It’s Aquarius Moon time –time to nurture your inner radical. If you think of rioters, hippies and uni-bombers when you think of radicals, you may be surprised to learn the etymology of the word radical comes from the Latin word radix, which means root. Radical literally means “forming the root” or “going to the origin, essence”. Uranus/Aquarius reminds us that radical acts are only those that form and strengthen our essence, origin, truth.

Our political climate is certainly giving us the opportunity to form the root. The women’s march that positively overshadowed the inauguration was started by one woman, a grandmother, in Hawaii. The power of one person to start a movement is very Uranus in Aries, where change belongs to the individual who makes self-honest choices and takes courageous action.

Ideally, the wild, authentic soul doesn’t ask permission before getting radical, but we know that’s just not realistic. Aquarius/Uranus holds an uneasy tension with the social fabric of our lives, and because collective stability relies upon a level of group conformity, authentic root-forming acts are disruptive and threatening to the social order, including your relationship contracts.  If you’re a Venus ruled soul – meaning, your sensitivity to others is off the charts– that can be a problem. If you’ve got Uranus in Libra, as I do, I’d daresay you might even ask, “hey, babe… ummmm…Is my soul’s truth okay with you?”

How do you work with that? For a long time, I tried to make a core Truth more palatable, nicer, more pleasant for my partner. More Libra. Sure, I’d express my Truth. “I detest mashed potatoes,” I’d say. Yet they stayed on my plate, though I didn’t eat them. When I was around certain company maybe I’d even take a few bites of potato, to be polite. Around others I could insult the potato openly (for the record, I have nothing against potatoes). Truth simmering on the back burner, I grew sour and bitchy. I could unhappily complain, but I didn’t step into my Divine Self and speak from that place. I kept gilding the hard edges of my Truth, making it soft and pliable till it was no longer recognizable. Which changed absolutely nothing.  

I was becoming more and more misaligned, more compromised. I knew I needed to get those potatoes off my plate, forever, but I also knew that once this was out of my mouth, I couldn’t back down and I could lose the person I love … and that was terrifying. Then it came out. Like a force of nature made more powerful for having been repressed for so long. “These potatoes cannot stay on my plate one minute longer!, ” I said to the most important person in the world, the one who had the choice to say he wanted to be with someone who wanted to share mashed potatoes with him, forever. My Truth sounded an awful lot like an ultimatum (normally an ill-advised strategy for me). But I did it. It was a radical moment, chaotic, and as inconvenient as death. And it was liberating. I released months, maybe years, of oppressed energy.

Radical times are the call to return to our root essence. Political, personal, or both, these are pressing questions: Where are you ready to return to your root self-essence, core truth? Where are you in danger of being your own worst oppressor- not making waves? In your birth chart, the area this New Moon falls answers this, as well as the placement of natal and transiting Uranus. Here, getting radical means you will be a disruptor. Freedom is promised, but only if you do the thing you’ve avoided doing – being inconvenient, “selfish”, shaking things up. Truth will ask you to: stop catering to others’ insecurities, compromising your self, to examine your relationship agreements -explicit and implied.

To creatively work with this New Moon, set your ego-mind aside for a moment. Go into meditation. Feel the freedom, clarity and detachment of air  Ask for the Absolute Truth of a situation or person. Then listen. Really listen. The answer may surprise you. You may sugar coat it, but the voice of Absolute Truth will not be sugar-coated. It will be freeing. Act on that voice and you form the root.