“We Are Here”

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Intuitive Energy Practice, Spirit Message | 5 comments

This week, I was prompted to share a message from Spirit in a new medium – as a recording. On a personal level, even though over the years I’ve recorded hundreds of tracks for clients, lectures, and audio books, audio often feels less smooth for me than writing, and I feel more inclined for my conditioning to kick up. Yet I was encouraged to do it anyhow. So, if you are empathic and pick up on any of my insecurities, say “this is not mine” to release them.  🙂

That said, please enjoy this 21 minute audio message. The first 11 mins. is a leisurely guided reconnection exercise for tuning into your Awareness, followed by a Spirit message for us about how to feel more actively supported by Divine Consciousness right now.



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  1. Rebecca Mueller

    Perfect! Exactly what I need now. Thank you.

  2. Vanessa Santana

    Thank You!

  3. Jennifer Weir

    Thank you Jessica, your posts are always greatly valued and now this little gift is just wonderful.

  4. Valerie

    Thank you!! Such comfort and some tears in feeling supported

  5. Jessica

    I’m so glad. Thank you for saying so, Valerie 🙂 Jessica

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