Using Astrology in Daily Life

Using Astrology in Daily Life
Eclipse Watching

Eclipses move us along our evolutionary path, often with huge signposts, other times with a whisper – and always with an element of surprise…You’re essentially learning about your blind spot. This awareness surprises you but it’s old news, too. As with most surprises, when you realize what’s happening, the emotional shock and urgency (of a lunar eclipse) makes you want to take action. Immediately! (Solar eclipses can do the same, but the emotional, unconscious waters aren’t as stirred up so the path is more direct – and more likely to manifest an actual event). And here’s the take home eclipse lesson for you: listen, don’t act…. (read more)

What a Couple of Bucks and a Session with an Evolutionary Astrologer Buys You (or, What to Expect From an Astrology Reading With Me)

Here’s what I can do with astrology. Astrology can be this reassuring, validating force. It can, by describing subtle energies influencing you over distinct time frames, function as a cosmological-psychological and even spiritual life support team of planets. “Yes, that describes my circumstances to a “t” and there is an end in sight…!” But if you ask me to ask it to make a decision for you, predict the future success of your relationship, or tell you what to do – it makes a whinnying noise, rolls over and plays dead…. (read more)

Travel by the Stars

I first discovered astro-cartography, travel or relocation by the stars, by chance. I’d been studying astrology for several years, and tooling around on I immediately became giddy with power. I felt like wonder woman when she was first given her first invisible jet. I was turned onto an inside secret, a secret accessible to many (if they knew how to turn the key). This magical jet allowed me to project myself into time and space by making some basic assumptions about the type of experience I’d have at those places I’d always dreamed of…. (read more)