Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 10.26.47“Dwell in possibility.”
“Truth is so rare it is delightful to tell it.”
– Emily Dickinson

Famous Sagittarian (Sun, Mercury, Venus) poet Emily Dickinson may seem an unlikely fit for this adventurous sign. Emily was an ordinary recluse, an eccentric social hermit who wore white clothing and eventually lived her life from one room. You wouldn’t know it from her poetry. Born with the Spirit of the Adventurer, Emily’s inner life was colorful, expansive, rich. She ventured inward, and created her own meaningful diversions. In her time, Dickinson, probably better known for her botany skills and glorious garden than poetry (according to Wiki), wrote that she “could inhabit the Spice Isles merely by crossing the dining room to the conservatory, where the plants hang in baskets.” Emily was also born with Moon (Libra) in the Twelfth House, explaining her chosen solitude and enchanting imagination. She was also irrepressibly optimistic, her writings often banished darkness with optimism and hope -a skill of the torch-bearing Ninth Sign: “I saw no Way/The Heavens were stitched/I felt the Columns close/The Earth reversed her Hemispheres/I touched the Universe…”

Just when Gemini Sun overly scatters our attention into a million directions, Sagittarius Moon asks us to step into a bigger picture. Sagittarius Moon is hungry for new, meaningful experiences, has a hefty appetite for pleasure, for enjoying life to its fullest. Boredom and predictability are anathema to the expansion of this sign; we need to shake up our routines at this Full Moon, search for extraordinary philosophies and ideas, endeavour to shift our ordinary life into a life less ordinary. We don’t have to be swashbuckling pirate adventurers, or buy round the world tickets. With both Mercury in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces now quietly retrograde, we might watch a foreign movie or documentary about an unvisited land, read philosophy books, attend lectures, or cultivate a more optimistic mindset (try “It’s all good.” “I lead an abundant life.” “Good things are coming to me now.”) While foreign travel lifts us out of the ordinary, so can a trip to our favorite mountain top.

For five more weeks, Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruler, remains in Cancer, sign of Jupiter’s exaltation. Jupiter makes an awkward quincunx to this Full Moon, which means the two signs appear to have nothing in common. Sagittarius takes big bites from life; sensitive Cancer takes smaller ones, as a little goes a long way. Cancer is homey, focused on the inner world of imagination and feeling, while Sagittarius gathers worldly experience through encounters with exotic ideas, philosophies and cultures. Yet although they do it in different ways, both are inclined toward meaningful soul-searching and would agree: a life lived in bits, bites and bytes, without digesting our experiences for meaning, isn’t worth living.

We so quickly consuming media and experiences nowadays but lose something in our haste. Is your attention divided? Are you savoring the marrow of your life experiences? Are you giving your self the time to bask in the big picture and big questions of your life? Saturn in Scorpio also opposes Venus in Taurus at this Full Moon. Money, what you versus what I value, is a sticking point. Feelings of love, giving and receiving, aren’t flowing easily. Sagittarius Moon’s shadow is irresponsibility, and opinionated dogmatism. Philosophical roadblocks may require us to step back and re-evaluate. We can clarify our personal truth at this Full Moon while remembering to allow others theirs.

There’s a saying: if you want to have a new experience, you’ve got to get off the couch. Maybe. After all, thanks to technology, we have a world of ideas at our fingertips. We can travel far and wide without leaving home. Emily rarely did: with her Sagittarius stellium in the Second House, sharing her point of view, her voice, provided meaningful risk.  Look to the house Sagittarius rules in your chart as an area of life that will connect you to the truth of your experience, deliver meaning, and where you can benefit from more optimism, adventure and risk. Consider: it’s not our experiences but our ability to derive meaning from them that make our life ordinary or extraordinary.   If you lack vision or are in the dark, seek new perspectives, vistas at this Full Moon. Bring new insights into your dilemmas –or let them go if needed, as Jupiter, above all, holds the desire for a meaningful life and the freedom to claim it. Look without, up, and within. Navel gazing counts, too!