Mistakes (& Liz Gilbert’s Letters From Love)

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Yikes! The very accurate card draw for my intuitive override.

I don’t know if you have ever noticed this, but I certainly do: I think I’m having a very personal experience but then I find out another Healer is having an eerily similar variation of what I’m grokking. I’ll click on Instagram, or open up my inbox, to discover: Hey, I’m not the only one going through this right now!

It speaks to our Interconnectedness; I feel we are doing Oneness work, together. Just as the whole of Consciousness shifts one drop at a time, it makes sense that similar themes come up for groups of us.

This past week, I made a mistake. I didn’t listen to myself, and I got sick with some kind of respiratory bug. The good news is, my Intuition is always and ever present; yes, the Inner Knower is alive and well!!! I am aware of the YES and the NO even when I fall asleep at the wheel, get distracted by Conditioning, get lazy, or fall into old habits- all what I call an “Intuitive Override.” An intuitive override is just what it says: You override your intuition.

…And when I do this, the consequences can be pretty huge. I got reallly sick. And not for the first time this fall. Cue: Getting angry at myself.

I have a confession: I can be really hard on myself, folks!!! I can be really kind, too, but when it comes to inner listening – overriding my intuition- I can really dole out the self-flagellation. As such, I’ve been working on self-forgiveness all week, in between the nose blowing and general physical misery.

So, this morning when I awakened to Liz Gilbert’s Letters From Love email on Mistakes, I thought: Hmmm, wouldn’t you know it? I recall passively subscribing to her mailing on Substack, as I’ve always enjoyed her work. Maybe it’s because she’s a Cancer Sun born, like me, but she resonates. If you’re not familiar with her Letters From Love, in a nutshell it is a Q&A she writes to Love. Or, you could say she asks for Soul/Spirit/Goddess/All That Is Guidance and channels the Answer she most needs. On Sundays, she publishes this on her Substack, and asks others to follow suit.

As a writer, this is also one of my tools – channeling Spirit Guidance through writing. So, because the Divine synchronicity of Oneness called and I chose to answer that call, I decided to join in. I’m posting mine, here, for you to read. You can visit Liz’s substack and read her letter.  And, of course, you can join in. You can do it with her, or here, or on your own. In my experience, Guidance feels best when you can give it to yourself. 🙂


Q: What does Spirit want me to know about making mistakes?

A: You will keep making mistakes because this is how you expand from where you are to where you are going next. It is not a straight line. Life is meant to be lived in this spiral of returning to where you’ve been in order to become where you are next.

Look at the world, at Earth. It is no different in the Collective than it is within you. What comes around has gone around. And so it is. You think you aren’t liking the consequences of not listening to yourself when its the not listening that you don’t like. And the self-anger you experience is an opportunity to be kind.

Perhaps the number of times you experience the same mistake in different forms underscores what you most want for yourself? Absolute self-honoring? The mistakes are a form of not honoring the self, which is some of your hardest-wired Conditioning. Therefore, why be harsh? The understanding you have is immense; you are wise to this. You know exactly how difficult this is for you because it is like gravity: What goes up must come down- the further away you got from yourself, the larger the Correction.

There is no other way. Extremes exist so you can see yourself clearly; were the stark differences not so pronounced, it just wouldn’t be the prize you seek.  And self-honoring is the prize of a life lived in Authenticity, as you say, or as we say, in harmony with your Spirit & Soul.

See if you can cherish the reflection this gives you on what matters most to you. How willing you are to set fire to all you’ve been told and instead carve out a new path! Your intention is pure and True. A momentary lapse of “asleep” does not change all of it- the whole of who you are and who you consciously choose to express and Be!

And so: If self compassion and self kindness are also a form of self-honoring for you, if you can elevate self-kindness to the same level as “being true to myself” “listening to Truth” “honoring myself”…you will find that mistakes still happen, but with far less self-flagellation.





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