About Jessica

Hi, I’m Jessica. I write. I am a healer. Here’s a little background about me.

I was born in Columbus, Ohio, grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and went to college in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where I graduated with a B.A. in Arts Management. Eventually, I made my way to California, the San Francisco Bay/Marin area, where I lived for the next 20 years.

Healing and health has been an interest for most of my life. In my late teens, during a healing crisis, I discovered astrology, which later turned into a calling. After studying for many years under various teachers, I’d begun working as a professional astrologer (2004), and then became a health coach in 2012, graduating from IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition). By 2016, I’d also incorporated EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Matrix Reimprinting, a form of energy work, into my practice. I’d published three books in the astrology and spirituality realms. I thought I’d continue in that same vein, possibly for the rest of my life. Yet there was more in store for me…

In spring 2016 I experienced a dramatic shift in my awareness: I began to sense energy very strongly. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced or thought possible, and it totally rocked my world! Meanwhile, I noticed the “rules” of reality dramatically bend and change; a new paradigm of Soul consciousness was emerging, and I was a part of it.  I’ve spent the years since developing energy skills with my teacher, a brilliant, light-filled energy healer named Catherine Linard.

In 2018, my husband and I moved to Honolulu, HI. The choice to do so was absolutely a culmination of my new way of being. It became extremely clear that I was no longer aligned with the vibration of where I’d been living (I’m thrilled to report that we both love it here!).

As a result of this new phase I’ve come to understand that my relationship to my calling is changing, too. While who I AM is paradoxically constant and evolving, what I can say for sure is while I have spent most of my consulting years as an “astrologer”, this no longer encompasses all I offer. 

What might you expect in a session with me, now? Thank you for asking :-). We empower your ability to sit in Divine Consciousness, the Truth & Light of who you really are. To that end, I bring presence and listening, as a healer. During our conversation I may channel information, clear energy, and offer practical solutions to the issues you’re presenting.  I may help you see how energy is affecting you, how to manage & shift your energy… and since planets are energy, too, we may also look at the position of the planets. The goal of our session is for you to become clearer in your True Self. My intuition allows me to tune into you; you are always the guide!