Wow, what a month, right? Spring has really turned up the volume.

I’ve sat down to write you several times. I’ve written things I haven’t sent you. This happens sometimes. When energy gets intense, rapid –when much is happening, quickly—not only is it hard to put down one concise message, there are many occurring simultaneously.

Today, I realized that during these times when energies accelerate and shift -always a time when lingering unresolved stuff gets kicked up in different ways- and yet there is one thing all of us can do.

It’s a catch-all. Kind of like a butterfly net, it covers every random flying object. And it’s an invitation to go boldly forth, to go deeper and wider into the work many of you are already doing.

It’s my Be Light card. Card no. 58 in my deck that is so close to finished. It’s a trump card…before that good word got energetically funky. In card lingo, a trump card is the most valuable -a winner takes all kind of card. You’ll see why Be Light is the winner takes all card.

Whatever is coming up for you…old habits, persistent patterns of thought, ways you feel stuck, not yet perfected or fixed, you can drop it all at any time. By remembering, and really sinking into the awareness: this (_your current “not enough” here_) isn’t who you Truly are.

Because it’s not. Imagine being in a cramped dark room and you see a door with light peeking from underneath. You walk to the door and you open it. Now, there is only Light. YOU. It really can be this easy, to recenter, to come back to peace and calm. It does NOT have to be a struggle.

Okay, you ask…I get the metaphor, but how? Every time you come up against your old conditioning and programming, the old habits of thought, try allowing yourself to be okay, anyhow– with all of it. Sit with it. Really acknowledge it is here, gently exhale, soften, and welcome it down into your Light- which I viscerally feel in my pelvic bowl, as a bowl of light.

Just in writing this, doing this with you in real time, I can sense I am dropping in a little bit deeper. Into clarity. Into Truth. I just realized I picked up a little debris, somewhere out there, triggering an old conditioned habit which I’m now clearing…into Light.

This is the power of doing this kind of practice. When you commit to being in Presence, you become your own healer. You are that anyhow, but maybe right now we all need to remember that we do have this power, this certainty.

Actually, at the beginning of April, this phrase came to me: Spirit wants your certainty. 

Self-doubt is prevalent right now. I’m hearing it – out there. For myself, I’m inviting it in. I allow the certainty of who I know I TRULY AM to meet the doubt. Hold it. Listen to its objections. Not push it away, and then simply watch it dissolve into space.

This is another way of saying what I’m telling you here in Be Light. So…go Be Light! Enjoy!


Card 58: Be Light

Be determined to embody the Light you are.

Who are you? You are Light. Light is your birthright. It has been here with you since birth and will be with you after death. It is your inner sanctuary, best friend, your precious Soul inside, energizing your creations and guiding you toward greater fulfillment and wholeness. The appearance of this card suggests it is time to claim the Light you are. Distracted, by old habits and conditioned thoughts, you may be looking for peace, certainty and calm in all the old, wrong, places. It is not where you yet aren’t, what you don’t yet have, or who you’ve already been—Light is right here and now, in who you already are and all you have!

You are being called to action, to embody yourself, your Light, on levels you previously have not, and to live from that place of Light. No matter where you think you are in your personal growth, consider this your invitation to step into your radiance, to own your magnificent and powerful luminosity, your LIGHT. How will you experience this Divine You? You can dance, play, watch sunset…or simply step into who you are in each moment, because, as you have been learning through every card in this divination deck, Light is ALL you are. Now is the time to completely lay to rest the belief that your Divinity exists outside of you. Any ideas that have you thinking: you are separate from Source, alone in this world, or that something outside or inside you must change in order to simply be okay, keeps you from feeling and knowing the beautiful bliss and Love you already are.

Know this: There’s a certain determination of Spirit required of you right now. No one is going to hand out permission to Be Light. No one will tell you who or how to be. You must claim it. By feeling your Light, knowing yourself as Light, and standing dignified and strong in your deepest convictions about yourself, you are and will be shown the way forward. So, be a little more stubborn about what you want from life, the kind of experiences you desire to get there, and how you want to feel as you move through the world. Own your certainty, wisdom, clarity, decisiveness, and joy. Step into what lights you up and you will instantly know yourself as Light. Nothing can touch or dim your brilliant Light. Be Light to know, feel, and experience it!

Symbol: Lighthouse. For a ship nearing land in a foggy storm, what a relief to see this beacon of Light. You, too, have a safe, peaceful, still harbor within, ever steady, right here. It is inside you; during times of doubt, distress or darkness, you can turn inward and reconnect to feel it. Just as the lighthouse is a refuge of safety, the one and only true way to feel certain and safe in this (sometimes) stormy world is to connect to your Light within. This is the ultimate form of energetic protection. Know yourself as Light in everything you are and do. Not for the purpose of being someone for another, or for the world, but for the fact that you truly like yourself, and it feels really good to be you! Just as a reflective surface multiplies it, being in your Light will ignite others to shine more brightly. In fact, Being Light is the only way to affect good. Be Light!


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  1. Maria

    Excellent timing for me dear one…thank you for the encouragement. Fourth house Sun following the moonlit path. XX

  2. Amy

    Thank you, Jessica! This was EXACTLY what I needed to hear!

  3. Helen A

    ooh that’s me!!! i exclaimed as soon as i saw the card…. okay honey when is your deck coming out… i just got paid…put me on your waitlist..

    No really, just have gone through squishy time at work, where everything i had worked for seemed to go up in smoke…. crap, i thought, let it go, even as i would wake up writing nasty emails in my head… aargh… one friend said, you should ask for something, they are at fault for neglecting you and are asking how to salvage… what could i ask for so when i leave, i can remember that workplace with good vibes instead of bad taste in my mouth… rewriting the emails in my brain again… oh i can still be the lighthouse that i was at work, and now i can be that for me… how fantastic…

    seriously when is the deck coming out? xoxo 🙂

  4. Silvia

    Hi Jessica, I loved this so much! Mahalo from Australia! 🙂

  5. Chris

    Love this card!!!
    Thank you~

  6. Helen

    Lighter.. If only in physical weight right now… I would be happy! Its not just the extra pounds due to comfort eating during lockdown.. And menopause.. Its the stress hormone cortisol.. So tuning in to our light on all levels has to be good for everyone… Laughter and a walk in the light.. Literally and figuratively has to help.. Isn’t that how angels fly.. Laughter.. Not wings. Looking forward to these cards x

  7. Jessica

    Maria, I think we need to make a t-shirt: “I follow moonlit paths…” 😉 xx

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