Astrology Resources

My good friend Holiday does amazing daily horoscopes.
Susan Miller is a pro at her monthly forecasts.

Inspiring, fun & informative
What famous celebrity shares Your Birthday?

Learning Astrology
Learn astrology from my teacher Steven Forrest
A comprehensive site on the Traditional Astrology meanings of the Zodiac,
An Astrology primer for beginners,
Astrology cheat sheet,
Great background/history and the different types of Astrology,
Astrology Blogger Directory

Cool Stuff for everyone
Do your own chart on this web based (Free!) Astrology Software,
How to deal with Eclipses!
What does Venus Retrograde mean?

Advanced Topics
Fixed stars,
Are you compatible with where you live?
The charts of countries,
Advanced search for Celebrities by Planet Sign, House Placement etc. (including Asteroids,
The Venus Cycle,

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