People are talking…

People Are Talking…

Praise, praise, praise. Bring it on.

Problems with your love life? Questioning your career path? Eager to fulfill your highest purpose? Sort it all out in a heart-to-heart with someone I trust with my own life “issues”. I highly recommend Jessica Shepherd for your personal reading needs. – Holiday Mathis, astrology columnist & author of Rock Your Stars.

Jessica Shepherd is one of the bright rising stars of the 21st Century. –Steven Forrest, author of SkyMates, The Inner Sky and Yesterday’s Sky.

Personal Reading Testimonials:

Thank you so much for the session yesterday.  I feel more grounded, hopeful and joyful.  It was wonderful to go over some of the old issues and address new ones. I have a stronger understanding about my path thus feel a deeper connection within myself. Thank you so much for your caring, attentive and grounding presence. Thank you for your knowledge and wisdom! -HS, Fairfax, CA

Wow, wow, wow…my heart is leaping right now!! Thank you! OMG, did this ring some bells. I’m looking forward to going over this more over the next weeks, but holy smoke did you ever strike a nerve/chord! – S.P.,  San Rafael, CA

Since our session, I have had two big work related developments. The first did not require that I make a move right away, which you recommended I not do at the time. The second, now months since my session and the first development, is requiring me to seriously invest time and energy and ultimately make a move, which I feel I have clarity with how to proceed. I am certain this is because of my session with you. These two big developments will directly impact my life path and you have provided me with the tools necessary to make the right choice for myself. –AS, Albuquerque, NM

Jessica came at the right time in my life, I believe it was fate. She supported me during my Venus retrograde journey. She helped me understand the beauty and power in magic and ritual. She encouraged me to express myself into a better and truer me. – VS, Miami, FL

I just have to let you know that you are amazing!!!  Your reading was spot on so many times this year.  The year was challenging but very rewarding.  Thank you so much for your insight. –LC

Thank you for the session. I walked away happy to have had an awesome conversation with you about things that matter, and grateful for your caring and nurturing attention. – JW, Fairfax, CA

That was a powerful reading for me. Having someone really listen, comprehend and validate the energies that I’ve been under, and offer insight and deeper intuitive understanding really helped shed light on what’s been going on for me. You are excellent at what you do. – Kim, Pittsboro, NC

(The reading) has been a helpful reflection. You give practical insights and have a way of explaining how astrology aspects work through metaphors so vivid that it sticks in the brain and is easy to recall. That’s quite a gift! – Kaye, Corte Madera, CA

My feeling is that I will finally get somewhere, i.e. I am on the right way to find and be my true self – which also means to live a happy or let’s say contented life. Your reading has made that clearer for me. – IL, Vienna, Austria

Thank you so much for your report. I kept reading and re-reading it, it has been a revelation! I don’t even know where to start, there are so many parts of it that explain with amazing clarity everything I have been going through for the past 3 years. All my inner wonderings, feelings I could not explain rationally but knew were right, all are very clear now… –O.K., Australia

You write very well Jessica, not just eloquently but with perfect imagery that supports the words and allows the reader to visualise for themselves what the words convey.  Your words are accessible and make sense so I thank you again for all your guidance and look forward to all transits with a positive attitude and determination to create the life I truly want. –A.S., London, UK

I continue to be touched by Jessica’s guidance & sensitivity. Jessica goes into depth in a way that illuminates the chart’s highlights, while inviting openness for free will and choice. She is personal, intimate, kind in her discussion of the unfolding. The chart is not simply a reading. It is also an invitation to grapple with the soul’s code and what might want to reveal itself or make itself known. I truly find it helpful to have a greater understanding of ways to support my family, based on Jessica’s reading. What a wonderful way to explore the infinite and unknown!  -Joy, Hawaii

I am so grateful to have had the pleasure of having a reading and mentoring sessions with Jessica. She is incredibly loving in her approach to have astrology assist with decisions in your life.  She makes astrology understandable and above all useful.  Not to mention she is a wonderful motivator in helping you realize and attain your goals.  I could not recommend her more! –Melanie, Mill Valley, CA

Jessica’s reading for my spouse and I was way beyond I expected. It opened up a healthy conversation for us to chew on at dinner after the reading, it gave us a deeper depth and perspective of the yin & yang of our relationship, the beautiful and the ugly, the challenges and rewards.  I learned new things that I did not know before and the basic elementary river of life of what is needed to fuel our relationship going forward.  –Marian, San Rafael, California

I *loved* my Transit Reading! Everything you said rang true, even the stuff that I was (or am still) experiencing resistance to. Your delivery was so engaging–it was like listening to a close friend who knows what’s really going on. – Janice, Maryland

Each time I listen to both the Composite Reading and the Synastry Reading I get something new from them. Even though you have never met us, your description of our dynamics is right on, and I feel you have captured the essence of who we are, and have given very useful advice on how to work with more difficult aspects. You are very intuitive and really nailed some key points. I really enjoy your insightful way of describing the different dynamics. With astrological aspects that are typically seen as difficult, you have a positive way of framing them that makes them workable. I have found myself referring back to some of your statements which have been helpful in working through more challenging dynamics between us.  -Judith, Iowa

I was shocked and floored how spot on Jessica’s Astro-Mapping reading was for me. She is completely thorough, completely honest and completely brilliant in her wisdom and knowledge on the subject. My husband listened to it with me and BOOM he signed up for his own reading on the spot. She has reconfirmed to us both, the power of the stars and the power of seeking guidance in a very topsy turvy world. I feel excited about our move and excited to have found Jessica! –Amy, Santa Fe, NM

The write up you did (on business & marketing using astrology) was fantastic! Lots to chew on there. I was very appreciative and happy with the outcome! –Corey, Albuquerque, NM

I wanted to thank you again for the True Love Reading. I felt I was talking to a friend and that’s such a rare gift to have. I was listening intently but also happy for the MP3, so I can take notes. I really appreciated what you said about my intuition. It’s freed me up to follow my gut instincts. Also, thank you for your clarity and honesty. I feel freed up in a sense. -Tiffany, Hazard, Kentucky

The reading was truly amazing. So much made sense for me. I am steeping deeply in all that you said. –Michele, San Rafael, CA

The great thing about a reading with Jessica is her no nonsense, to the point approach. She is very charming and positive but still gets straight to the nitty gritty. As a voice trainer I would also like to compliment her on her lovely speaking voice. It is a joy to listen to, especially when reviewing the session on the audio recording; it is as clear as a bell. –Priti, Vienna, Austria

Hi Jessica, Thank you so much. Loved my session with you. I  have so much insight into why things are happening and why I feel certain ways about things…and how to process and proceed. Blessings to you. Jill, Staten Island, New York

Thanks Jessica! The reading was great and informative. It is going to help me make some decisions. – Gary, Miami, FL

Many thanks so much for all your helpful insights and elementary outlooks. It feels good to be backed by stellar energy. I am glad I can refer to you for some guidance and interpretation. I am sure we will meet again. -Nicole, Vienna, Austria

Your reading was great! My head is now full of ideas, and I feel an overwhelming sense of really taking care of myself. –Sandra, Vienna, Austria

Dear Jessica. If you can picture it, I saved your reading to my iPod and listened through my daily chores – hanging laundry, washing up, cooking. And you made me smile, brought a tear to my eye, filled my heart with hope and gave me courage where it had begun to flag. Your description of the 12th house Saturn resonates with me so very deeply. I have a peculiar consciousness ‘underneath it all’ that I haven’t pushed through it until… well… something is on the brink, anyway. I might yet manage it this lifetime. For these things I thank you enormously. – Alice, Norfolk, England

Hi, Jessica. I just have to say WOW! I’ve always been open spiritually and have had several different kinds of readings over the years, on various topics – tarot, angel, intuitive, etc.  This was my first astrology reading that was not just a computer generated report and you blew everyone out of the water.  Listening to you talk about me I just could not believe you’d never actually met me before. I downloaded the MP3 to my Ipod and started it at the gym tonight for the first listen and I caught myself smiling and actually laughing to myself so many times I thought people were looking at me funny.  I learned so much about myself in this 90 minutes, yet everything I heard was something I already knew deep inside.  It was like waking up. Every single thing you said was just so spot on. I know this is a recording I will listen to several times over the coming week to really let it all sink in. You gave me so much to work with, but most importantly, you restored my hope.  I really wanted to believe true love was in my future and now I feel more confident than ever! Simply put- AMAZING. If you were here, I’d hug you. Thank you, truly! – Jill, Deptford, NJ

I just finished listening to my MP3 of our phone session. I really enjoyed my reading, and hearing it again was very helpful. I feel like certain areas of my life and my not so distant future have been illuminated. Can’t wait to see what happens! – Laura, Chicago, IL

Thank you very much for the reading you did for me yesterday. We covered a lot of ground and it helped me a lot by uncovering some planets that were major aspects that I hadn’t considered before. It feels like the field is being swept clean and all of the constraints are off.  -Tom, Livonia, MI

So many thanks for a lovely meeting and reading. I’m so appreciative for the insights and sense of alignment that your reading has sparked for me. –Liz, Oakland, CA

How do I thank you enough for the relationship reading? To say it was insightful, spot on, delightful, and at times, utterly devastating doesn’t begin to describe how I felt about your message. There have been so few times in my life when I have asked for and reached out for help. When I do, it is usually at a time of great personal growth. Reading your book and receiving your readings have come at just the right time in my life. This is a time of reflection and growth for me and I needed a hand in clearing a place in mind and heart for that work to unfold. You lent me that hand. So dear one, many, many thanks. I feel that it is my great good fortune to have your time and this information. -Mary, Mill Valley, CA

Jessica, I did a reading with you because I was nervous about Saturn squaring Venus on the heels of Pluto squaring Venus. You said she would not be surprised if I met someone and made it work this time. And looky! I met him later that week and got married a year and half later. –Dabney, Oakland, CA

It was wonderful peering at my charts through your eyes! The information you provided is juice for my inner reflections. My hope is to squeeze the sweetest most succulent nectar offered by life from it. Looking forward to listening to the audio recording, then adding more delectable flavors to the delicious potion already filling my cup! –Vicki, St.Paul Minnesota

Awesome to connect with you on the phone. What a great reading. I made 3 wonderful connections yesterday, but you were/are the cherry on top! I am psyched to continue working with you in a mentoring capacity. – Signe, Boston, MA

(My friend) was ecstatic about his reading with you. Truly, blown away. And, as I suspected, he said it was really a good thing that the information didn’t come from me as he never would have believed how accurate it all was. He mentioned that you gave him a lot of time. It’s just so nice to imagine him being on the receiving end of such generosity!  – Kerry, CA 

Thanks so much for the MP3 file. You are very good at what you do! I really appreciate your intuitive abilities!! That’s really what was missing from my past reading and is exactly what I needed now to help guide me. Your reading of my chart, past life and our conversation was incredibly helpful to me. THANK YOU! – Sheila, Fairfax, CA

Jessica is a professional. She took the time to get to know my chart prior to the meeting and had so many incisive, illuminating insights it was almost surreal. I was asking myself “Is this woman a psychic, too?” She hit so many nails on the head she could have built a barn. Having used numerous professional services over that time; I would rate Jessica’s services as the best yet and give her my highest recommendation. She cared about getting it right: explaining nuances; answering questions; providing her insights which hit the bull’s-eye in new ways that neither friends, lovers, nor family had ever done before. I would not hesitate to use Jessica again. In fact, I plan to do so a few times a year. Where have you been? – Gordon, Portland, OR

I feel Jessica’s fortitude in her career along with her unrushed communication result in a deep healing. Each reading with her has been totally different and unique in information & style. I trust her like no other astrologer because she is so accurate in “seeing” me. Jessica is a beautiful person, inside and out. – Kelli, Fairfax, CA

I truly appreciate the time you spent and the insights you provided based on my chart, and that you were so tuned in to what I wanted to accomplish with our session. I feel like I’ve started a journey that will lead me to new perspectives and self-awareness (and that will, in any case, be a fun adventure!), and I couldn’t have asked for a better tour guide! – Terri, Laramie, Wyoming

My reading was great. I’m new to astrology and a bit slow with abstractions, but your voice is very dynamic and easy to follow. The other thing that really helped was that as you introduce new concepts, you only go so far out with them before you relate them to the first ones. That pulsing helps me get more of it. -Kevin, Sebastopol, CA

Thanks for the stunning astrology lesson yesterday. I was in the sauna today and a thought popped into my head: I wish I could have a lesson with Jessica every day! – Sibylla, San Rafael, CA

Thank you so much for an amazing reading! All this precise information and your encouraging me to look at it from another perspective are just priceless. It seems to me, by doing this reading, some kind of a deep, integrating process has been triggered. So I guess I’ll be able to dig even deeper with the knowledge I received, connecting with the yet undiscovered. So inspiring! – Ania, Poland

Dear Jessica, I just got home and wanted to email you right away to thank you again for today. Thanks for staying so much longer to talk to me, thanks for the best astrology reading, and thanks for your energy. It felt like I just had a healing done when I walked out. I feel so refreshed, and I felt you truly understand what I was saying, and that makes me feel wonderful! -Deanna, San Francisco, CA

I just wanted to let you know how much peace of mind my reading gave me. As you know, I have been doing nothing but fighting an uphill battle over the past several years on many fronts. Apparently, Pluto has been putting me through my paces! I have really been struggling with issues of whether to keep fighting or whether I should just give up. The reading helped me realize that for just right now (until the fall), I should “not fight the river.” Although I’m still not thrilled with where I am or what I am doing, I’ve really become much more “zen” about it and my frustration level has decreased dramatically. Thanks so much for some great direction! – Karen, Los Angeles, CA

YOU ARE GOOD…or the stars are. I will be taking a position a new position that is more inline with my career goals and hopes and it makes me smile that when we met you said I would hear news in July and something would happen in January, as I first met with the company in July and they had to wait on ’07 budgets to make an offer so I had to wait until January. I look forward to listening to my tape again just to see what else is in store. – Amanda, San Francisco, CA

I want to thank you so much for all you did for me. You probably don’t know how much it did mean to me. All your words in that session gave me so much clarity for my future steps. I’m so glad I met you! – Esteban, Mexico City, Mexico

Thank you so much for meeting with me last night. It was really nice to get some explanations around things, especially with my past. Thank you for helping me close the chapter on that part of my life! I really needed to have closure and move on. Lisa, San Francisco, CA

I wanted to just thank you for the wonderful reading. My mom really enjoyed it. You got her over her gloom and doom and she kept talking about how she would get her sparkle on. – Justine, San Francisco, CA

I found your reading to be incredibly thorough and accurate. Your descriptions regarding my family and my work situation were dead on. The information you provided about my work situation helped me understand the bigger picture of what was going on and provided me with a ‘heads up’ to help me with some difficult times I had in the sprint. Thank you. – Tracy, San Francisco, CA

Jessica, Thank you so much for the clear and precise description and answer to my question! I commend you on your ability to describe the horary chart so well that a layperson like me can understand it. Also, the timing with your answer couldn’t have been better as I had been wavering with my decision. I am grateful for your gifts and talent as an astrologer to help me see more clearly! You are kind and generous with this talent and I am sure that you will be met with much success. – Annelise, Brazil

…you saw it all in the (couples) synastry. Your reading was a help, confirming so much of what I already knew. You were so spot on with everything. –Erin, CA


I was fortunate to meet Jessica during her stay in Vienna, Austria and hired her to give mini-astrology readings at the first year anniversary party for my pharmacy, St. Charles Apotheke. We had such a great time, my customers and staff enjoyed her so much, I hired her to come back every week! We look forward to having her again.- Alexander Ehrmann, Owner St. Charles Apotheke Vienna, Austria

Hi Jessica, Thank you so much for supporting the 2007 San Francisco Rebuilding Ball. We had a tremendous turnout and raised around $90,000 for the organization that evening. We would love to have you involved again next year! Look forward to seeing you soon. -Jen, San Francisco, CA

On behalf of UCG (and COSMOPOLITAN Magazine) I just wanted to say Thank You! All of our guests (at the COSMO/BIORE Style Swap) had a wonderful time. I hope that we can work again in the future! – Lucinda, UCG Marketing, Brookline, MA

Just a quick thank you for your help last Thursday at the Biore event. I heard it went great and everyone really enjoyed your readings. Plus I heard you stayed a little late to finish up on a few readings, thank you for doing that. -Amy, UCG Marketing, Brookline, MA

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