Here’s what’s on the horizon for 2022. 

2022 Offerings


My intention is to be a clear conduit for Divine Consciousness, and the form in which this shows up can be as individual as each person, or session’s needs. Over the years I’ve supported clients with a variety of questions and concerns, practical and spiritual, like: “is this the right relationship for me?”, “is it the right time to make a career change/retire/move?”, “what is my life purpose and calling?”, “how can I navigate this transition with grace and ease?” I meet you wherever you are in this unique moment. Trained as a counselor and coach, I facilitate your self-awareness and inner resources. In each session, I will use astrology, my awareness of and sensitivity to energy, and clairvoyance/intuition (you can read more about my tools, below). Recorded as a courtesy.

60 mins. $150

please read “what you need to know before booking” below


Would you love to know how your unique energy, the energy we see in your birth chart, will resonate with a geographic destination – before you go for a visit, or relocate? This is an in-depth look at your compatibility with areas, regions, of the world you may be pondering a move to, or a visit. You provide me with at least (but not limited to) three geographical areas of interest, and using astrology maps and guided intuition, I lead us into an exploration of the energetics of place. Includes: a courtesy recording of our session, emailed PDF maps, charts.

90 mins. $300

please read “what you need to know before booking” below


Beliefs, past trauma triggers, childhood conditioning, relationships with loved ones, and everyday experiences…all stimulate our emotions. What do you do with all the energy you feel? Emotions can be tricky. We aren’t always aware of how what really feel, and even if we are, it’s not easy to know what to do about it.  If you would love a tool to identify, move through, and constructively release, this is a fantastic way to become more aware of and process your emotions. I teach you the practice of EFT (tapping) so you can discover the freedom it gives you. Includes: tapping points diagram, courtesy recording of our video session.

60 mins. $150 -usually enough time to resolve one issue
90 mins. $225 -for something tough, or you’ve worked on before

please read “what you need to know before booking” below

What you need to know before booking a Session with Jessica

ARe we A Good Match?

I am interested in working with self-aware individuals who are called to truly heal. My ideal client is self-motivated, has done some inner and healing work already, is in a good/okay space and still has a few questions. You are: willing to curiously and honestly explore your perceptions, and open to engaging with new ideas, tools. You are NOT in active crisis (if you are, please find a therapist before reaching out). If this sounds like you, email me below and we will set up a time to talk.


 Q: You are an astrologer, but your sessions aren’t astrology readings?

A: Correct. I don’t give astrology readings, but I intuitively bring in astrology as it feels helpful. If you have had an astrological reading before, please know this will not be the same. I will not give you a full planetary forecast – which doesn’t mean I won’t offer astrological insight, when appropriate. My personal aim is to facilitate deeper inner listening, awareness, healing, joy and integration — for you. When astrology serves that aim, I joyfully employ it. When it doesn’t, I use other tools.

Q: What are you doing in your energy work, exactly?

Sometimes, no matter how much we mentally understand or even know about ourselves and our life experiences, true healing, wisdom, insight, change, can only fully occur when we are in our feeling, or energy, body. By gently observing your body and feelings, how you are holding your energy, and awareness of yourself, we intuitively reconnect to healing. 

I don’t do energy work on or for you (this is not Reiki). Through guided instruction, I show you how to reconnect to your embodied awareness, so you can experience greater ease and connection to your own Knowing. When you are energetically connected, running your energies from top to bottom, you are better able to access your innate wisdom, intuition, and experience a sense of empowerment and peace. 

Also, if you are extremely sensitive – if you feel and connect with so much around you- guided energy management practices can help.

 Q: What is EFT?

A: EFT is a form of energy clearing that works very well for processing emotion. It can be used to become aware of and release emotion associated with little traumas (conflict with a relationship, for instance) and big ones (like childhood wounding). E-motion can be translated as energy-in-motion. Through talking about your feelings and tapping on the energy meridians, we release, and regain clarity, balance, peace.

Q: What about channeling, clairvoyance, intuitive energy cards, energy clearing, and other modalities that may come through during a session?

A: Spirit is not defined to one modality — there are many ways to access information available to us. By not defining myself to just one thing, I remain open to what wants to be employed. I have various ways for connecting to Spirit, and sometimes a new way will show up!

Q: What are your hours?

I offer sessions, in-person and online, Wednesday-Friday, from 1-5 PM HST (Hawaii Standard Time). Before reaching out, please compare our timezones to see if a session is tenable.