A Healing Message for the Taurus Full Moon Eclipse

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In this linked blog post called Getting to the Root of Guilt, I share my experience healing feelings of guilt whenever I: held a boundary, claimed space, and did what I wanted. In short, guilt for being ME!

You can read about the process, but there was a beautiful Taurus Eclipse gem at the center: I reclaimed my self-trust.

Trust. How fitting for a Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! Going deep (Scorpio) into reclaiming self-trust and safety (Taurus).

For me, this also fit since the full moon spans my chart’s Libra Rising houses of ancestral healing (8th) and self-trust, safety (2nd).

(Note*: If you want to know where this lunation occurs for you, see 28′ Taurus-Scorpio in your chart, and read this article, linked here. Next month, 12/3, we will experience a second eclipse, solar, at 12’22’ Sagittarius, so you can also read for this as well.)

At this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, you may find yourself navigating an old energy pattern. Eclipses highlight patterns. By definition, eclipses ARE celestial patterns originating from long ago, and they continue to repeat over thousands of years, backward and forward.

Some have even proposed a theory that the entire Universe is actually a hologram of patterns unfolding in infinite ways. When we get discouraged that we are STILL repeating a pattern, this thought may be comforting. After all, if the Universe IS patterns, and we are made of stardust, then we are patterns, too, unfolding in a variety of ways.

We are infinitely finding creative resolutions to never-ending patterns. Patterns our ancestors faced, and patterns our children, will face.

So, if it’s supposed to work this way… Could you be kinder on yourself when that same old difficult pattern comes up again?

Personally, I’m finding it necessary to offer myself ever more increasing levels of self-compassion and self-kindness.

Your unfolding is not linear. It will happen in various ways, over and over again. Even if you feel you are covering the same old ground, it will NOT be the same as the first time you did this, or the last. You are making progress. You are learning, and you are healing.

Multiple choices exist within any pattern. Repeat: Multiple choices exist within any pattern. This means there is not just one path for you, but a number of ways to work this reality. There won’t be a test at the end of your life. You won’t be graded. And you most certainly can’t get this life wrong.

Let’s all soften, lighten up, and hold ourselves very gently.

So much LOVE to you at this beautiful Taurus Lunar Eclipse.



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  1. Nathan Woodruff

    My sign , my path and my journey.

  2. Jessica

    Thank you, Nathan! Happy Full Moon to you. xx

  3. Nickler

    I enjoy reading your insightful articles so much Jessica. I always visit your website when I need a place of comfort and understanding. Keep sharing your authentic light into the world. You bring much needed strength and self awareness to others.

  4. Jessica

    Big Hugs to you Nickler. xx Jessica

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