moonIt’s Cancer Sun season. The Sun is now ruled by the Moon, so it’s a time for quieting down, listening to the Soul. The feminine Moon presides over our heart and soul while the masculine Sun presides over the Ego, the Self, and it’s glorious prizes of achievement and recognition. While both dance across the sky of the cosmos together, how clearly our world favors the Sun over the Moon. We basically ‘go, go, go’ all the time trying to accomplish what? We scrap for replenishing down time, struggle with honoring the expression of our feelings, and all but neglect taking the time to listen to our heart. It’s a solar world we live in, and one revolving around accomplishment and ambitions because that’s the way the Sun rolls.

The result is, our lunar, or heart nature has become severely depleted, or under-nourished and often all but ignored. That really is a tragedy because our soul relies on attentive self-care to thrive, and to know what we really want, we need to make the time to listen to our heart. If we’re caught up in the Sun’s world, we forget (or neglect) to ask (and then listen for the answer to), ‘what do I really need in this moment?’ We are addicted to accomplishment and achievement. And yet we wonder why we’re out of balance. We may’ve all but stopped listening to what our heart wants yet we wonder why we’re not achieving our heart’s desires.

Here are some symptoms of being out of sync with La Luna, our soul:

-We’re overworked, overly tired and easily stressed or weepy.

-We’ve placed to much attention on externals, material reality, at the cost of our happiness.

-We’re too anxious or fearful over losing ground with our goals and responsibilities to make time for our spiritual or soul needs.

-We haven’t responded to a persistent intuition or nagging feeling in so long.

-It’s a struggle to keep going but we won’t take a day off to do a nourishing activity.

We can remedy this by remembering the Moon. We can refill our soul, similar in the way la Luna refills herself with the energy from the Sun, by dedicating times for both action and reflection. Downtime, self-care, connecting to female figures in our life, and healing or reflective therapeutic activities all feed the soul.  Moon-watching is an easy way to re-establish your connection to the organic and natural rhythm of change in your own being for just like the Moon, we too are constantly shifting and changing, with new awarenesses coming to light and old patterns fading away. The more we cooperate with nature’s cycle as dictated by the stars and planets, the likelier we are to be in alignment with our soul’s wish and the more peaceful we’ll be.

Are you listening to the nudge of this Cancer New Moon?

The above was excerpted from A Love Alchemist’s Notebook: Magical Secrets For Drawing Your True Love Into Your Life