What Astrology Can Do For You


Astrology is both an ancient symbolic system and a living language; ancient because it is a language that has been around for millenia, and living because the energy patterns of the Universe are as alive now as they were then. If you’re new to astrology and/or wondering, what to expect and not to expect from an astrology reading with me:

Here’s what I can do for you: help you self-actualize. Through being profoundly seen, reassured and inspired to live your best life, you will be better informed and freer to step  more fully into the unique person you already are. You will receive the clear information you need to make better choices in your life as I point the way to inspired possibilities & potentials for your journey, while gently warning you about the karmic pits – those less than fulfilling habits and tendencies that are hard to change, but with awareness, can. Using astrological timing, I offer timely and sound advice on how to flow with the season of life you are in. Astrology is a tool for self-empowerment and personal discovery. I hold the heartfelt intention that our session will illuminate and expand your perspective.

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Here’s what I cannot do for you: make predictions. Many people think astrologers can predict the future or tell them the right decision to make. We are often uncannily accurate, but we are not psychic. I will name periods of creative opportunity and what you do with that information is up to you. If you’ve never had an astrology reading, I suggest you read the following, first:

What a Couple of Bucks and a Session With an Evolutionary Astrologer Buys You.

Want more specifics? Astrology can help you:

Live the life you were meant to live. We are each born with completely unique spiritual and soul intentions. We are also influenced by destiny-shaping forces- karma. Our birth chart offers this picture, along with awakening nudges, really good ideas, and a clear & straightforward path to changing fruitless habits & patterns. A natal reading can help you to better understand where you’ve been, and where you’re going.

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Choose a destination to visit or live. Maybe your town has become too small for who you’ve become, or you’re looking for the right vacation spot, or place to plan a work retreat. Your personal astrology lines circle the globe! After an astro-mapping session with me, you’ll be informed on the right place to travel or move. Go where the energy is.

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Get a big picture on the events and experiences happening in your life today. You are constantly evolving & changing and with some of these bigger changes, your level of uncertainty and even your questions, increase. Astrology deeply names those questions and through naming them, the creative possibilities that exist within those questions, expand. A transit or check in reading helps you better direct your destiny.

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Know your inner partner. You have an inner knowing about who our soul mate is and what you need from them, but that wisdom can be covered up by painful wounds and misunderstanding. Astrology can help you understand what your unique to you, true relationship needs are. We peel back the layers of self-misunderstanding keeping you from attracting the right partner, or from clearly seeing the ones you’re with.

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Understand your changing relationship needs. As we evolve, grow and change, so do our partnership needs. The person you were once may no longer need the same type of partner or partnership, today. Astrology gives an accurate picture of the changes you’re experiencing, names the types of partners who will be helpful and unhelpful for you in this unfolding, and time frames for significant relationships to begin and end.

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Understand who you two are – couple, friend or partner – to each other. We each have vastly different experiences of our same self with various people, because different people will bring out different aspects of our self. Astrology excels at putting the most confusing, confounding relationship dynamics into plain and straightforward language. Relationship synastry (or the comparison of two individual birth charts) will help you to better understand the hidden dynamics, challenges & gifts of your coupling.

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Learn what your committed relationship needs to grow & thrive. Once we form a bond with a partner, a third presence forms. Each person’s birth chart combines, and your relationship ‘takes on a life of it’s own’ creating new needs, desires, expressions and potential paths for fulfillment. Have you shared past lives together? The composite chart answers the nature of your karma together, how you can fulfill your destiny together, nurture your committed partnership, and help your union to more effectively thrive.

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Pick the best date to have surgery or get married. In astrology, to every thing, there is a *best* season. Why not choose the most auspicious dates for the most important events in your life?

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