Intuitive Series SESSIONS

Profound change takes time. A container, a reliable space to return to with another -as witness, mentor, guide, space holder- can help us hold steady during strong and stormy weather. When it’s hard to see ten feet in front of us, when we feel like we are looking for keys in a snowstorm, having someone point out we do have a flashlight in our back pocket, and the keys are nearby, is invaluable.

Mentors have played such an important role in my life. I can’t imagine who I’d be today without the mentorship and wisdom of several key people. This is why I conceived the series sessions. Working together with a trusted person, over time, creates a touchstone for the Soul’s voice to speak on deeper levels, for the inner wise guide to gloriously emerge from the fog or darkness.

Here are some reasons to consider working together over time:

You would like ongoing perspective on the changing events and circumstances of your life

You’re experiencing personal or interpersonal conflict and asking the kind of questions that take time to answer

You’re in a period of longer term change and would like some context & meaning for this change

You’d like to work with someone who can skillfully hold a thread of continuity for your process 

What does a session require from you? Only a desire to share and explore. You don’t need to know astrology. Within the context of a supportive relationship, a series of one-on-one intuitive sessions facilitates healing, personal meaning and self-understanding.

We begin our explorations right where you are. We meet in person or by phone in weekly or bi-monthly one-hour sessions. Because of the ongoing nature of our work, these are purchased in 4 one-hour increments. Click here to purchase a series of sessions.

Here’s what my clients have to say about their series sessions with me:

“I love our sessions and am so glad to have found you…I love studying astrology, but I can’t imagine it would have had such a positive and on-going effect on my life without your intuitive, open-minded, thoughtful, and imaginative counseling and teaching. You have such a wonderful gift!”


“The work we’ve done together has been very enlightening for me- at many splendid levels. You’ve touched my heart, opened my mind and soothed my soul.”


“Talking with you has helped me give voice to things I am feeling and experiencing but don’t have a language for.”


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