WhereHeavensMeetEvery day is a new chance to be healthy. I remember reading this phrase, cut out from a magazine, on a friend’s vision board twenty odd years ago. The “Every day is a new chance to…” felt so enticing to me. What I didn’t know even then was that I was about to make a big decision that changed the course of my life – to uproot and move halfway across the country – and that spontaneous decision would happen to spin on the edge of a dime at that same dear friend’s urging to claim my happiness, to follow my heart. It was a radical and bold suggestion. And years later, when I feel stuck in a rut, bored, sick, uninspired, I remind myself that every day holds this promise and wonder: I can be made fresh, brand new.

We all get stuck in routines of habit, boredom and apathy. We think this is how it always has been, and so will be. Along comes Gemini. If you’ve ever had the experience of reading a book, listening to a teacher or being in conversation with someone who says something in that fresh and just-for-you way that shifts your entire perception of your self and your life, you’ve been touched by the Gemini angels.

Language has magic and power in it.  If words, conversations, pithy phrases can reach deep down into our soul and touch places in our self we cannot reach on our own, they can move upward, too. Mercury, The Magician, specialises in the between realms of heaven and earth.  I’ve certainly been fortunate to have life-changing exchanges with ordinary people whose words turn them into shamans, who in their agile ability to bridge gaps between heart and mind with language, to travel betwixt the in-between worlds and deliver mind-altering connections, were clearly blessed by Mercury’s cadeceus long before birth. Conversation can be magical. But I also count spell-working, affirmation and prayer as some of my most potent Mercury magic, spoken and written heartfelt words –most of which I made up (Gemini falls in my Eighth and Ninth Houses).

Mercury will move retrograde (June 7-July 1, 3 Cancer-24 Gemini). We can check in with how we use language; whether or not we are using words to have clearer, cleaner relationships, or to affirm the life we want to live. We can re-fresh iffy communication channels. We can fill our minds with books from wise teachers, acquire new tools, seek out conversations that help us grow and stretch. We can enter into Mercury’s liminal in-between space and seek the language of our soul in poets, artists, magicians, self-help experts, gurus. We can converse with the secret language of our soul.

Courses, learning, reading, travel, teaching, correspondence… what refreshes you? Look to the house in which this New Moon falls for the area of your life that needs refreshing. At this New Moon we are given the missive to reinvent, to out-vision our life in a new way. And if you feel you have no idea what you’re doing right now, take heart: during Gemini season we can feel insecure in our opinions, we don’t know enough or aren’t qualified to do what we’re trying to do. That’s the cosmic joke of Gemini, if we follow our curiosity, if we do what has heart, we will learn along the way.Your destination is the journey; your education happens in the moment, by making mistakes and making it up as you go along.

If the risk of Gemini season is not connecting out of insecurity, not reaching out…the shadow of Gemini is all talk and no follow through or spreading our self too thin. We may feel we have ten million little hungry seedlings that need tending, and we’re alone in the task. Indulging on the stimulation of the season, and stimulants (coffee, sugar) we risk burnout. Neptune, square this Moon, suggests: make space for sacred stillness. Over-stimulated nervous systems can lead to sleep issues.If you’re feeling confused or insecure ask the Gemini Angels to open, open and open your channels of connection. Then look for the green lights.

This New Moon has refreshing power in it and, after this long Mars retrograde, that’s not something to take lightly. Have fun with this Gemini New Moon, and play at being a beginner again. Take a beginner’s mind toward all adventures and mis-adventures. There’s a lot to feel heavy about in this world today.  We all have a lot to learn here, so let’s lighten up about it! Whether you’re walking around the old neighborhood, refreshing your mind or opening to new experiences, be on the lookout for the dual motivating powers of curiosity and wonder. Many a Gemini adventure began with, Ever wonder…? 

image source: Where Heavens Meet by Rassouli