My relationship with my creative identity has been in flux for awhile now. While I love astrology my singular “astrologer” identity does not any longer encompass the whole of what I do.

I am, I have been slowly realizing over the years, primarily, a healer. While astrology is one framework I use, it is only one piece. Often I can facilitate greater shifts for someone by simply listening to the energy of the person and responding with little or no assistance from the chart. In fact, the chart can get in the way, especially for those really familiar with astrology. Sometimes when we get too familiar with a thing, a partner, a situation, or even the tree in our front yard, we no longer clearly see it- the abstractions, interpretations, technical descriptions distracting us from truth.

My Sun is in Cancer, and so is my Midheaven. Using astrology, I have the Spirit (Sun) and mission (Midheaven) of a Healer (yes, astrology, reliably, “works”). The mission of a healer is broader than that of an astrologer; a healer sees the person in front of them as whole, and holds space for that recognition to occur for them. An astrologer dispenses information and counsels; a healer facilitates awakening to Divine Self.

This Leo eclipse brings creative identity questions to the forefront of our consciousness. Are we fulfilled in our heart’s path and truth? Are we appreciating the unique contribution we make to the whole? Do we have the right audience for our message? Jupiter, planet of expansion, now in Scorpio (transformation) is square this eclipse, so we may feel we’ve outgrown the pot in which we are planted. Is there something new we want to bring in – because it would feel good to spread our wings and fly?

It’s scary stepping into the unknown. A leap into a bold new frontier is a leap of faith. The greatest fear each of us truly face is the unknown itself. Every day, this strange, new world is requiring each of us to get a little more comfortable with uncertainty, a little more courageous with trusting our heart over what our five senses tell us. It’s honoring the song that wants to be sung, the feeling that wants to be felt, that centers and guides us. Those choices that appear to be “logical” or “practical” are more often a result of old conditioning and programming than the Soul’s truth. To expand and evolve beyond where we are, we really do have to “wing it” in order to find out what we’re capable of.

…And, over and over, I’ve had evidence that Spirit rises up to meet us when we do.

For a long time now, I’ve been allowing astrology to be the reliable tarmac runway, the solid takeoff strip that I warm up on which allows my plane to fly. I wait till I get in the air to abandon the chart, to fly with my intuition entirely. That’s been a safe choice.

Am I a plane… or a bird? The plane can be cumbersome, too unwieldy in its mechanics, controls. A bird just lifts off, directly off the ground. It doesn’t need a running start.

When I go into the area behind my heart, I see a vision of me holding a bird in her hands. She wants to fly free, without labels, without fulfilling others expectations to be or “do” a certain way — it would feel so freeing, so liberating. And there’s a little fear there.

You might find the energy field around your heart particularly strongly right now. Feel the space right behind your heart, in your spine, relax and settle in. Breathe into any fear or tightness that comes up. Be with it, allowing it to exist and move through at it’s own pace. Connect with the deep and still knowing that you are always okay. All is well.

In the coming months, you’ll see the shift in my creative identity taking place on my website. Creative new beginnings require us to lose the training wheels (or runway) and step into a larger, expanded version of our self, having faith that all will be well. Likewise, I wish you only success in your own shifts and transformations.