What would it feel like to…?

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Are you struggling with something you can’t seem to shift or change? Often, when we find ourselves engaged in a sort of futile internal gridlock, we are actually making conscious or unconscious statements about our experience which reinforces staying stuck.

This will never change… I can’t figure this out… I don’t know how to change XYZ.

Statements create blockage; they do not shift our reality because they are not invitations for change.

Statements reflect and therefore reinforce our current experience — the one we do not want to be having.

Questions invite actual solutions.

Ask as though it has been answered and it shall be…Questions invite our Divine Self to step in and provide the solution. Because, in Divine Reality there are no true problems, only solutions to be discovered (every question or problem in Divine Reality has already been answered and solved), asking the right question invites that solution to appear for us.

I have been struggling with Insomnia. It is an old struggle; cyclical, and always transitory planetary activity (often, during eclipse season and Neptune transits) -sensitively feeling energies I cannot control- are a major factor in this temporary cycle…yet it still understandably bothers me.

Today, resting on the sofa, the Surrender card popped into my head. Tuning into the swaying palms and the gentle breeze on the lanai, I thought: I am ready to feel something different. And, so instead of using “complaining” statements I decided to try something different.

Instead of stating “I can’t figure out how to XYZ” I asked: ”What would it feel like to XYZ?” Then I waited. It didn’t take long.

WHOA! my energy body answered. Yessss, it said, It feels just like this. A wave of warmth, connection, knowing, relaxation, and deep peace washed over me. I felt Oneness. I felt it truly didn’t matter whether I was able to nap or not, and that All Is Well. This is the Truth.

Isn’t this exactly what we are all after? It’s not necessarily the thing we want, it’s the feeling we think its resolution will give us. There is nothing to solve, only awareness to step into. When in this space, everything is okay. Nothing needs to be resolved because it already has.

Often, when we are extremely sensitive and aware it’s a double edged sword because we can easily feel so much. If you are struggling to “figure out” how to have a different experience, know this: You have a remarkable sensitive feeling nature and you can use this ability to connect with your Divinity. You can utilize your capacity to feel anything and everything, by asking: What would it feel like to XYZ…?

…And, since “how?” can be such a bugaboo question, instead of asking yourself how, over and over again in that self-defeating way that creates so much angst in your energy field, you can ask Spirit/Your Divinity to simply SHOW you how…through your energy body.

Whether you want peace, love, relaxation, health, abundance, empowerment, grounding… Ask, what would it feel like to…?  Instead of making the same old statement, become curious. You can have a different experience. You are Divine; you can call forth anything.


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  1. Diana Milan

    What a beautiful gift this essay is…thank you! I’ve heard the message many times but never put so softly and elegantly. It seeped into my soul and I could feel it. You have such a profound and yet soft way with words. What a blessing you are!

  2. LauraG


    Timely as always! I have something to share about insomnia that shifts it for me. Well, two tips, actually. The first one is to think, “Oh, yay! My soul has me all to herself. I am going to listen/talk to her.” And the second is to think, “Wow, unexpected me time.” After that I usually feel a bit excited instead of full of dread. In the former case, often if I note what my soul woke me up to tell me, I can go back to sleep. The second is harder to disengage from so I can read a bit or get up and down to use the bathroom, and eventually my mind turns off.

  3. libramoon

    by libramoon

    Questions can be so comforting.
    Anything can be supposed as
    simple what ifs.
    Moving through the world
    with blinders and coded boundaries,
    not seeing what we see,
    but what we have told ourselves
    or been told so long
    questioning never occurs
    We must question our metaphors,
    our underlying principles,
    our shared or unshared perceptions,
    in ever more precise attempts
    to cover the distance.
    But who has the time for that?
    Long walks that suddenly awaken questioning:
    “Where am I going?
    Who is this “me”
    that has a destiny
    or merely flits along prevailing wind?”
    It’s that question we need to explore,
    experiments that intrigue us,
    that essential project calling for our attentive exercise,
    work to improve our lives that feels real,
    that gives us shining dreams, appreciation
    for who we can be
    realizing history is only destiny
    when explorations cease;
    invitations from space and time
    come complete
    with choices
    Do you get what we’re all missing?
    We could be questioning and listening.
    Giving credence to each other’s dreams


  4. Jessica

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Libra Moon! Thank you for sharing your writing with us. xx Jessica

  5. Jessica

    Those are good tips, thank you Laura. I agree, when we are able to shift not sleeping to me-time, it’s so lovely. Like you, I find I sometimes crave those dark times in the middle of the night when all the outside Ego energies are asleep and disengaged. Being awake at this time can feel very inward and comforting. xx

  6. Jessica

    Thank you, Diana. Your reflections on the quality of my energy are such a lift for me on this bleary-eyed morning 🙂 xx

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