Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse: Worth

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mirror mirrorAs someone with a very un mainstream career, when people ask what I do for a living, what I call myself (at this point either: writer, astrologer or health coach), sadly, is determined by what is most likely to merit the least amount of judgment from others. Being so firmly planted “outside the system” has put me in the position of getting a bird’s eye view about what and who people, and our world, values — and what I’ve learned is painful. While I have followed purposeful calling(s) that allow me to offer my gifts to the world and they reflect my values, over and over I revisit the fact that my values and the mainstream’s values are not the same. I often learn this through that universal form of valuation: money.

I know money talk is a cultural taboo, it touches a lot of trigger buttons, but since this eclipse falls right on the cusp of my taboo-ey Eighth House – of “other people’s values and money”-I’m going to talk about it. Since other people’s values, therefore their money, make up the small nut of income I pull in, I need to say that I am so grateful there are people out there, people like you, who value my work enough to pay for it. You are blessed aberrations, freaks even, and I love you for it. Gratitude is always my first prayer.  But trust you me when I tell you I am only being realistic in saying that my services aren’t monetarily valued (rewarded) in the world in the way other things are. When people are ‘amazed’ that I earn some kind of living doing what I do – a small and unrealistic figure compared to what it costs to live in the world today – frankly, so am I. Our culture so clearly values certain things above others: technology over preventative and holistic medicine, pharmacology over cognitive psychologists, almost everything else over astrology, materialism over spirituality… I saw this on my recent trip to Thailand, where shopping malls haven’t yet displaced the temples. It showed in the peaceful, kind faces of Thais. Cultures erect enormous temples to what they honor; today the highest building in any American city is often a bank.

Value is subjective; it is always question of perceived worth. Maybe there’s no price higher than the price of freedom, but for some people, staying in a job or relationship out of security is far costlier. Unfortunately, more often than not, we are scared into staying stuck and playing it safe, by the people and institutions around us. Our personal values are shaped by our cultural, social values and programming far more than we probably realize, and so the temples the collective has chosen to erect (to beauty, materialism, power, technology, youth) will always subtly and overtly erode our self-worth and confidence, our understanding of our true worth and value as a person, deeply limiting who we think we are capable of  being, what we’re capable of doing in the world. There are plenty of people who will tell you otherwise, but finding spiritual-material congruence – aligning with the values, gifts, talents and abilities your authentic self has to offer the world and offering them -will financially, spiritually, materially support you. The greater the difference between what you versus the collective values, the costlier it is to wrangle, but worth is worth wrangling for.

Taurus New Moon slows us down, asks us to honor simplicity in our lives, the pleasures of creature comforts, to resourcefully add value to our life, take a chance on appreciating our worth; Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse pushes the boundaries of our comfort zones. We may feel insecure, question the value of our worth, talents and abilities. Insecurity, low self confidence, are signs it’s time to become spiritually congruent with our true values, to shake up our thinking about money, security and worth.

There are questions we might ask right now, to intentionally stir the pot a little. Am I paying too much for my money? Am I honouring my true values and gifts in my life by acting on them, or am I playing it safe at a cost? What and who do I build a temple to in your life? Do they/it deserve it? What defines my worth? What limits it? Of course the worthiest worth is the worth we give our self. Every time we value our self, we gain. Every time we measure our worth by what other people or society values and rewards, we lose. This is the easy math of Taurus, the simple knowing of what feels good and right to the animal inside.

If new moons herald endings and new beginnings, solar eclipses are super new moon doorways, heralding far bigger endings and beginnings. As we revisit what’s keeping us from tapping those peaceful, easy feelings of pleasure, the abundance and self-worthiness we most want in an area of life, we can flip the switch, seize the opportunity to advance 10 steps forward in that same area.  Since the days following a new moon are potent for intentions, make the commitment to value and increase your personal worth over the next few days. If you’re on the ledge of truly valuing your self – of taking a leap on your gifts, taking that risk, making that decision that will pay dividends in self-worth – as the old saying goes, “It’s time to put your money where your mouth is.”



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  1. Katie Pfeiffer

    Thank you SO much Jessica! I have your book and think it is one of the best books ever written about love and finding love. Thank you for this specific article- As a woman with 5 planets in Taurus- Sun,moon,Mercury, Mars and Jupiter ( my birthday is in a couple of days) this period has been extremely intense for me but full of many opportunities to reflect and gain clarity ( all my Taurus planets fall in my 7th house). I think meditation is necessary for everyone. It is as important as brushing your teeth.
    This outer world is constantly changing and can be chaotic. Since the outside is really a mirror of what’s going on inside, meditation HAS to be the answer to come to peace with what is and to gain clarity for what is wanted in the future ( manifestation). Thank you so much for all that you provide to help others. I am grateful for the gifts you are giving.

    Best Wishes,

    Katie Pfeiffer

  2. Surya

    Very well written This moon & Sun time is hitting me real hard as well. With both moon (7th) and Jupiter (8th) in Taurus I am feeling thiis deeply through my own and my triple Taurus son ‘s (Sun, Moon & Mars-6th/7th) .we are starting a new life in a new country right win the heart of these transits. It’s a heavy tsunami for us and we happen to be living right on the coast of the Carribean sea with the ocean in our front yard. Spectacular sunsets and paradise in many ways.Yet there is a humungous shift happening inside that is shaking up every insecurity and fear in me. It’s an exciting time.Coming across your piece just brought so much clarity and understanding, but most of all comfort. I have a Libra ascendant so its as though you are speaking for me. 🙂 thank you again Jessica.

    Goddess blessings!

  3. Erin

    Another brilliant essay by Jessica Shepherd. Bravo, bella! I agree that the WORTH we place on our Self is the one that pays the most dividends. As a person who makes a small nut of income from non-mainstream works herself, I relate: I pull in worth not necessarily from money (though I do pull in enough!), but from love, community, opportunity, gratitude, beauty, nature, animals, freedom of Self-expression, and a soaring Spirit. Thank you again, Jessica. xoxo

  4. Jessica

    thank you, Surya, great hearing from you. The Carribean, how lovely. All will be well – as the sea tells you every day. Best of luck in your new life xoxo 🙂

  5. Jessica

    Katie, thank you for reading and for your wonderful words. I love hearing how the book has affected others in positive ways. Such wise words of wisdom from you, too. I agree, cultivating peace within is the answer to experiencing peace in our world. That’s the only real control we have, right? xoxoxo

  6. Jen DiMartino

    Oh. My. Goddess.
    I am a Taurus rising, Taurus moon earth muffin who has been watching, reading, peeking out from under the covers, and wondering what lessons this year’s eclipse would bring. And wouldn’t you know, all I had to do was click my heels together and say “There’s no place like home” (4th house Virgo sun). Without going into all the gory details, let me just say that with Moon, Uranus, Saturn, and Chiron on fixed angles, my life has consisted of forward movement via crisis, and to be honest, I was a bit afraid of this year. Thank you for helping me to remember that I really am all I need.
    Much love, much light,

  7. Jessica

    Hi Jen, thanks for your comments. Yes, the simple things like remembering we already have everything we need inside are often the hardest. And calming down (Taurus)! love, Jessica

  8. Philip

    Jessica, your work is worth far more than money, as you speak to our souls. And we thank you for that. Imho, money is a form of energy, to be held in balance.Too much or too little causes the problems of imbalance. It is so hard to balance desire and money. One of lifes lessons and a skill to learn. Blessings.

  9. Jessica

    These are wise words. Thank you, Philip. xo, Jessica

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