Aquarius Full Moon: Dream Catchers & Dream Posses

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The eleventh is the natural house of Aquarius, associated with visions and dreams, hopes and goals for the future, friendships and allies. When I first began studying astrology, the eleventh house was enigmatic. I’d think: A planet in the house of “wishes? Well, sprinkle pixie dust and spin me three times. Over time, I realized the way to properly understand this assortment of descriptors was through Aquarius’ golden rule: The right network of allies always help you achieve your goals and dreams. There is a universal truism here: We may be outsiders, aliens or iconoclasts but we never arrive at a future we want, alone.

A truism is true for a reason. I can trace every accomplishment that’s ever really mattered to me to people who have helped to make it happen. Like a string of pearls, each of these precious people had everything to do with my personal and professional success. I didn’t necessarily personally know those who aided and abetted my future self- not at first. Aquarian friends and allies are not your best friends (that’s Libra; although they came become your besties), but they are your friends. They are the people you get to know, through your interests, joining up in collective concerns, through other people you know.

Aquarius Full Moon is a time of nurturing both our visions for our future, and the friendships and alliances that help us get there. According to Robert Cole’s book, The Book of Houses, this is the house of the visionary. For the month when the Sun annually transits this natal house, we are open to receiving visions about our future, and are unconsciously or consciously choosing our dream-seeds for the next year. Eleventh house/Aquarius holds that kind of dreamy magic and, likewise, of harvest, of dreams-do-come-true. When we plant seeds and water them with friendship and support, they do.

Every year when the full moon alights in Aquarius it is a time for both planning and harvesting dream seeds. Where do you want to go next? Who is already where you want to be? Ally with a person or group who is doing what you want to be; that’s a strategy for getting there. Is a dream coming true for you now? If so, thank your lucky stars, and the friends and allies that surely played a role in your harvest’s arrival.

What if our vision for the future is about as clear as pancake batter? Or, what if, in our attempt to find allies, we simply don’t fit in? Questions of social belonging fall into our Aquarius/eleventh house(s), too. My astrology student’s Neptune was moving into Aquarius so I encouraged her to attend an astrology conference for the first time. The results were mixed. She reported back that while she had thought she was different from the crowd, everyone was much more weird and she ended up not connecting with anyone, socially. Ah. Feeling different, alien, not fitting in- also Aquarius.

What she did next gave me a double take on the “future” aspect of this house/sign. She had been circling a dying relationship and unsatisfying job. After months of talking about it, she finally left her job and relationship -without having a new one of either. Her eleventh house ruler was active both by transit and Solar Arc. She finally claimed her future.

Jupiter and Uranus form a quincunx at this full moon. Uranus, Aquarius’ ruler, is the planet of visionary progress and invention, Jupiter, possibility, faith and hope. Quincunx energy holds slippery magic, subject to wild changes of fortune and circumstance, and wooed by entertaining possibilities on the outer edges of reason. Build a dream catcher. Even if of wishes for “something better than this”, fairy wings, band-aids and rubber bands, this a hopeful vision for your future self to explore and, perhaps one surprising day, step into. Celebrate your harvest, and your tribe. They are your Aquarian dream posse. And as that famous Beatle sang about his own dream posse: We all get by with the help of our friends.



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