I first discovered astro*carto*graphy, travel or relocation by the stars, by chance. I’d been studying astrology for several years, and tooling around on I clicked on “Astro Click Travel” and the world opened up to me in new ways. My astrology lines wrap around the globe? I felt like metaphysical wonder woman given her invisible jet. I could fly around the world sensing invisible energies and pioneering my course in a way that no one I knew ever had.


There are a lot of unknowns in the air during eclipses and that’s a lot to sit with. Yet sit with it we must. We can do other things, too. We can orient our self toward the positive opportunity to grow. By free-associating the possibilities that could happen with the houses and planets aspected we can expand beyond our same old four walls. We can voluntarily become ready to willingly give up, toss out, or clean up a certain way of being that is no longer serving our growth. If we’re honest, we might sense that we need to stretch our wings in a new direction in a area of our life. And we can choose to stay in balance with our soul’s wish to experience exactly this…
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