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Do you ever feel made wrong by others? Do you ever find your self irrationally fearing judgement or punishment from others? As sometimes happens, in tune with the planets, we have experiences of energy that filter into our consciousness wanting to be cleared. This week, with Neptune changing directions and Saturn opposing the Sun, a theme has been persecution. One client said she has been told, by three different psychics, she was once burned at the stake and now her boss is torturing her, similar to her father. Another said, after running into someone she once represented in a law case, she feared this person was coming back to hold her accountable. She said, over the years every time she heard this family name she’d have a physical response. I associate the energies of persecution with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

While attending the Steven Forrest apprenticeship during my training, I recall him mentioning that there’s an unusually high number of people in his programs that have the astrological signatures of persecution -as the retelling of their past life stories featured. There have been many kinds of witch hunts over the years, designed to quell outliers and maintain a status quo aligned with the seat of power. Who are outliers but those of us who are different in some way from the power structure? Those of us attracted to healing arts?

The Energy of Persecution

I’m not trying to make you paranoid. Neither do I want to talk about the astrology of persecution, I’m just putting it out there for you to reflect on both your chart and your feelings, how often you encounter feelings of fearing punishment or people who might persecute or make you wrong. You can look at your own chart around the planets named, and also the charts of people you’ve had this experience with.

I’m more interested in talking about the energy of persecution, how to clear it from your being, so that you no longer have to keep experiencing this uncomfortable pattern.

The first thing is to understand that when someone feels something is wrong for them, their interpretation of another’s behavior or style, it means it is not resonant with their worldview, with the design of their Ego structure. On an energetic level, it is unfamiliar to them -with dis-resonance or abhorrence, or other less than savory emotions appearing, because of that unfamiliarity.

If someone’s Ego structure, for instance, won’t allow them to feel good in life, anyone who claims feeling good as a right will feel anything from foreign to threatening to that person. If someone’s Ego structure is rooted in logic and linear thinking, abstract concepts like spirituality or art may feel threatening. Our Ego structure can be seen in the birth chart in large part by the planet Saturn. You can look to Saturn in the birth chart to see what threatens a person.

The minute that wrong-ness is externalized onto someone else as wrong – say, you – the minute they say what feels unfamiliar to them is wrong altogether, shame is experienced. Many of us have had this experience, especially in childhood. Though one episode is enough, ongoing shaming can lead to a person experiencing energies of persecution throughout their life. Or replaying that energetic pattern in their self.

What If You Feel Persecuted?

It helps, first to understand this as an Ego structure, as I’ve been saying, it’s an energy thing. It’s not about you. It never was. If someone is telling you how wrong your being is, shaming is the culturally condoned way they know how to communicate the depths of their unfamiliarity. It is socially and religiously condoned to be punitive toward others when we are confronted with what’s unfamiliar. If you’re honest, you might notice you even do this to your self, say, when you don’t fit into a cultural norm, beauty standard or you don’t live up to your own massive expectations. Perfectionism, in its relentless and most masochistic, is also a manifestation of this.

Persecution has roots in religion, the way its been culturally sanctioned for ages to shame. In Christian religions it is reinforced that a mistake (sin) isn’t a human trying to figure things out but is someone falling short of Godliness and subject to punishment. How many people grew up in church and absorbed passive conditioning that what feels wrong or different to me must also be morally condemned? That the person who is the instrument of this should be persecuted?

The Human Ego has trained in lifetimes of this conditioning. So can it be blamed, really, for playing out this sadly moralistic and sadistic script?

What’s the Solution?

People usually aren’t aware they’re doing this. That’s the funny thing. Yet we need to see through it. We can choose to see through the Ego that shames, judges another as wrong, persecutes. We can see that its not their fault, they’re not awake to it, and know that they are in charge of their own awakening, and we may only pay a passive role in that. The role we have the power to play is the one who chooses to not take on that energy. We can make our inner world so inhospitable to it, that when receive condemnation in any form it has no home, no place to anchor itself.

To do this we must be really clear in our self about what’s ours and what isn’t. We are not, never have been or will be guilty of wrongdoing. Ever. Unless we have consciously harmed another in cold blood, we have never said, behaved or acted wrongly in our entire lives. We are having human learning experiences, with people who are incredibly different from us, in environments designed to challenge and test our ability to be loving and kind and aware at every turn, and the kind thing to do is love our selves through it, every step of the way.

Yet we can never clear the energy of someone pointing the finger at us and telling us we are wrong if we believe we are wrong. If we have even one-tenths of a percent of doubt about our self, we will keep attracting the persecutor so they can show us what we’re ready to release and heal. There are no victims in this scenario, only opportunities for releasing what is not ours. This is the path of waking up, waking up is hard, and that’s why so many of us feel we are on a hard path. Yet what’s the alternative? We feel everything so we can release what’s untrue and ascend to new levels of our Divinity, where we get to feel good and centered all the time. Once we release our self from the false belief there has ever been anything wrong- that we deserved punishment or recrimination, from even our self- we are free.

Energy Exercise

If someone is showing up, making us wrong, reminding us of the persecutor that was once our father, mother, it’s not because we are wrong but because we are ready to release another layer of energy that was never ours to begin with.

Here’s an exercise to help you with this. From this space of understanding and mindfulness, sit quietly with your self. Allow the different threads of false beliefs about your self to gently surface. This is a cognitive exercise. Listen to the mind, the Ego’s voice of self-judgment, recrimination while recognizing that they were given to you by an Ego structure that doesn’t know how to allow your beauty, glory and differentness into its reality simply because it was foreign. Whether this is an energy from a person in your past you can identify, or from the Collective Ego pattern that seeks persecution, atonement, perfection acknowledge that this isn’t yours, and gently set the intention to release this energy pattern from your being.

Then allow your Divinity to surface.

This happens spontaneously, if we listen. We often see this in moments of meditation, contemplation, walking in nature, when we are battling it out with the voices in our head when suddenly a happy image appears, an aberration to the conversation we were having. Like a picture of someone who loves us unconditionally. Or a voice that says, “you did your best.” That’s the Divine Self trying to guide you home. The more you anchor the Ego into this voice, the more access you have to it. The more you remember to listen and to connect, the less you’re pulled off center.

We Only Deserve Love

This is the new paradigm we are striving to anchor right now. A return to acceptance of everything inside and out as right and good. It is a way of gazing on oneself and the world, as a loving mother would, and never breaking that gaze no matter what we are shown. We do this within our self, first. We just keep returning to our Divine Self. We keep helping the Ego understand that there’s a better way of seeing and responding to life.

Once we embody this state no one can shame or harm us because all we see is the truth of who we and they are. All is instantly forgiven – and we realize, finally, that there was nothing to forgive in the first place. All is permanently well.