heavymetalartwork“He doesn’t listen to me,” said a client with a Gemini Moon. “He acts like he’s listening, but I can tell he’s not.” I could relate. I have a Gemini Moon partner. Constantly multi-tasking between science fiction videos, shopping and work, catching his attention is like trying to catch a butterfly in motion. As a result, I’ve learned a few tricks to keep him engaged. For instance, a bold statement will always get his attention; so will anything whimsical or intellectually interesting. I’ve also learned that distraction is not always the culprit. When someone’s tuning another person out, there’s a strong chance that one or both of us are bored. Symptoms? Hearing, but not really listening; anticipating what the other person will say, or finishing their sentences before they have a chance to actually speak them. Attention-getting strategies aside, Gemini Moon also teaches me the power of fun, variety and newness- as for Gemini, boredom equals death.

Human beings crave novelty, newness. Science says a lack of mental novelty does actually age us. Gemini knows that old age is a mindset, and one that essentially boils down to lack of mental stimulation. To feel youthful and alive, we need to keep things fresh, mix things up a bit. At Gemini Full Moon we need to shake up our mental circuitry, to be stimulated and surprised. After all, we all get stuck in routines of habit that distract us from being truly present – and that’s when boredom appears. When this happens: just think, there’s nothing more exciting than being right here, right now on this planet. There’s nothing more full of possibility than this present moment. Anything could happen! When we’re bored, we neglect the possibility of the present, and the role our whimsy and curiosity has in bringing it to fruition.

Our minds crave a fresh take right now, and that can mean looking inside them, dusting out the cobwebs and looking at why we think what we think. This can be scary. Have you looked inside your mind lately? For most of us, as Elizabeth Gilbert says: Our mind is like a neighborhood we don’t want to get caught alone in at night. But we do walk around in it every day, thinking thoughts, saying things to ourselves and others, based on beliefs and assumptions we probably haven’t investigated in awhile, if ever. As a client, who came to me for help with her relationship life, said of her mental health (after my taskmaster Saturn in Gemini led her through a belief exercise), “It’s a mess in there!” It is a mess in there. Our minds often tell us contradictory stories about our self, relationships, life but living in unchecked chaos can paint our lives into a very narrow corner.

So at this Full Moon, unpack your mind. Is there anything old, crusty and stale in there that could be tossed out, or an inspiration revitalized, or a belief investigated for its truth? With Saturn’s upcoming move into Sagittarius, sign of “I Believe”, some of our hardest lessons revolve around the dark propaganda we continue perpetuating in our own minds. We might start now, by investigating those stories we tell our self. To belief bust, I adore Byron Katie’s process of inquiry.

You also want to pay attention to your immediate environment. Full Moon in Gemini contains visionary new information. The kind that causes you to do a double take, as it did for me this morning when taking a walk around the neighborhood, I noticed a wee sign posted on the vacant lot next door informing us that a house is to be built -difficult news for this homebody Cancer (deep breath). With this month’s exact Uranus-Pluto square (13 degrees), some of the news we receive feels fated, forcing us to confront the powerful changes at work in all of our lives.

But it’s not all about news- bad or good. It’s also time to refresh your Gemini toolkit: Do you have enough interesting books to read, and discuss? Do you need any shiny new tech gadgets, tools or Mercury-type helpers to help you accomplish what it is that you do? Do you have enough quality intellectual stimulation in your life – or are you running around in circles, wasting mental energy pursuing ideas and activities that aren’t satisfying to you?

Gemini energy can also feel scattered, so let’s review. In summary: Pay attention. Talk and (importantly) listen to each other. Question your mind. Nurture at least one new curiosity or whim. Pick up a fun, shiny new gadget. Cross-pollinate ideas. Learn. Discuss. Be on the lookout for synchronicities. Allow the spritely, fresh-face of Gemini Full Moon to both inform and inspire you!

photo: Heavy Metal Artwork