“…intuitive guidance, warmth, intelligence and grace.”

-Suzanne Scott, Mill Valley, CA, www.suzannescottskincare.com

“I am so grateful to have met Jessica. Her intuitive guidance, warmth, intelligence and grace supported me as I untethered from old beliefs and conditioning.  Jessica continues to witness and support my journey to awakening and infinite possibilities.” -1/18/19

“…a gift for the soul.”

-Delphine Lyttleton, London UK, www.oracleofdelphine.com

“Although I first connected with Jessica through her astrology offering, I soon discovered that Jessica was a gifted healer and intuitive guide for those transitioning into the new paradigm of the Golden Age. I found my sessions with her to be a beautiful container for affirming my own intuition and aligning fully with my higher self. Jessica holds a clear loving and pure space for what needs to be revealed during the session. She brings the light of the higher realms, offering soul healing and the transmutation of old beliefs systems. I clearly remember a deep session where we were able to shift a heavy energy that was putting me under stress and that were actually not mine but my father’s. During my session, I always felt that I could quickly return to a sense of peace, even during times of great challenges, and enjoyed the deep but lighthearted energy. Jessica has truly grounded her sacred offering in the higher frequencies that are now available for those ready to step into higher timelines where it is possible to thrive and truly embody our creative expression. This is a gift for the soul.” -1/16/19

“…Supported and encouraged to Become my Truest, Most Joyful Self.”

-Anne M., Waterloo, Iowa

Jessica is deeply knowledgeable, intelligent, intuitive and fun. I chose her to work with because she was clearly both an accomplished astrologer and an exceptional writer, but her psychological insight is equally outstanding. Both times I’ve consulted with her so far (and there will be more in the future) I have not only gained great understanding but felt so supported and encouraged in the journey to become my truest, most joyful self.” -2/1/19

“…A Deeper Connection Within myself.”

-HS, Fairfax, CA

“Thank you so much for the session.  I feel more grounded, hopeful and joyful.  It was wonderful to go over some of the old issues and address new ones. I have a stronger understanding about my path thus feel a deeper connection within myself. Thank you so much for your caring, attentive and grounding presence. Thank you for your knowledge and wisdom!”

“…Concrete Guidance In The Moment.”

-Annie Sanchez, Albuquerque, NM, www.mariposastrategies.com

“I have had two readings with Jess, each provided concrete guidance in the moment. I feel I was able to navigate two really challenging experiences in my life because of the wisdom shared. I recently re-listened to one MP3 and am more convinced than ever that Jess is a witch of the best kind. A few times I laughed out loud because she could not have been more on point. I felt understood in the way a best friend does. She is a truly gifted craftswoman.” -2/5/19

“…Reconfirms The Power of Seeking Guidance In a Very Topsy Turvy World.”

-Amy, Santa Fe, NM

“I was shocked and floored how spot on Jessica’s Astro-Mapping reading was for me. She is completely thorough, completely honest and completely brilliant in her wisdom and knowledge on the subject. My husband listened to it with me and BOOM he signed up for his own reading on the spot. She has reconfirmed to us both, the power of the stars and the power of seeking guidance in a very topsy turvy world. I feel excited about our move and excited to have found Jessica!”

“…Spot On, Delightful and at times utterly devastating.”

-Mary, Mill Valley, CA

“How do I thank you enough? To say it was insightful, spot on, delightful, and at times, utterly devastating doesn’t begin to describe how I felt about your message. There have been so few times in my life when I have asked for and reached out for help. When I do, it is usually at a time of great personal growth. Reading your book and receiving your readings have come at just the right time in my life. This is a time of reflection and growth for me and I needed a hand in clearing a place in mind and heart for that work to unfold. You lent me that hand. So dear one, many, many thanks. I feel that it is my great good fortune to have your time and this information.”

“…It feels Good to be backed by Stellar energy.”

-Nicole, Vienna, Austria

“Many thanks so much for all your helpful insights and elementary outlooks. It feels good to be backed by stellar energy. I am glad I can refer to you for some guidance and interpretation. I am sure we will meet again.”

“…You Captured the Essence of Who We are.”

-Judith, Iowa

“Even though you have never met us, your description of our dynamics is right on, and I feel you have captured the essence of who we are, and have given very useful advice on how to work with more difficult aspects. You are very intuitive and really nailed some key points. I really enjoy your insightful way of describing the different dynamics. With astrological aspects that are typically seen as difficult, you have a positive way of framing them that makes them workable. I have found myself referring back to some of your statements which have been helpful in working through more challenging dynamics between us.” 

“…You Shed Light On What’s Going On for me.”

-Kim, Pittsboro, NC

“That was a powerful reading for me. Having someone really listen, comprehend and validate the energies that I’ve been under, and offer insight and deeper intuitive understanding really helped shed light on what’s been going on for me. You are excellent at what you do.”

“I Felt I was Talking to A friend…”

-Tiffany, Hazard, Kentucky

“I felt I was talking to a friend and that’s such a rare gift to have. I really appreciated what you said about my intuition. It’s freed me up to follow my gut instincts. Also, thank you for your clarity and honesty. I feel freed up in a sense.”

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