Come Home to Your Deepest Self

In grade school, we all had quiet friends, or maybe we were that friend. The shy, smart, imaginative, funny kid who you’d tell all your secrets to, and you could always count on as a lunch companion? Fourth house planets are that quiet kid. Naturally introverted, they prefer interior spaces, the world of imagination. They need a certain environment to flower, and they rely on you to create that for them.

Are you centered in this innermost you, or have you become distracted, too?

There’s never been a more perfect time to nourish this overlooked part of yourself.

Join Jessica on an imaginative treasure hunt into the midnight heart of the birth chart. From family skeletons to the nature of your soul’s mates and tribe, from what your heart longs to experience in the place you call home to how to feel at home in yourself during this time of great change on earth, and more… Follow the moonlit path and breadcrumb clues to arrive home at your deepest self.

Buy your copy now: Follow the Moonlit Path: Come Home to Yourself in the Astrological Fourth House

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