BLOODDIALMy fascination with the ancient art of astrology began at age 18, when I became very ill and the stars gave me a compass exactly when I needed one. Astrology placed my life in the grander scheme by reminding me of who I truly am. It did so in a personal and revelatory way, it was as though I’d found a missing lifelong friend (she happened to be me!). Astrology has since grown into an empowering tool for navigating periods of transformative change for my self, and my clients.

You don’t need to know any astrology to benefit from working together, only a desire to deeply learn about you. The counseling format will open up a creative inner dialogue, empowering you to move beyond your conceived identity and circumstances and into realms of possibility. Through dialoguing with each other, and the archetypes, we peel back the layers of debris and misunderstanding clouding your life and remind you of your essence. Within the context of an ongoing supportive relationship, a series of one-on-one astro-counseling sessions facilitates healing, personal meaning and self-understanding.

Here are some reasons to consider astrology counseling:

  • You’re trying to get perspective on the events and circumstances of your life
  • You’re experiencing personal or interpersonal conflict and asking the deep questions
  • You’re in a period of unsettling change and would like some context & meaning
  • You’ve read the astrology books, and now you’d like an astrology teacher

I make this easy for you. We begin our explorations right where you are. We meet in person or by phone in weekly or bi-monthly one-hour sessions. Because of the ongoing nature of our work, these are purchased in 4 one-hour increments. Click here to purchase a series of sessions.

Here’s what my clients have to say about their series sessions with me:

“I love our sessions and am so glad to have found you…I love studying astrology, but I can’t imagine it would have had such a positive and on-going effect on my life without your intuitive, open-minded, thoughtful, and imaginative counseling and teaching. You have such a wonderful gift!”

“The work we’ve done together has been very enlightening for me- at many splendid levels. You’ve touched my heart, opened my mind and soothed my soul.”

“Talking with you has helped me give voice to things I am feeling and experiencing but don’t have a language for.”