Dali_Landscape_with_ButterfliesI’ve often believed in the power of instant karma. I’ve seen it in action, too. The idea that what goes around can (relatively) instantly come around, makes sense to me. I trust that life is ultimately fair, while knowing I may not fully understand what that means yet. But instant transformation is a harder sell.  Excepting a temporary, superficial makeover, the work of true, deep change is a slow process. So I have been suspicious of shortcuts. I want the real.

Yet some changes are instant. In a blink, we can be light years ahead of where we were just last week. I had this experience with meditation, recently. I had been trying to rest in a place of physical and emotional balance, when one evening I heard the voice: just sit, listen to your heart, do nothing. Equanimity bloomed. After days of feeling nothing I’d been doing in my energy healing was effecting change, I instantly morphed into someone grounded, connected, and capable.

What is transformation? Many of us think dramatic change involves cross-country moves, career changes, lottery wins, luck or an epiphany that will change everything. Yet true transformation isn’t a material event.  We’ve all known people whose biographical lives have changed, yet nothing changed. Not really. A new lover arrives, is celebrated, but down the road the same old problems come up again. Transformation occurs when we remove the obstacles and resistance to what is true, and always right here.

I hadn’t been resisting meditation, but I did hold an attitude of accomplishment, striving and judgment around my efforts, which was making me miserable and blocking me from receiving my connection to Source. When I gave up that tired idea, it was like returning to an old friend, one who had been waiting years for me. That old friend was me. She had never gone anywhere. Like the clouds that hide the Sun, she had been obscured by noise, agendas, thoughts.

The Scorpio New Moon brings the potential for metamorphoses. At this New Moon, transformations can happen instantly. We may need to drop our resistance, change our attitude or stop shying away from hard truths. Always, we know exactly what we need to do in our lives, but we’re so often the last one to listen.

I have a friend and client who was delivered a large bill from Saturn- a financial wake up call of sorts. Because her spending habits are causing problems in her family, she has committed to a budget and feels stuck for progress. “I’m paying a vast amount every month and I’m still at the bottom of the mountain.” Good for you, I cheerlead, for getting clear and honest and doing the hard, right work (Saturn). Yet a beat later, she mentions she has a friend who can manifest anything she wants, but that she herself believes “some people are just born lucky.” With this New Moon in her third house, transformations occur in her mind: by listening to her self, discarding untrue thoughts.

Where does this New Moon Eclipse fall in your chart? In this area of life, let go, open up your mind, let go of your resistance and your grievances, forgive, and surrender your tired old arguments and attachments to having things be a certain way.  To get what you most want, throw away something no longer useful to you. This may be a belief, judgment, behavior, inhibition or attitude.

I love what Elizabeth Gilbert posted on her Facebook page, an image of the sea, with big, bold words: Transformation=Liberation + Loss.  So true, and if you’ve followed her journey over the years, from the life she left for her Eat, Pray, Love journey to the marriage she recently left to be with her dying girlfriend and lover, her life is a testimony to this. I doubt I’ve ever gained anything of value in my life without giving up something, first. Even if it was just an idea of myself.

At this Scorpio New Moon, let go of what no longer serves you, and be open to the myriad, creative ways in which your desires can be answered by the Universe. Change may be an inside, ongoing, job but for the moment let’s all be receptive to instant transformation, in our lives and our world.

image: Landscape with Butterflies by Salvador Dali