Ways To Use the Intuitive Energy Deck


1. BEGIN THE WEEK WITH INTENTIONALITY. My sister, Erika, Marketing Manager at Gap Inc., pulls a card to begin her demanding work week with intentionality. She makes a ritual of it – has a cup of her favorite warm beverage, lights incense and asks for guidance about her week before she gets on those calls with the CEO’s, CFO’s, CMO’s.

2. IN CLIENT SESSIONS. Supernova coach & astrologer Alice Inoue draws a card for a client when she feels she has given her clients all that she has  -and they want a little more. She asks “Are you open to drawing a card from my friend Jessica’s deck?” (she says: they always are!). Afterwards, she screenshots the guidebook description and card and sends it to them.

3. A COMPLEMENT TO ENERGY PRACTICES. Star-loving friend, Fern, of Wisestars Astrology, uses the deck to facilitate her EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping. She draws a card, reads the book, sets it in front of her and taps on what arises- to clear her emotions and energies.

4. SUPPORT LOVED ONES. Terri gifted copies of the deck to her sister and niece who now also use it for guidance. The three meet bi-monthly to discuss their card draws and support one another.

5. A TEACHING TOOL. Graduate of my Intuitive Guide Course, therapist and yoga instructor Christine is teaching a course on Intuition, for which the Intuitive Energy Deck is a required prerequisite (You, too, can use the deck to teach others once you complete the Intuitive Energy Certification Course. You will also receive steep discounts on student decks, and other valuable teaching tools!).

6. ON CALLS WITH FRIENDS. I love to exchange experiences with my dear friends -who also have a deck! Women, especially, LOVE to talk about our life, relationships, and our relationships to ourselves. The language of Spirit, via the deck, always has something timeless to add.

7. RITUALS & SELF-CARE. Many have shared that they use this deck alongside their Full & New Moon self-care practices. You might decide to pull a card for the New Moon or Full Moon cycle, use it to frame your Awareness going forward, and watch it unfold over the next weeks.

8. JUST ADD MAGIC. If you typically have a person’s captive attention for a period of time (hairdressers, bartenders, take note)…consider pulling a card for your clients. They are already sitting there for an hour, or more. Why not make their time with you memorable and magical?

9. HOST AN INTUITIVE CARDS PARTY.  Tupperware parties (remember?) for the 2020’s… gather ’round your girlfriends, give them a deck (or let them use yours) and create MAGIC. Pick a date/time to do card draws together. This can be a fun night out at a restaurant or you can host at your house. A fab way to have intimate experiences and bond with your favorite friends…and also introduce them to their innate Guidance.


10. TRUST YOURSELF AGAIN. You have a connection to your Inner Knowing – you already know and have everything you need BUT you may need some support to trust this truth. The deck is your new faithful companion; it will help you navigate self-doubt on your journey back to self-trust.

11. NAVIGATE YOUR ENERGY SENSITIVITY AS AN EMPATH. A number of us Empaths (me, included) have found the Intuitive Energy Deck invaluable for… identifying/clearing old conditioning, developing discernment around what it is we are *really* feeling, and trusting our Knowing. Many of the practices are specifically geared towards issues that Empaths and Highly Sensitive People encounter.

12. RECONNECT WITH YOUR SOUL & SUPPORT YOUR AUTHENTIC TRUE SELF. Remember that person? You may’ve forgotten her. This deck is designed to help you get back to that place of inner peace, light and joy–to identify when you have moved away from your Authentic Self, and help you return home.


…How are YOU using the deck? Tag me on Jessica.Shepherd.author.healer Instagram or Jessica Shepherd, author & healer Facebook. I’d love to know what you’re up to!

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