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you do have something to contribute
it may not look like what anyone else’s does
it may not resemble a collective value,
what the world says it wants, and so rewards
or one we recognize yet- because your value is visionary
it may…
not fit into your daily life
be disruptive
disallow you from participating in many things others do
or the way in which things are done
because that is its nature
to show you what you have come to teach
perhaps you cannot…
drink the water
tolerate the food
bend your body into that shape
make yourself operate on a regular clock, or schedule
fit in those clothes
adapt to a work environment
or belong in that community – even if it’s where you live
while “this seems to be working for everyone else”
it doesn’t… no, no, not for you
and, in fact, this IS your superpower
here it is, hiding in plain sight!
underneath something else:
an idea others have led you to believe is wrong about yourself
a thing you have told yourself you must do
a way you’ve insisted that you must live
when it is really like this:
YOU don’t WANT to do it like that– not in that way
this is your superpower
like any superpower, it will magically free you into your best self
but, like any superpower, it requires your ongoing dedication
and unflinching honesty
to honor it
you must break away from consensual reality
reconnect to your deepest True Self
ask, and to listen to, what it is YOU really WANT
over and over again
owning your uniqueness as a strength
trusting that when you finally do all of this, ALL WILL BE WELL
you want to feel purposeful? make a contribution?
if this is you,
your contribution isn’t necessarily measured by lives touched
or ideas about serving or helping others
awards, accomplishments, money or numbers of books written
it is the act of freeing yourself, over and over again
~feeling your own joy, liberation, and peace~
and when you don’t, figuring out how to feel that way again
THIS is what sends ripples into Divine Consciousness
THIS is what truly serves One and All
THIS is your superpower in action
…and the way you will arrive at this feeling is as unique as you are.


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  1. Melanie

    This arrived in my inbox in perfect divine timing. Thank you.

  2. Jessica

    YAY! Thank you for leaving a comment, Melanie! xx

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