No Reason For This

by | Aug 13, 2021 | Writing | 9 comments

stop seeking perfection; it doesn’t exist
–even the perfecting of your own understanding

there is no “better than this”
better mother, lover, partner
more successful healer, teacher, friend
there is only: What feels good now to me, right now?

there is nothing broken in your life
nothing wrong with you, or another
there is only: This isn’t working for me in the way I like; what do I want to do about it?

there is no magic pill or formula
no cure for the Mystery that ails you
no explanation for the latest calamity- at least not one that will satisfy
there is only: What would comfort me? What do I need?

there is no reason for This
no meaning nor understanding to be had
no wisdom and no sense
there is only: Can I be okay with this? And if I’m not, how?

there is no comprehending the incomprehensible
no resolution for the nightmare still haunting your dreams, leaving your eyes wet upon awakening
for the unconscious memories that persist, long after leaving it all behind, long after you’ve healed
there is only: I am here now, and I am safe

there are no more spiritual lessons to be learned from this latest anomaly, practical setback or massive inconvenience
no karma to rectify
no more personal integration or inner work at hand
there is only: Can I be at peace with myself? And if I’m not, how?

there is no thinking your way out of this energy, emotion, “problem”
there is only a gentle loosening and softening of your insides, your tense muscles
a recentering into the stillness of your Being
and the humble and heartfelt prayer: I AM. Spirit, please show me the way…

…for you have been taught that when it doesn’t work, it is your fault
…you have been taught you are not enough, and to keep searching for enough
…you have been taught there is a reason and meaning behind everything, and to never rest until you find it
…these thoughts have made you tired, tangled, and afraid to see what’s Real and True

It is not your fault. Life has taught you to think; now it is time to FEEL

Untie yourself, child, let it all become loose and simple and Light again
there is no reason for any of this, no magic wand, no karma to resolve, no answer
there is only one question to sincerely ask, of your own Spirit: Can I Be Light? And then, Spirit, show me how…

-Jessica Shepherd, healer, author of Follow the Moonlit Path


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  1. Kim Werfel

    This is stunning. Gorgeous and wise.

    Thank you.

  2. Siren

    Thank you for this. I needed it.

  3. Anonymous

    Love this one! It really bother’s me when people say “there’s a reason why for everything”, makes me want to scream, ugh! People forget we also live in a world that Random is working too.

  4. Carla Sharp


  5. Kim Cross

    I really value this tonight. It’s clear with no confusion. It’s sound advice. I feel like my slate is wiped clean. There’s no need to fear anything or anything anyone else says to scare you. Thank you so very much!

  6. Patricia

    So needed to hear this right now. Thank you.

  7. S Nicole Hill

    You are beauty

  8. Tina

    Your words are such soul balm. Thank you.

  9. Helen Alksnys

    yyyyeeeeessssssss!!!!! xo

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