Letter to my readers

A Letter to My Readers

Dear Stargazers,

Have you ever experienced a dilemma that felt so personal you thought you were the only one who’d ever been in that movie… then awakened to discover a universe of meaning and purpose within your story? How wonderful it is to know you’re not alone! What a rush it is, a mixture of relief, recognition, hope and CONNECTION! My very first astrology reading was that way. From then on, I’ve pursued the art and science with the passion of a red haired fire Goddess on her way back to kiss the Moon!

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For millennia, the ancients consulted the Moon for intuition and guidance. She’s a study in mystery, our fascination with her is akin to staring into the looking glass of our own reflection. What will we see this time? The Egyptians worshipped her as Isis the Fertility Goddess, Shakespeare’s Romeo heckled her as fickle, and the magically minded use her powerful light for spell binding. In astrology, the Moon is the place we go for nurturing light during times of darkness…just like the silver orb lighting our path in the night sky. It is my sincere hope that you have such a light in your life. Maybe Moonkissd.com can throw some light your way…

Make a trip through the astral vibes to Moonkissd.com, especially when you’re feeling dreary and earthbound. Mystify, de-mystify and connect your experience to a larger creative force…through this time-honored symbolic language we know to be true. It’s a way of seeing, a lens for looking at your life differently. And the stronger your intuitive vision grows and the more equipped you are to ride those planetary waves that rock your world.

May your path be lit by radiant Moonlight. May your path be filled with beauty and Moon kisses!!!

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