Pisces New Moon: The School of Not Knowing

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School of fish

What stimulates your connection to spiritual consciousness? How do you receive guidance? Mercury has often played the star role in the messages I receive, often while driving, walking, writing and sometimes involving books. When I’m working on a reading and feeling I’m missing a thread that would pull it all together, I will silently ask for guidance. I get in the car, and a show on NPR gives me the missing link. Or I’ll walk to my bookshelf, allow my intuition to guide me to the right book, where the page will neatly land on the exact message I need to hear. Often, when I’m on the phone with a client, in answer to what’s being said on the other line, one of us will hear sirens, howling dogs, or the chicken outside my window will start loudly cluck-clucking. Or the time when I decided to write a mission statement for my astrological practice and later, I received generous feedback on the reading I did prior, the feedback mirroring my intentional statement almost word for word. I connect synchronicity to Mercury, but also Pisces and it’s planet, Neptune, conduits of consciousness.

Angular in my solar return chart for several years now, though, lately Neptune has been my teacher. Unlike Mercury’s preferred medium of language and motion, I’ve learned that Neptunian synchronicity arrives after great lulls of stillness and silence from the external world, after swaths of time where we are confused or convinced nothing is happening. Both archetypes require attentiveness and presence. In Mercury’s Mystery school, Spirit, poised and ready for our question, answers through language, the immediate environment, thoughts, conversation, words. In Neptune’s Mystery school, we are in the school of not knowing. We are matriculating in faith, trust and surrender.

We’ve all had experiences of not knowing, times of learning to walk in faith. A dear friend has Pisces North Node in her sixth house, and a mysterious illness that no one can figure out. Over the years, I’ve watched her Virgo South Node work overtime to try and fix, solve and get answers around her body. And I’ve watched her (in part, due to Neptune transits), ever so slowly and gradually, get better at letting go, better at not knowing why this is happening to her and for how long, not knowing when it will change. This kind of surrender is different from giving up. She is still alert for, and is open to, help. But when she’s okay with not knowing, she’s calmer, saner, peaceful and gentler on herself.

Neptune requires us to forge a relationship with faith, with total and absolute trust in situations where we just don’t know. In this same vein, when we surrender to not knowing, to having little or no control, we get better at being with all of life’s unknowns. To do this, it helps to align with Neptune: through dreams, nature, intuition, meditation, art – though deciphering Neptune’s symbolic messages isn’t straightforward. Like reading a poem or interpreting an dream, instead of entering through the doorway of logic, we enter through the window of wide-open perception where one thing could stand for something else. Dreamwork is just one way to connect with this consciousness field, as well as a way to develop a sustained relationship to Neptune. In the TMA article, Myth and Dreams, Arielle Gutmann said after experiencing a dream, the ancients typically made an offering to the dreaming god Asklepius by taking action. “If you dream of an old friend, call her. If you dream of an unhappy time from your childhood, allow yourself to meditate…feel the grief, sadness, loss.” To foster connection to Spirit, I once started a Goddess Jar. For every healing dream, synchronicity, or angelic aid, on a small piece of paper I wrote a little thank you note and drop it into a blue Ball Jar on my desk, in hope that by honoring the gods, I’d keep the connection to magic, open.

The Moon is New, in Pisces. It’s a Solar Eclipse. Magic is afoot. As the fishes swim one way, we may be given the opportunity to gain more awareness around our own secret hidden self-undoing. As the fishes swim the other way, if we can place our trust in intuition over logic and surrender any notions of the way things should be versus how they actually are, we gain spiritual maturity and a new way of being and seeing. Pisces/Neptune magic is not all smoke and mirrors and psychics; it is accessible by working on our consciousness. During this New Moon period, set an intention to: listen to the world channel, your dream world, collude with magic. We’ve all had experiences where  –often when we least expect it, when we aren’t actively striving for an answer – a moment of lucid and clear consciousness changes our perception entirely.  In those moments we let old ways of clinging to logic and our illusions go. We clear the way for fresh ways of being. Tired old logic is flimsy and insubstantial when we’re riding on the back of Poseidon’s dolphins.


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    Wonderful perspective. I took notes!
    Goddess Jar is a great idea.


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    Thank you, for a Magical writing :)))

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