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Become Your Own Intuitive Guide


-with the Intuitive Energy Divination Deck-

We are alive during a point in time when it is becoming increasingly important, and increasingly possible to look within, to oneself, for Inner Guidance. Yet many of us struggle to trust ourselves, and have difficulty turning off mental and external noise, to reconnect.

I created the Intuitive Energy Divination Deck to facilitate my own inner wisdom to more fully, and consistently, show up. The deck delighted and surprised me. While they can be used in the same way you use oracle or tarot cards, these cards are a complete and elegant energy system designed to help you turn inward, listen to your Inner Knowing, and become your own best Guide.

During their creation, I visualized sharing the cards with others in a small cluster, or tribe; a container where you and I could exchange insights, work through practices, and engage deeper questions, together. I also envision these as teaching tool, used in client sessions, with friends and cohorts– a way of offering support to one another for nurturing this vital Divine True Self connection.

Does this resonate? If it does, I’d love for you to join me. Using my experience of two decades as a professional astrologer, intuitive and creator of these cards, I will help you access a deliciously expanded relationship with your True Self. Together, let’s: Reconnect to the Truth of who you are, nurture a relationship with your authenticity, and deepen trust in your Soul’s Knowing.

COST: $265 for four 90 minute sessions


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