Eclipses: Moving Beyond the Four Walls of the Known

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total-solar-eclipse_0808I am not going to give you a destination. I can only give you a direction – awake, throbbing with life, unknown, always surprising, unpredictable. -Bagwan Shree Rajneesh

Eclipses make waves. Some are big waves like the sea at high tide; others are more like small ripples. In breaking waves, eclipse season can deliver difficult news, like the announcement of death or illness, or wondrous, a birth or true love.  Others are quieter, but carrying no less impact, for if our life resembles a placid lake, emotional ripples can jar something loose within, deeply inside.

We may become unmoored by what we discover there. Whether we’re receiving messages from our unconscious, experiencing a symbolic or literal birth or death in our life, all eclipses beckon toward a distant and unknowable future.

The degree to which we feel an eclipse varies person by person, but during eclipse season about this we can be certain: we’re tossed about on a sea of change and the messages and events of this time will change our consciousness.

The shared commonality of all eclipse seasons is their soul-stretching nature -how they ask us to make room for something radically new and different in an area of life. Eclipses ask us to trust what presents, be it a loss, a gain, or a hard truth.

Predictively, eclipses also tend to be on time, presenting opportunities to move from zero to 60 mph in five seconds flat. It’s as if the chess Master moved a piece, check mate, and we suddenly find we’ve been picked up and moved two hundred feet ahead of where we were. The rapid quick fire nature of eclipses challenge us to keep pace with the growth that’s been laid out for us to take on next.

If you’re nodding your head to the above, your next question might be, how will this eclipse season affect me, and for how long? To understand the answer to that question, we have to go a little deeper into the houses of the birth chart. So let’s imagine.

We each have twelve houses in our birth chart and a pair of eclipses will neatly fall into two of those. Let’s back up a second. The birth chart’s houses actually look more like ‘rooms’ neatly representing each part of our life, so maybe it’s easier to picture your birth chart as a mansion with twelve rooms, each containing a sign (or more), and each connected to a sister room across the hall – which will also happen to be the opposite sign.
ring of fire eclipse

An eclipse set happens in pairs. That is, a solar and lunar eclipse, will span two rooms (technically, houses) of your birth chart for duration of two weeks on either side of the lunar and solar eclipse for a grand total of four to six weeks, or so. I say ‘or so’ because these flash in the pan eclipse effects can reverberate for a long time. Like a loud and uninvited relative descending on your space, the eclipses visit for a brief time yet they will leave a lasting impression.

Here’s another analogy for understanding eclipse season. Let’s say you haven’t really been paying attention to these particular room(s) in your house. Maybe due to no fault of your own, you’ve been letting clothes pile up in the corner, throwing spare furniture that you didn’t know what to do with in this room, and the sister room directly across this one is taking the overflow. As you’ve been busy doing other things, you’ve forgotten about these two rooms. Now these rooms require your immediate attention. Eclipses do cosmic clean-up duty and may exist to literally help you clean house. As those flickering lights of the eclipses turn off and turn on, the shadows loom larger, and everything your room contains pops out in high relief. What will you see there?

This runs the gamut, and depends on the houses, the signs, or even the planet the eclipse touches off. Here’s a sampling of what you might discover: forgotten dreams, abandoned shadow pieces of your self, a need for awareness, a need for healing, a need for an attitudinal shift. It may start as something like this: a spare tire around your belly, a desire to go back to school, someone you forgot to be, a death to mourn, a birth to celebrate, a romantic interest, a partner’s identity crisis (which rolls over into your marriage). This brings up the point that since both houses of the birth chart will be eclipsed, there’s a sort of rollover effect. What happens in one also affects the other. Knowing the signs, houses and planets which the eclipses aspect in your chart de-mystify eclipse season, but beyond that eclipses still remain an enigma – unpredictable.

Read about Eclipses by House and Sign

Unpredictable & Shocking

Eclipses carry the signature of Uranus – shocking, surprising and unexpected. They’re a wild card in the horoscope, a Solar_eclipse_1999predictive astrologers enigma and maybe a psychological astrologers dream. Eclipses are unpredictable.  Use adjectives like wild, exciting, dramatic, unknowable and of course, emotional and you’ve captured the bewildering feeling of an eclipse. Talk like this to someone who is already feeling uncertain or anxious and you’ve probably triggered a host of insecurity and fears, too. Fear of the unknown is very real around eclipse season. There are a lot of unknowns in the air, and that’s a lot to sit with. Yet sit with it we must. We can do other things, too. We can orient our self toward the positive opportunity to grow. By free-associating the possibilities that could happen with the houses and planets aspected we can expand beyond our same old four walls.

We can voluntarily become ready to willingly give up, toss out, or clean up a certain way of being that is no longer serving our growth. If we’re honest, we might sense that we need to stretch our wings in a new direction in a area of our life. By feeling the live wire energy of eclipses we can allow the live wire energy of eclipses to mobilize us. We may even do something out of character and radical. This could be a good thing. But do we need to act on that idea to move to Panama today?

People, things, ideas pop up on our radar and these may very well be exactly what they promise. Yet we must always remember the ‘unpredictable’ part of eclipses. For some, it’s a great idea to follow that wild hair impulse, while others can lose traction with reality.

Especially regarding new ventures  (marriage, business contracts, moving house etc.) my rule of thumb is: if an opportunity presents itself during eclipse season, sit with it. Don’t be so quick to act. I’ve found that the way I best flow with eclipse season is to receive, sit with what the season brings. Even though eclipses can move you years ahead in a heartbeat, eclipses are of the Moon. Lunar intuition precedes action. Another lunar lesson: nothing can happen out there without being fully alive in-here, first. The outer exists as a mirror of the inner.

History, Repeating

Finally, during eclipse season we may find our self in crisis in direction or plagued by unknowns and unknowables. The unknown is only scary because it hasn’t happened yet – or has it?

Eclipses repeat every 9 1/2 and 19 years so if we’re looking for clues about what’s happening today, and how to ‘get it right’ this time, we can go back in time and root out similar themes in the story. This story has probably occurred in a different variation 9 1/2 or 19 years before.

The story isn’t exactly the same, but the themes repeat. Eclipse cycles repeat the same journey, so we can reach a new level of growth and mastery over an area or issue in our life. They also offer a chance for healing. If we’re ready for a new level of empowered expression, eclipses offer that too. If the walls have started to close in on us, that’s a sign that we’re ready for change. Eclipses bring those ‘ripe’ issues we’re ready to finally deal with out of the closet and into the light.

Here are some eclipse survival notes I’ve compiled over the years.

As mysterious as eclipse season can be we don’t need to be fearful of change. We also don’t need to be in the dark. We have the light of consciousness on our side.

Eclipses may challenge us to hold center and release what’s no longer true or alive for us, for the exciting unknowable future. The changes will emotionally stretch us but I’ve noticed that if you look for the opportunity to grow and heal and be present during the changes of this time, the Universe will respond in kind. We can always choose to stay in balance with our soul’s wish to experience exactly this.

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  1. Megan

    Oh dear, suddenly I’m having butterflies since 19 years ago I met a love of my life and 9 1/2 years ago I got my dream job. Those two occasions were the single most influential periods that have changed the course of my life. Both were cleared from my life during the hardships of the last few years but I’ve paid my dues and I’m ready to move on. So new love and career, I welcome thee!

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Jessica.

  2. Jimmy

    I have had a similar situation as Megan and I too am more than ready. C’mon change!

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