fantastic 1910There’s an aspect brewing this August, and in honour of a fortuitous dream my good girlfriend, Erin Reese, had on my behalf, I’m calling it the fantastic t-square. The fantastic dream had nothing to do with t-squares, not really, except that it was so full of wonder and marvel that I could happily spend the energy of my own two t-squares, and probably also my next few lifetimes, working toward that vision. Plus, I started writing this as a Facebook post, but realised I had much more to say than I could fit into a little box.

On with the blog. The good news, first: Jupiter is in Cancer, its exaltation. This month, Jupiter in Cancer brings possibility, expansion, potential to those impossible tight places we’ve been wrestling with in our lives (Jupiter opposes Pluto, exactly, on 8/7 and will square Uranus on 8/21). As a person with two cardinal t-squares, trust me when I say: t-squares are packed with energy and momentum. Here’s the formula: what needs to change or die (Pluto) + restlessness + new opportunities (Jupiter, Uranus) = sudden new paths. However, the path is perilous with t-squares, as they call on all of our abilities to patiently hold, focus and channel great tension. And while time and wisdom tames natal t-squares, they are not known for their patient contemplation. So there’s an element of volatility at play during the month, even if it’s all for greater freedom and good -which it is.

Which brings us to the difficult news: Jupiter always goes big or goes home, and as it forces longstanding Uranus-Pluto issues to a head, the results can be hard to handle. For instance, it’s great winning the lottery jackpot… unless you’ve got a gambling habit you need to address. An amazing job offer in another country could solve all your financial woes…but it brings up longstanding tension in your partnership. Your house is appraised during a refinance, you’re surprised to discover that you’re sitting on a goldmine, and you really need the money…but the time isn’t right, and you’ve a million reasons why you don’t want to move. If the energies sound risky and potentially rewarding, you’re right. For those this t-square affects, there’s risk and reward at play. Tricky. And exciting.

Are you being fantastically t-squared? To know the answer to this question, look to the houses in your birth chart in which Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter are currently transiting; look to the houses containing 9-12 degrees Aries, Cancer and Capricorn. If you have natal planets between 9-12 degrees Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, yes, you are being fantastically t-squared.

You can even get traction on this by simply exploring the houses in which this t-square is operating. For instance, Uranus is transiting my Sixth House, Pluto is transiting my Third House, and Jupiter my Ninth House. A prestigious opportunity to internationally travel this fall (Jupiter in the Ninth) is already causing me to pre-emptively take care of the health issues I’ve been having (Uranus in Sixth) which means taking time away from my day to day activities and work, which is mainly mental work requiring focused concentration (square Pluto in Third). Preparation for this opportunity has forced me to slow down my work to the speed of molasses, which I’d previously struggled against (Uranus-Pluto), but this has already resulted in great healing. I’m just riffing on my own life, but you get the idea. Try it for yourself. Just free associate the meaning of the planets with the houses.

The opportunities, the bids for freedom that present themselves this August, may be an outworking of what we’ve been working on inwardly with the Uranus-Pluto square. To those situations and relationships in our lives that must “evolve or die” (Pluto), areas of life we “need new solutions… because we cannot go on like this any longer” (Uranus), Jupiter offers vision, possibility. Hope.

This August, we may need to have hair trigger timing to seize the surprising opportunities when they/it arrives (Jupiter/Uranus). Whatever we do, we should entertain everything and throw out nothing during this month because potential is “in the air”.  So hold steady and center. Take your vitamins. The t-square ride is never easy, but a lucky break could be the break you’ve been waiting for.

Happy t-squaring to you!