Message from Spirit: On the Planet Right Now

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This written conversation arose directly out of a session with my Intuitive Energy Divination Deck. I hadn’t been feeling well for a couple of days and I pulled some cards, asking Spirit to bring me the awareness I need to acknowledge and clear the energy.

I thought this would be a good example to share with you, about how I use the deck, and why it works so well for sensitives, energy sensitives, healers, empaths. Many of my cards address the unique challenges of perceiving subtle energies. I have never encountered this type of support in another card deck, which is likely why I channeled this into the deck– I needed the support!

Here’s a picture of the card spread; these illuminated the fact that I was dealing with disresonant energies (Disresonance) that weren’t mine, the right approach is to Surrender instead of trying to change how I was feeling, and, finally, to be open to drawing more “lines in the sand” to protect my energy (last card, upside down- which in my system means it’s a protection card).

intuitive energy divination deck card draw

I was left still with the persistent feeling that I needed to acknowledge what, precisely, the sticky, heavy, feeling I was experiencing was. Acknowledgement – bringing a thing to conscious Awareness- always clears energy. I connected the heavy, oily, description Spirit mentions, below, with the New Mexico wildfires happening right now, and the loved ones and friends who live there.

After this conversation, I felt lighter. I am sharing an excerpt of this with you in case you find it helpful!

Me: I feel badly. I am unclear as to why. Divine Spirit can you guide my Awareness in the right direction?

Spirit: The planet – it’s people- the consciousness of what’s occurring, is impacting you right now. It is not a direct association, though, it is, yes, happening through and to loved ones you are connected with.

Feel into what you are precisely feeling, as you have begun. You feel tired, then underneath that? Sad. Then underneath that? Some grief, some despair, some specific to the Earth itself, which you know as Light, so you can feel that difference can’t you? A darkening of perception over what you know as Light? Yes, it does feel harder to reach right now.

Me: What can I do about it? Do I need to… (do more practices, etc.)

Spirit: When oil meets water the two never mix; however, the oil sticks in clumps and the way to dissolve the oil is to add more water, and more, until that sticky, heavy, bubble disperses into small bubbles which become indistinguishable from water molecules.

The practices you do, routines, are the water. Adding Light.

Helpful, healthful, and yet the reason you feel they sometimes are not enough is because the oil has been issued in such large amounts. Your sleep (quality) is connected to your daytime, of course it is, and to everyone you’ve connected with as well.

Do all you do to stay Light with your routines- the energy practices, and lately especially being in Nature itself, for you – increases your capacity.

Try not to focus on the energy depletion you feel as a thing to fix. This will make you feel worse. Instead, what feels good? What feels good? Over and over, as much as you need, place no limit on your quest to enjoy yourself, to be in GOOD, while knowing that sometimes the oil is big, greater than you’re used to, which is why it feels so disruptive right now.




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  1. Kristin

    Thank you. It always goes back to gratitude doesn’t it? Appreciate the reminder to not try so hard to fix ourselves and also the example of your conversation with Spirit. I use cards alot too and it’s helpful to see how you differentiate between your own thoughts and those of Spirit. I often wonder if I’m just making things up that I think Spirit is telling me but this gives me a bit more confidence in what I’m receiving.

  2. Jessica

    I’m glad to hear you felt a bit of confidence with this share, Kristin!
    It always reassures me to think we can each have a relationship, with Spirit, if we want it.
    I hear you about trusting what’s being received. I set the space, which helps me to make the distinction between my voice and Spirit’s: I set the intention, get quiet/centered/grounded, humbly ask, and then wait. <3 Jessica

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