5 Reasons to Love Jupiter’s Entry Into Libra

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Jupiter will precess into Libra from 9/9/2016-10/10/2017. Librans will receive a whole lotta love from love this placement, but Jupiter in Libra is not stingy with its affections. Read on to find out how everyone can benefit from this transit.

1. Partnering is in the air!

Relationships will flourish. There will be more partnering, both business and romantic, and more people interested partnering and/or improving the quality of their current relationships. Very important relationships will begin, and develop over this time. Jupiter is the VIP of the zodiac, so think: important, influential, powerful. The last time Jupiter entered Libra, twelve years ago (2004), I met my future husband (so did my sister!). We began dating and married a year later.

If you have relationship difficulties to work through, or patterns you’d like to be healthier, you will also experience more divine discontent. If you’re in a partnership that “could be better” you will feel that during this time. If your relationship life is dysfunctional or unhealthy, Jupiter could make that into an obvious and big deal. As I told a client whose Libra friend has multiple partners (none of whom are happy about this situation), this strategy could explode for him this year.

Jupiter, like every other planet, wants to put us in the right situation for our growth, and Libra is all about mutual trust, peace and fairness in our one-on-one relationships. If, in order to get to the right relationship, we need to address the fact that we’ve been seeing two people, haven’t been honest with them, or need to work on our trust issues, etc.- Jupiter will make the problems bigger, more obvious. Jupiter wants to deliver us into better relationship dynamics by eliminating the difficulty, and sometimes that means getting out of a dead-end relationship.

Some relationships will fall to the wayside; the ones with real potential will grow.

2. Express your artistic side.

All artistic, creative endeavors are super supported during this transit. Frankly, our world sorely needs art and artists now. Art is a relaxing, peaceful and civilizing force- and is the remedy for chaos, anger and violence. Imagine classical music being piped through our city streets, and how that would change the energy. I’m writing you from Vienna, Austria, a Libra Sun city. There’s a piano sitting in the central part of Vienna, an open invitation for anyone to sit and play, and for onlookers to bask in enjoyment. Culture, beauty and art always bring uplift. This is the spirit of this transit.

We will all be feeling an urge to make an area of our life more stylish, relaxing, beautiful. If Jupiter transits your fourth house, redecorate your home. Take a spare- no-expense attitude, but don’t expect it to cost a fortune if you are cash poor. With Jupiter, if we tell the universe “I really want and deserve for this (blank) to happen” we find great deals on things we love. Transit to your first house? Style makeovers with your wardrobe and appearance are in order (along with simply feeling more confident). Your twelfth? Your spiritual life could use more fun and lovely energy. You might create or find a gorgeous healing refuge. Art and fashion, beauty, relaxation and pleasure should not be considered superfluous but essential to any healthy society.

3. Be nice.

Civility, sophistication and tact is on the rise. Aren’t we all beyond fed up with rudeness, coarseness, crassness? We need to dial down the ugly, to remember laws of basic human decency, like how to have a conversation while honoring each other. With Uranus in Aries, many people have been hyper-vigilant, expecting to be attacked and opposed, which perpetuates more of the same.

Here’s an idea: How about not starting a conversation with “I disagree”? Libra’s strategy is to honor everyone at the table, not just those we agree with, and to look for and honor the common ground we share, instead of what we don’t. This doesn’t deny another’s point of view, nor does it passively condone it, but graciously includes room for others’ experiences, and for learning.

My husband has Venus in Libra in the ninth house, the astrological house affiliated with Jupiter. He regularly works closely with people from other religious and cultural backgrounds, and his attitude is to understand and learn- even when he’s challenged by very extreme points of view.

When he’s talking with others who share radically different worldviews and beliefs, myself included sometimes (he’s a scientist, I’m an astrologer; this is a reality for us!), he recognizes the value or honoring another’s worldview. For instance, if I believe cell phone radiation and chem-trails exist and threaten my health, he can certainly say “there’s no science data to support that” and offer expertise …but if I’m convinced these are real, he doesn’t attempt to undermine or discount my reality.

There’s a reason why diplomacy and peace flourish when we’re simply being nice.

It’s become politically imperative that we are more able to be more objective, more tolerant, nicer. If we all want it bad enough, this is the year we can be that change.

4. Improve your social life.

The last time Jupiter entered Libra 2004, my social circle expanded. I was invited by one of my clients to join an artist group, which gave me the support I needed, and the wings, to write my first book. In turn, I offered my support to them and quite an amazing, tight-knit and talented group was born. Facebook was also born that year -which probably expanded your social circle, too.

As said earlier, relationships of all sorts should flourish, especially those with common Libran interests- art, creativity, beauty, pleasure. So make new friends. Find allies and support for your goals and dreams. Be open to receiving others’ generosity in all forms- spiritual, material, social, mental or emotional- and offer yours. Remember the law of attraction with Libra: Give and you shall receive. Watch how extending yourself extends the invitation for others to do similar for you.

Some of these friends may be a different feather from your usual “type”. Uranus and Pluto are, after all, influencing this transit (read that bit below), putting pressure on us to evolve our connections, and to embrace differences.

5. Make it beautiful, relaxing and sweet.

There’s reason to anticipate beautiful new fashion trends and designers, along with the expansion of wedding-related, art and sweets businesses. Historically Jupiter in Libra has brought fashion trends like love beads, poet shirts (1968-69). Jupiter in Libra’s (fashion) transit of 1992-93 were years I remember well. Do you remember these trends: baby doll dresses, Doc Martens, plaid with everything, denim overalls, skin tight body-con dresses and bodysuits? I’ve just started glimpsing full bodysuits again, worn with denim, bodysuit peeking out. Bodysuit comeback anyone?

I’m also thinking of all things sweet and relaxing. One of my clients is entertaining the idea of partnering up to open a bakery with a pastry chef. These are the types of endeavors supported during this time. Anything that puts the cherry on top of life, and brings us back to our pleasure centers is a very good, and relaxing, pursuit.

Uranus and Pluto’s Influence on Jupiter in Libra

As much as I want to aim for the brightest possible experience of Jupiter in Libra, it’s clear that this transit is not all peace, love and ease. Uranus and Pluto are drivers of deeper collective change. Jupiter in Libra will square both of these planets, just as Jupiter in Virgo squared Saturn and Neptune, thus modifying our experience of it. Imagine trying to buy or deliver roses when the growers are on strike or the exporter of roses has been taken over by a military coup. Imagine organizing a wonderful, well-attended creative arts retreat only to have the venue go up in flames (read Chris Zydel, owner of Creative Juices Arts, very Plutonian true story). As Chris’ story illustrates, Uranus and Pluto continue to require our resilience and ingenuity.

Politically, throughout the Uranus-Pluto square, it’s been hard to get along (Libra). A two party system is a Venus/Libra concept and our inability to take a middle path has severely mangled our democracy, and our relations. Jupiter could make the problem of bi-partisanship bigger, inflate its flaws to the point of improving things.

Jupiter Transits To Your Chart

Our experience of Jupiter in Libra will certainly be affected by what’s broken, dying (Pluto) and undergoing revolution, chaos and revolt (Uranus) in our world, but there will be plenty of opportunities for Jupiter to deliver goodies to your chart.

What planets will he transit, and where? Here’s where you want to ask these Jupiter questions: Where am I settling for too little? Where can I stretch beyond my previously imagined limits? Where have I been underestimating myself?

While Jupiter can be the cosmic Santa Claus, dropping goodies in our lap without our conscious participation, we have a higher likelihood of receiving them if we are.

To deliver growth and opportunity in our lives, Jupiter asks for three things: Firstly, we must ask for more. Second, we must confidently know that we do deserve better. And, finally, we must have the faith to know that if we do the above, it will happen.


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  1. Michele

    Jessica, read that story from the link here. Wow. Those were two dramatically illustrated happenings where creative resiliency is alive and well. I feel this Jupiter in Libra is also Pisces connected for me as my IC and my 9thHouse that is ruled by Jupiter as well, in general. It squares my 11th House, where Jupiter in Libra is now transiting. And I have felt the foreshadows already of NOT wanting to “partner” but to retreat. The slowing down and not trying to hard makes a lot of sense right now.

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