Jessica Moonglow 5

Those who know me rarely see me without a Moon necklace. Obviously, I am drawn to the Moon, and being a Libra Rising (Venus in Cancer) I love my (Moon) jewels. So when I came across MoonGlow Jewelry my curiosity piqued. Their unique angle is a) the jewelry is made with an actual picture of the Moon and b) there’s a Moon for every moment, and they want you to commemorate the big moments of your life (birth, first date, proposals, birth of child, etc.) with a piece of jewelry.

A few months ago, they approached me to write their website Moon phase descriptors. I was familiar with the company, enjoy the concept, so agreed.  I said I’d be happy to introduce you to their line; they wanted to send me a piece, I said “surprise me”. Here we are (disclaimer: I was gifted this necklace in exchange for review).

You can see the picture of my birth Moon phase here- Last Quarter.

Jessica Moonglow 2

The picture of the Moon on the charm IS unique and unexpected.

Jessica MoonGlow 1

Because of the predominance of black, I keep seeing the Pluto symbol in it. Or maybe it’s because my own Moon is currently being transited by Pluto.

Jessica Moonglow 3

Here’s what you can’t see on my photo- but you can catch a glimpse of on the company’s website.  It glows! Despite coming with a small flashlight thing-a-ma-bob, I didn’t get that this was the case (there was no indicating that’s what the flashlight was for, so I tossed it). While writing this review, I read the website description for my Atmosphere pendant. It didn’t glow, so I wrote the company. They told me I could charge it by setting it in the Sun, which I did, and voila! Glow.

About the Moon Phase calculator, where you enter your birth date (or anniversary or whatnot) and are told your Moon phase and descriptor before ordering your piece of customized Moon phase jewelry: It’s sometimes on the fritz. I’ve tested it multiple times and while the phase itself is accurate, the descriptor may not be. I’ve sent emails to the company. Hopefully, by the time this is published it won’t be.

In short, I really enjoy wearing this necklace! I would give this necklace as a gift to any Moon enthusiast. The bracelets look fun, too. All arrive in an attractive silver/black box, perfect for giving and marks a special occasion shared (note: I did not write the Moon phase descriptions inside the box).

Nostalgic, just like the Moon, right?

photo credit: John Shepherd, at the Wrenkh restaurant, Vienna, Austria 🙂