Divine Intervention, Reversed

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When my 8-year-old niece came to visit last month, we took her to one of Oahu’s top snorkel spots; the ocean life is magnificent there (we had even heard several people talking about seeing an octopus). A natural mermaid, she had just seen the movie My Octopus Teacher and so was beyond excited. Yet when it was time to get in, she became extremely frustrated at being unable to put on her snorkel mask.  She wanted so desperately to get underneath, and breathe.

(Don’t we all?!)

Bless her, she was trying so hard, but something wasn’t working for her. Meanwhile, an upset catch in her throat, she began saying “I can’t. I can’t. I can’t do it.” She was crying now. Her little body sitting on the shore, miserably struggling with the contraption.

I felt so much compassion for her. I well-knew that angst. The feeling of futility, desperation, that arises when you are deeply suffering from the belief that what you want and need is out of reach.

Have you ever had moments days, weeks, or years of feeling forgotten by Source/Spirit/God/Divine Aid/Protection/Help?

…felt like no one is listening — no one is hearing your prayers?

…that answered prayers are as rare as receiving a message in a bottle?

One of my Ego’s wounds (to my Spirituality) is believing Spirit isn’t here for me. Even though I’ve made leaps and bounds of progress here, it can creep back in when I feel overwhelmed by a potent cocktail of intense energies and bodily pain. It creeps in when I’m at my most vulnerable. The feeling is: I need help! True enough, yet it comes out like I’m pleading with Something/Someone for relief, relief that feels outside of reach. I feel abandoned, alone, scared that no one hears my call.

And when I believe this is true: All bets are off. I cannot clear energy, I cannot relax back into my Awareness, which always allows me to find the answers to my own questions. Everything I don’t want becomes magnified, and therefore much more uncomfortable. Most importantly, I realize, in these moments I deny myself my own co-creative powers to shift, release, change, transform.

This week, it crept back in. When I finally asked Spirit, through the cards: What’s going on here?! I pulled the Divine Intervention card. I’ve noticed, when I pull the Divine Intervention card, my relationship to my Divinity is up for re-examination; when I pull the Divine Intervention card, reversed, my relationship to my Divinity is up for re-examination -AND- I’m leaking energy around it. In my card deck, a reverse card is the equivalent of trying to ride a bike with a flat tire… which is no fun and really frustrating.

Then it began to slowly unravel and become clear… Oh, I’m in the unconscious conditioning of believing that I’m being denied Divine help, aid, relief.  I’m believing that God/Spirit/Source is outside of me. I have forgotten who I AM.

What a blessing it was to receive this reminder! It took a few days to recenter my energies. As I began to reframe that help I sought as my own Divine Awareness, I did a spontaneous energy practice. To really feel the I AM in myself, I said “I AM here,” at each body part, head to toe. I felt the energetic difference between the pleading Ego; that part of me that was hurt & believing herself to be alone, abandoned by God, essentially -AND- that of my own Divine Presence & Awareness which, Spirit reminded me, “doesn’t your Divinity feel a lot like the Presence of the sweet dog Magnus sleeping next to you?”—quiet, peaceful, just here. 😉 I sank into it and realized I could hold both comfortably. The combination of doing these two things: making the cognitive shift -AND- doing the energy practice, along with time, patience, self-compassion and grace, finally shifted me back to GOOD.

In fact, at one point while sitting in this dichotomy, my Ego, not entirely convinced that Spirit is always working on my behalf even when I am distracted by mental conditioning and cannot see it, sort of complained “but how can I be sure I will KNOW?” The phone rang at that moment. I “just knew” (a) it was my husband and (b) his call was to remind me it was time to get up and go to the pool, lest I miss my moment of opportunity (the window for my hobby, swimming, during pandemic times, is fairly limited and tricky). When I answered the phone, John said: “I don’t know why I called… I just had the urge to say hello.” I replied, “I know why.” When I showed up at the pool, and the lifeguard said to me, “Lane two just now opened up for you…” I thought, well, yes, of course it did.

This is how INTUITIVE KNOWING is actually our Divinity, and how, when we get distracted, the world chimes in to help (Oneness).

It’s true, often, in the moments we need help we forget to actually Ask for help. Articulate the specifics. Ask ourselves “What do I most need right now?” and put it out there to Spirit. Instead of fretting and angst-ing about, get a little more determined about having an answer. That’s one message of the Divine Intervention card. But, turned another way, this prism-like card shows multiple facets.

…because sometimes we can “plea” and not really believe anything is going to change, right?

…because sometimes we can think we’re asking for help, but we’re really complaining – stuck in an old wound, right?

…Sometimes it’s about the relationship we have with Spirit,True Self, our very Divinity, and Oneness — All are One and the Same. 

When the above statement becomes shaky for me, when I don’t feel in my Knowing & Power – when I don’t trust in my own ability to move mountains, answer my own questions & problems, in my ability to KNOW what I need to KNOW, and -given patience, time and a little grace- to feel at Peace … it’s always about my relationship to my Divinity. I need to realign into the Truth of who I am.

My niece figured it out. Her mom and I soothed and sat with her, until, after some long minutes, she came up with the answer, “Maybe I will just use the goggles, like I do when I’m swimming.” And voila! We went from being on the precipice of a ruined beach day, to swimming into the deeps and seeing some beautiful fish. She loved being out there so much she didn’t want to leave.

I was so inspired by her. We didn’t figure it out for her; she figured it out on her own. With patience, time, compassion and levity (honestly, a few poop jokes!), she solved her own problem. From the mouths of babes, as they say. THIS is how we do it: We ask our Soul to sit with us – our wounded Ego, our misperceptions, our angst- to hold our own little hand, until we figure this s*** out.

—And guess what? I figured it out this week, too.—

This is WHY I created this deck: to call forth my own Divinity, my own power, ability, awareness, knowing…

And why I wanted to send this to you, in case you need it. Are you feeling like: No one is hearing your prayers? You can’t get ahold of the soothing and relief you need? That help, or anything you want and need, is outside of your power?

If so, this is your reminder: Help is here and available for the asking.




Card 43: Divine Intervention

Help is here and available for the asking.

When we are afraid or hurting, it is easy to think we are alone in this life. In Divine reality, which is the True reality, we are in eternal connection, so intervention from the Spirit world is occurring constantly and is always available to us. Are you feeling afraid, alone, disconnected from the experiential knowing and total trust in the Divine Plan for you, and for everyone? Are your human troubles and fears understandably distracting you from placing your trust in the perfection of life and Source? Did you temporarily forget that everything is unfolding in perfection and love? Is fear obscuring your connection, making it hard for you to know “what to do”?

The appearance of this card suggests it is time to align with your Divinity, Spirit/God/Goddess, All That Is, and to call on helpers, or the spiritual help you need, like: Grace, Trust, Faith, Peace. All are available to you for the asking. Get grounded, rooted, and centered. Sincerely ask to experience and deeply know perfect Faith, Trust, Peace, and Grace in this situation. Call it forth. Then wait. All emotions are temporary energies, but just like strong weather, intense emotion can distract us from our inner listening and knowing. We can forget our own wisdom and find it difficult to listen inward. However, even amidst the strongest of distracting emotions, if you can locate just a thimble full of trust, one iota of Light, you will energetically be back online and able to access your intuitive guidance. Decide, right now, that you are back online, that you are Peace, and you will begin to feel the Peace that is yours. Then, your next step will become intuitively obvious, without any hesitation or doubt. Call it prayer, aligning with All That Is, or remembering the I AM, it is time to re-center into this Truth: you are Love. All is perfection. And Spirit has got your back.

Symbol: Message in a bottle on a beach. Sometimes it feels like no one hears us or is listening. That answered prayers are as rare as receiving a message in a bottle. Divine Spirit, no matter how far away you perceive it to be, is right here and now, and your acknowledgement of this allows your concerns, worries, and hopes to be gently carried on the sea of Love directly to your Source Self. Sand symbolizes broken down barriers and obstacles; allow your fears to melt, give them over to Source. You are both message and bottle, the questioner and the answer to your own prayers. Re-center your faith on this: what your Soul most desires is about to happen for you. A solution will arrive soon, perhaps on a beach near you!

…This deck is so *magical*! I’d love for you to have this magic on hand, for yourself. Preorder your copy of the Intuitive Energy Divination Deck right here (linked).


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  1. Susie

    Dearest Jessica
    You have saved me this morning. I was feeling exactly as you describe and totally hopeless. Your words have opened a little window in the darkness for me and let in the LIGHT. I can see ahead once again and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are blessed to have you there sharing your experiences and wisdom in such a generous and accessible way. Susie

  2. Anonymous


  3. Anya Ushakova

    Thank you, Jessica. Where are places to buy your cards? ?

  4. Jessica

    Mahalo & Welcome Back, Susie <3

  5. Mel

    Wow. Just Wow. I was in a downward spiral of worry and fear and stress just looping and sapping my life force. For some reason, all of your emails have not been in my primary folder and I haven’t seen them. Found this one in the most perfect timing. Bless you for communicating Spirit. Grateful.

  6. Jessica

    Beautiful. Just beautiful, Mel! xx Jessica

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