leaping lambAt springtime, Mother Nature inspires us to begin anew so last weekend we got in the spring spirit and lined our red flagstone walkway with potted flowers and herbs. Mothers are known to nest when preparing for the imminent arrival of their new bundle, and as we readied the yard, I realised this was what I was doing. For months, I had noticed that even though our Pink House was full of vibrant light, energy and color, there was a feeling of expectant emptiness and generosity. It had occurred to me: the house was waiting for someone.

Two years ago, right before she found out she was pregnant, I gave my sister a Solar Return astrology reading. With Mars on the IC, home (the IC point) required her energy (Mars). True enough, she became singularly focused on redecorating her bedroom. Inspired by a recent trip to Paris, a fancy chandelier, beautiful wallpaper, a sumptuous recliner and elegantly placed photographs transformed an average room into a dream den that far better reflected her stylish Leo Rising and Libra Moon. It’s as if she knew what was to come:  she had a very difficult pregnancy, and in the months to come she spent a lot of time in bed.

I’ve never wanted a biological child, but I’ve yearned for a dog companion. It has not been a straightforward decision. Our composite (relationship) chart features a square from the Leo Sun in the Ninth House of Travel to the Taurus Moon in the Sixth House of Pets and Responsibilities: with the amount we travel, our ongoing puppy discussions revolved around less freedom to roam, me traveling less, and regularly ended in a reluctant stalemate. But a few weeks ago, as John tells it, “You put your foot down.” So, to our local animal shelter we tarried, and both instantly fell in love with Magnus, the puppy, a five month young terrier/schnauzer/wire hair whose happy playfulness and trust in life is already a great teacher. Magnus has brought an infusion of energy, activity, chaos and love into our home, and for now, it feels complete.

Mother Nature impels and compels. Just as the seed knows it’s time to germinate and sprout, something inside each of us knows exactly what we need to do next. Something inside me just knew it was now or never.  Aries New Moon compels instinctual, self-sponsored action. It speaks in urges, energy, impulses, inclinations and gut reactions. My own natal Moon sign, Aries continually instructs: If you don’t ask for what you most need and want –and here’s the clincher, especially when what you want is not what other people in your life want – the only one who loses is you. Aries can act too hot, too soon; it takes patient restraint to let those desires percolate, to build consensus (as I’ve got to, I’m a Libra Rising), instead of acting prematurely. But when the energy calls, it calls, and it’s hard to ignore.

This Moon features a preview of mid-April’s Uranus-Pluto-Mars-Jupiter cross at 14 degrees of cardinal signs. Astrologers have been debating how to approach this turbulent, energetically dynamic aspect and I love what Astroberry eloquently says here in his article, Anticipating April: “ I find myself counselling clients who have felt stunted or stuck in a life-circumstance to, at last, grab back the reins of agency and plan on decisively taking some standstill-shattering action during April…April’s crossroads-worthy, life-redefining assertions of personal will are apt to be startling in how rapidly and robustly they’ll generate responses, results, and repercussions.”

With April’s grand cross, the upcoming eclipses, and this Moon…ferocity, tenacity, courage holds us in better stead than fear, anxiety. In her 2014 calendar, Susan Miller calls this New Moon a Monster Moon but it’s been a Puppy New Moon for me. Where does this New Moon fall for you? What area of your life is asking for an investment of action and decisive energy? For clues, listen for quickening impulses inside; if you have new urges, observe. Mother Nature may be guiding you to prepare the space for new life. From my Aries Moon, to you: Hold your desires close, nurture your instinct toward them. Learn to identify the difference between the fear that precedes all true growth, and the anxiety of “what if?”. Listen to the wisdom of your own good timing. Then when you’re ready, go forward…boldly.