aquariusThere are only a few people I speak to consistently on a weekly basis: my husband and my therapist. My husband is a Leo, and my therapist is an Aquarian. As I interact with entirely different personalities, I receive very different gifts. Affection, play, fun-loving antics are the Leo’s specialty. An entertainer exemplar, he makes serious business of clowning around, and his generally sunny disposition makes him impossible to be down around. A human being like all of us, he can demonstrate those other, less attractive Leo qualities, too…and that’s where the Aquarian comes in. The Aquarian has the mental clarity of a fresh spring. The Aquarian, who is innately at odds with collectively agreed upon reality, brings in different angles, tools and perspectives. Pulling on experiences the collective doesn’t or won’t acknowledge, she has over time won the hard-earned wisdom of a truthsayer.

The Leo lights up a room on the wattage of pure charisma; an ordinary person will extraordinarily feel special around a self-secure Leo because their golden aura is all-encompassing. Yet when it comes to that rare intelligence, the detached objectivity of a thought surgeon who knows how to cut away the fat and arrive at the Truth with a capital “T”, the Aquarian sparkles.

These two signs are complements. I enjoy them for entirely different reasons. My life has been immeasurably improved by my partner’s irrepressible, sometimes mind-boggling levels of joy and well-being; I literally light up like the Sun when my man is around. Yet it takes a village. While it’s lovely to live in the center of your own Universe, it helps to occasionally step outside of it. The Aquarian reminds me just how much I love individuating: that delicate process of continually training myself to stand apart from husband, society, family, culture (everything), and evaluating what is true for me and me alone. To think for myself, to question, to risk ridicule or blame on behalf of my own authentic expression –there is no freedom like it.

If there’s a season to appreciate the joy of unadulterated spontaneous self-expression, to bask in the warm spotlight of affection, it’s Leo. Just ask the Sun: you don’t need a reason to shine! At Aquarius Full Moon “think for yourself” energy is in the air. The iconoclastic part of our self, who stands at the edge of the party instead of its center, wants our support. The Self who is at odds with “the way things are” is being called out, even as we stand in the limelight of self-expressive Leo Sun energy, as we create, play and love with abandon. Sun in Leo is strong and self-centered in its own domain. We can be, too. But fun is only truly fun if freedom of thought and action govern the center of our being. The same goes for love. We can love someone who doesn’t honor our authentic self, but it’s no fun.

Saturn in Scorpio squares both Sun and Moon. Saturn is the principle of limitation, responsibility and hard work; this Moon highlights the financial or psychological work we’ve yet to do on our selves. We may not have as much play time or freedom as we’d like to have. Maybe we’re too busy in therapy!

At this Full Moon, share the love, have fun, create and play. Nurture The Questioner –that part of your self who needs to explore experiences and perspectives found outside consensual reality. Embrace the Saturn work of your life, whatever it may be right now. If you are caught in the snares of a “damned if I do, damned if I don’t dilemma”, seek alternatives. And if you need help, be on the lookout for an Aquarian. Hint: The Aquarian always stands apart.