -and getting brighter every day. <3

  7. Jessica

    Hi Sara, I am certain your karmic lessons are as individual as your thumbprint, as are mine. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  8. Jessica

    Thanks, Erin. Yes, let’s use this new moon to get Capricorn-ing!

  9. Thomas

    As a card carrying member of the Earth sign club, I can say that a lot of times we are not natural success stories in the ‘real’ world either. I think it’s more that we identify with the real world and try and express our spiritual purpose through the lens of the real world. i.e. so that the real world ‘reflects’ back to us and others our spiritual efforts.

  10. Michele

    Jessica…you are sweet. Thank you! I have you to thank too.

  11. Jessica

    Hi Thomas, Yes, you are a card carrying Earth club member!
    “I think it’s more that we identify with the real world and try and express our spiritual purpose through the lens of the real world. i.e. so that the real world ‘reflects’ back to us and others our spiritual efforts.”
    Love this & well said. And spoken like a Capricorn.

  12. Charla

    Happy Spring greetings to you, Jessica!

    May I say that your article definitely rings true with me as well? Thank you very much for all of your hard work on it! 🙂

    I can also relate to Michelle’s post, with her having Earth signs in her chart, yet not being particularly well grounded. While our planet’s element seems also to be adequately represented for me astrologically (Mars in Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus) which would make one *think* I have, at the minimum, a good grasp on the material world, and very likely *good luck* – instead, this life on Earth has been a difficult one for me from the beginning. A circumstance which has perplexed and frustrated me for a very long time.

    I can’t help but wonder now if the crux of the problem isn’t the same as what Michelle said about herself: “…I have so much water going on that my earth planets can barely hold it.” In my case, Sun, Ascendant, and Mercury in Scorpio, plus Moon in Pisces – AND a Grand Trine in Water as well. Which, I suppose, accounts for my artistic/creative, empathic, and psychic/intuitive skills – *none* of which are valued much (to say the least!!) by our world which, as you put it, runs on “computers, money and math”. I’ve been looking for many years for the key that will unlock the door to success and achievement (or even simply meaningful, right livelihood) for me AS I am, BEING myself, and DOING what I am best at, and love – and which I stubbornly believe against all proof to the contrary that the Earth NEEDS, lol!!

    Thanks again. Good to know that I’m not the only one having these kinds of experiences. Makes one feel less alone. And by the way – I have your book and like it very much! Very nice job indeed…a great deal of content, depth, and dedication in one well-organized AND heartfelt paperback volume!

    Best –

    Charla xxx

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