A South Node Moment

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If you find yourself wanting to hit “ignore” when the world calls, DO IT.  Today (actually, tonight, while many of us are sleeping) the Scorpio Moon passes over the south node – the point aligned with letting go, retreat and focus on the innermost, spiritual, Self. Are you letting go of something you no longer need? Are certain formerly yummy things losing their taste? Do you just want to curl up and shut out the world?

I’ve been having a moment… of pulling back, going inward and being inside myself. It’s a south node moment.

Are you having a south node moment, too?

This past Cancer New Moon fell exactly on my natal Cancer South Node and I recognized the feeling. When it started to feel like I would have to force myself -to write, work or keep up with the algorithms – I didn’t. Actually, doing anything felt like trying to walk through fog and quicksand at once. So kind of no point, eh?

This feeling is familiar. I was born with south node conjunct my Cancer Sun. Regarding “what that means” my astrological best guess is: I’ve been in worldly or leadership positions before, over various lifetimes. With my Cancer energies this leadership probably had mostly to do with caring for and nurturing others’ well-being – since it’s a theme that has repeated.

I’ve been “hungry” for the stuff of the world, for achievement, and I feel I’ve more than tasted but I’ve satisfied those drives; with my third house Capricorn North Node, I’ve written books and become famous in my small way. But because of my sun-node configuration, I’m also very oriented toward the south node experiential-knowing of having “been here, done that” before. Perhaps, many times before.

For me, as appropriate for the south node of the Moon, this comes up as a feeling, of weariness. Fatigue. A feeling of sitting at the noisy kitchen table of the world, watching the drama happen all around me, and witnessing. And feeling truly okay with letting any and all of it go.

The south node is currently transiting Scorpio, and my guess is you may feel more than a bit world-weary and worn out, too.  Collectively… the drama, the dance of desire, aggression, power, trauma…You don’t have to be a Scorpio to feel emotional “battle fatigue”

Yet, even stating this, I can sense into the polarizing energetics of this simple sentence – which is the opposite of my point. A true south node perspective doesn’t have “a horse in this race,” as they say… or in any race at all.

This orientation has given me a different perspective. Like… and I feel this is the south node speaking: In the end, it’s all the same.

Whether you devote your life to watching sunset, or creating a lifetime of achievements and awards, ultimately, all desires converge. We all desire contentment and peace, want to both be loved -and to give love to something or someone worthy of that love, and we want to feel our life matters. This last bit can happen in a variety of ways, because what makes one’s life valuable is one-hundred ten-million percent subjective. It’s only our inner valuation that counts.

Another south node truism? All things become empty if you do them long enough. Spiritual guru Osho once said, ‘if you can’t stop thinking of sex- have sex until you don’t want it anymore.’ You can substitute ice cream. Or fame, relevance, recognition. He was, in a way, describing the process of moving from the north node to the south node. The north node holds our hunger, insatiable motivating drives we attempt to satisfy in various ways. Eventually, the south node sits at the buffet of life, not eating, just watching. It’s an odd kind of empty, learning to enjoy a different kind of fullness. It’s not about hunger for the world. Not anymore.

There’s a time and a place for both south and north node activities. We can’t have one without the other. I am grateful for the hunger to publish my work, for instance, because without that desire I don’t think I’d bother sharing my writing or thoughts with you.

Yet in a world that celebrates worldly recognition, fame, popularity, “power”, achievement as the ultimate values, I am happy to celebrate the other point of view. I work when I feel like it. I rest when I feel like it. I listen to and dialogue with my inner being, and my energy body, quite a lot. I live intuitively; I do my best to not allow external expectations or cultural conditioning to dictate my decisions, or schedule. I frequently ask myself, “Is this what I really want, and want to be doing? Am I enjoying myself?” and then I actually listen to the answer. I savor sunsets over social media likes, monk fruit ice cream over production. I give myself permission to explore creative curiosities without expectation for reward of any kind. And I recognize I am fortunate to be able to do any of this.

In my fantasy-turned-reality world, I sit on my own little floating star, fertile imagination, notebooks, paints in hand, pondering questions, looking for answers, and feel utterly content and self-sufficient. And, because I have one of those weird nodal situations where I am returning to where I’ve already been (sun conjunct south node -AND- north node ruler- ha! say that three times fast!) this is a pretty accurate description of my reality at this point in time. I occasionally peek out share my explorations with you.

Suffice it to say, I’m having a south node moment; a perfect time for fulfilling that kind of fantasy. I’m also more deeply letting go of still-lingering south node Cancerian caretaking impulses. I’m recognizing this habit tastes as fulfilling as sawdust.

So, if you find yourself wanting to hit “ignore” when the world calls, DO IT. If you are having a south node transit that lasts longer than a moment, you may find yourself: retiring, or letting go of the roles and expectations of the world in favor of your own internal explorations and experiences. It is a classically “spiritual” time, in that your inner life –the life of your Spirit– is favored, and worldly things tend to fall away. For instance, if you are a Scorpio born, the south node is transiting your sign (Jan 2022- Jul 2023) and this may feel very relevant right now.  But honestly, every month the (Scorpio) Moon transits the node, so each and all of us get to have a south node moment. If you need a cheerleader for this, I’m here. I will always advocate for your innermost private Self!

Remember, whether at day’s end, or the end of your life, all that matters is the meaning you bring to it. Whether you have a body of work to show for it, a body of knowledge, or a body that’s experienced many different, strange things… It’s all the same. This Awareness is not only True with a capital “T,” it can make letting go –of any or all of it– a whole lot easier, kinder, gentler.


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  1. Pluto's Child

    Thank you for writing this, from a Scorpio. With Scorpio in my second house with a Stellium, I gave up a high-pay, high-exhaustion, decade-long career to start selling my talent as astrologer and tarot-card reader. No longer looking for the 9-5, just looking for smaller/easier jobs that allow me to supplement income from my small business. I used to wear branded stuff, get ready every morning, look a certain way. And here I am, not needing more worldly goods, clothes, shoes or bags. I have stopped shopping other than the basics and essentials. Sometimes I can’t even recognize who I have become. 🙂 I know this is a transitional phase, and it will take me where I am supposed to be, at the right time.

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