Growing in Love and Relationship

Enjoy some of my articles and essays -on my favorite topic!

Reignite Your Relationship’s Spark With Your Composite Venus

We think of falling in love and we imagine the moony eyes of our beautiful adored staring back at us lovingly, the magical way they make us feel, the sweet and heady elixir that runs through our veins. If we believe we can remain in that kind of love, life will gladly disavow us of that notion the first time our partner leaves the toilet seat up, breaks an agreement, hurts our feelings or disappoints us…read more.

Astrology and Couples Communication

Couple looking at cellphones and showing mutual disinterest - Man and woman writing sms on smartphones

In relationships, we call missed cues and mis-fires a “misunderstanding” many of which we move through quickly and relatively painlessly, or at least without damage to the relationship. But what if we experience ongoing misunderstanding, missed signals, disconnects? In relationship astrology, well, the planets have relationships, too… read more.

Husbands & Moon Signs

Oh, don’t get me wrong, my man can cook. On this point we both agreed – Gemini Moon men are truly jack of all trades, their versatility and skill magically creates beautiful and sometimes inventive meals – like chocolate chili. The challenge here is focus. They’ve got to stop talking long enough to put their beautiful hands to work. If the choice is hands or mouth, and there’s a pair of ears to hear, they’ll talk, talk, talk. It puts a whole new spin on the phrase “eat your words.”…read more

Getting Your Wedding Date Right

Electing a kinder, gentler date doesn’t change the soul journey each individual now deciding to get married will “grow through.” I can however get the marriage started on the right foot. I know that all couples face inherent challenges when they get hitched, and if we can do something magical and intentional to encourage the relationship to thrive, why not? Frankly, when it comes to making a marriage work, we need all the help we can get…. Click here to open the PDF article.